Guest house, Hotel, Resort or self-catering? In this article I show you 10 great accommodations on La Digue, Seychelles – for every taste! ● Guesthouses on La Digue ● Hotels on La Digue

10 wonderful accommodationünfte on La Digue

Whe made a trip to the Seychelles – more precisely to La Digue – plant, is the big question: What is the accommodation?

Hotel, Resort, Villa, self-catering or guest house?

Every day I receive many E-Mails and messages, where I tips for accommodations asked will. Therefore, I present you my recommendations on how to here for Mahé, Bird Island, Silhouette, or Félicité already. As you me know, I love individual accommodations. This can be a Resort, but also a simple guest house. It doesn't matter. I have to like it simple and Flair to have.

In the Seychelles, there are many different types of accommodation. The most authentic of them are guest houses. Mostly very friendly, gets you there, the real life of the Seychellois, with like nowhere else. The hosts bring and then also baked cakes or fruit from the garden and are happy to give tips for the stay.

In price terms, there is in the Seychelles, hardly any limits. So there is a relatively cheap guest houses, but also very expensive, coming to a high Standard in the Hotel is very close to it. So there is not only something for every taste, but also for (almost) every budget.

Support the Locals

Those who book a guest house, supports the Locals, the get when booking an international hotel chain from nothing. The advantage of island hopping is that you can combine different types of accommodation. Generally speaking, with hardly a accommodation on La Digue is something wrong. Anyone who is unsure, you should always read the reviews.

In the Following, I will show you 10 of my favorite accommodations on La Digue, which I recommend again and again.

10 wonderful accommodations on La Digue

1 | Pension Fidele

Many know this beautiful guest house from the show “Beautiful – Gorgeous Seychelles” on WDR. It is not only the audience in the show, but especially the guests at the resort enchants but. Simple, authentic and so warm – you can feel good only. It is quietly located in the interior of the island, but still not far away from the centre of the island.

  • Self-catering, Breakfast or dinner, from 63 Euro per night and double room
  • More about the Pension Fidele know

2 | Le Surmer

Le Surmer is one of the few guest houses on La Digue in (almost) direct access to the beach. Only a narrow road separates the property from the fine powdery sand beach of Anse La Reunion. The beach is characterized as a house the beach, but the beaches are in the Seychelles for all of the public. The resort consists of several Bungalows, laid out in a beautiful green garden – so quiet, you can relax. Recently, the first friends of me in this beautiful accommodation.

  • Self-catering, Breakfast or half Board 120 Euro per night and room
  • More about Le Surmer know

3 | La Digue Holiday Villa

The La Digue Holiday Villa is one of my absolute favorite properties on the island. Why? Because it was built in the typical Seychelles style, completely made of wood, super cozy and just fantastically beautiful. Also there is not a Pool, even if you need the one with the Indian ocean in front of the nose really. The property is quietly located to the nearest beach and supermarket, it is nevertheless far – but what is already far on La Digue.

  • Self-catering or Breakfast, from 165 Euro per night and double room
  • More about La Digue Holiday Villa experience

4 | Pension Michel

The Guesthouse Michel is situated close to the Gregoires complex – in the STC supermarket, the only large supermarket on the island is located in a small side street. The harbour is with the Bicycle only a few minutes, but also the South, for example, the Anse Source d'argent are easily accessible. A family accommodation, very attentive staff, delicious Breakfast and dinner – what more could you want?

  • from 97 euros per double room per night
  • More about Pension Michel know

5 | Liane de Mai

The Liane de Mai guest house is not only one of the best addresses of the island, but also has the best reviews. Not without reason of course. The rooms are simple, cozy, very clean and a super cute hostess there is. The Breakfast is especially noteworthy with fruits from the garden or homemade cakes. The location is quiet and a bit remote on the way to the Nid Aigle, yet everything can be reached from here quickly. To the port is about 1.5 km away.

  • The Breakfast, from 80 Euro per double room
  • More about Liana de may know
  • This guest house is also on Airbnb bookings
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6 | La Digue Self-Catering Apartments

This property is actually not a guest house but rather an apartment complex on the first floor of the Milles complex located in La Passe. Central as it gets, but still it is quiet. The rooms are super nicely decorated and all have a large glass front with a balcony. Underneath there is a Pizzeria and a couple of offices.

  • Self-catering, from € 110 per night and double room
  • More about La Digue Self-Catering Apartments to learn

7 | Elje Villa

The Elje Villa is what you call a typical Creole accommodation. Authentic, simple, but perfectly adequate, large spaces, lots of wood and a quiet location – here, you will feel quickly at ease. When you enter the garden, you have the feeling that you are standing with friends. From here everything is easy to reach. The port is just a few minutes by bike to reach, but also the Anse Source d'argent, and various supermarkets are not far away. In addition to a double room and a family room (in the Seychelles in style with a double bed and 3 single beds in one room), you can also rent the complete house for 6 persons.

  • Self-catering or Breakfast, from € 69 per night and double room
  • More about the Elje Villa know

8 | Tannette Villa

This guest house is located in the centre of La Digue, at the end of a very quiet road and just before a densely vegetated mountain slope. The rooms are small, but very well maintained and clean, as well as the plot. Especially the Service and the Breakfast as well as dinner, of which many guests rave about are the highlight. The hostess Tannette is not only a very warm and loving, but also an excellent cook. Authentic as it gets!

  • 90 euros per double room and night
  • More about Tannette Villa know

9 | Domaine Les Rochers

For many, the Domaine Les Rochers is the no. 1 on La Digue and there are many reasons for this: the Central but quiet location, the prepare exceptionally helpful and friendly hosts, the room with a minimum of 4-star quality, modern decor, the tasteful and bright, large terraces and balconies, and the top maintained and clean. The list goes on infinitely. If you are looking for something Special should take a look at this guest house in more detail, if it is in the period still available.

  • Self-catering, from € 135 per double room
  • More about Domaine Les Rochers know

The rooms at Domaine Les Rochers is close to a 5-star Hotel is pretty.

10 | Hostellerie La Digue

This accommodation trumps Fit in due to the Central location in La, just a few minutes ' walk from the harbour and is located yet very quiet. Modern furnishings, large rooms and cozy, the Hostellerie La Digue is the best way to describe. The Chalets all have two, some even three bedrooms, and are therefore perfectly suited for two parties or families. From here everything is easy to reach.