Here you will learn 11 great La Réunion attractions, tips and Highlights. 8 days and 1200 km were the absolute Highlights of our road trip.

11 schömost of the Highlights on La Réunion

Lange while on La Réunion, a foreign word. Who would have thought that a small island in the Indian ocean so many facets? I certainly don't – and so we don't have to travel far to get from a dry lunar landscape in a turquoise lagoon, Hiking in 10 degrees, or to relax at 30 degrees on the beach to watch whales or to sleep high up in the mountains in the middle of the forest.

No matter, whether water, Land or in the air – La Réunion so incredibly diverse that it has me breathless. With breathtaking, stunningly beautiful nature, lush green hillsides, colorful towns, sleepy villages, countless Hiking trails, 210 km of coastline, an active volcano, narrow gorges, lots of pools and cascading waterfalls, the three Talkesseln Salazie, Cilaos and Mafate, and a seemingly endless selection of landscapes to Outdoor activities, the island is a Paradise for Hiking fans and nature lovers. I fell in love immediately and probably not would have happened to me even after three months of boring.

We were at our La reunion Roadtrip in 8 days & 1,200 km of on your own on-the-go. In this post I will show you my 11 most beautiful Highlights & attractions in La Réunion.

Table of contents –
All La Réunion attractions & Highlights at a glance

#1 | Cilaos & the street of the 432 curves
#2 | In a Bubble in the forest to sleep
#3 | The volcano Piton de la Fournaise
#4 | Cap Jaune
#5 | whale watching
#6| walk To the Trou de Fer & the fairy-tale forest Forest de Bélouve
#7 | Hell-Bourg, & the Salazie valley
#8 | The Rock Arch Cap Méchant
#9 | colourful weekly market in St. Paul
#10 | Palm Trees & Sea Of Grand Anse
#11 | Coulée de Lava (where the Lava flowed into the sea)

1 | The road of 420 bends & Cilaos

I have to admit, it was a bit queasy me, when I first heard of her. It is not just a road, but the road of 420 bends. I imagined the worst: Bad roads, deep potholes, tight curves. So it wasn't at all, quite the contrary. The road is to beat a masterpiece of construction workers and landscape is hard to come by.

Just 1.5 hours we will need for the 50 km from our accommodation est Insolite to Cilaos. Partly single-track and through the narrow Tunnel we wind our way in the first or second gear on well-maintained roads up into the valley.

Cilaos is one of three basin on La Réunion, which are all located around the Piton de Neiges is like a four-leaf Clover. He belongs since 2010 to the world heritage site of Unesco and is to Salazie of the easiest to reach. Once at the top, you can let the place sink in a bit through the many small streets to stroll or go for a walk. The basin is a perfect starting point for many beautiful hikes. So it is not surprising that at the bus stops to arrive mostly sticks walkers with trekking backpack and Hiking or leave.

  • From St. Louis via the N5 to Cilaos
The Valley Of Cilaos (Photo Shutterstock)

2 | In a Bubble in the forest to sleep

The super Insolite is the most extraordinary accommodation I have ever stayed in have. When I discovered the Internet, I was immediately blown away. Overall, it offers to 1,500 m in height four small houses with a bedroom in a transparent Bubble in the midst of a tamarind forest. Impressive, amazing, incredibly – for me it was one of the experiences that one NEVER forgets. What could be Better than in the wild in the middle of the forest, but to sleep in a cozy bed? Who has time, I recommend to spend here a night – it's worth it! In the accommodation, however, spoke hardly any English, as in many places of the island. In the evening we were spoiled with a delicious cheese fondue and red wine.

  • Est Insolite (1,500 m): Route Forestière 11 of the Makes, Night, Breakfast incl. Breakfast and on request also dinner, from 209 euros per night / Bubble

3 | The hike to the Piton de la Fournaise

The hike to the crater of the Piton de la Fournaise (2,512 m) is definitely one of my Highlights, and for me, the most beautiful attraction of La Réunion. The volcano is the last active of the island and is one of the most active in the world. Annually, there are eruptions. This is deemed to be dangerous, because the Magma is emptied quietly and quickly, and that makes several days in advance is noticeable. By the way, the last large outbreak was in 2007, when the Lava reached the sea. The lava outcrop to the East coast of the island (see point 11 in this post).

The hike is specified with a total of 5 to 6 hours (pure walking time). We need 3 hours, but were also quickly on the go, sometimes I would call it more of trail running. The volcanic landscape is breathtaking and very impressive. At the top of the crater you can enjoy a breathtaking 360 – degree panoramic views of the sea on one side and a moonscape on the other side of the stick.

  • My trip report: Piton de la Fournaise – a volcano hike & summit feelings at 2,512 m
  • So, you will get to: by car to the Pas de Bellecombe (start point) to the view from the platform to enjoy, and from there start Hiking. The drive to the start point is impressive and partly on dirt roads to the crater rim.

4 | Cap Jaune

The Golden, about 50 m high rock wall located in the southern part of the island. It can only be reached via a 30-minute hike over lava rock. The landscape is really impressive. Everywhere the sea dashes on the rocky walls and huge fountains, ascend. The Cap Jaune arrived, you have to climb a bit adventurous to the rock wall down. On the right steep slope of the ropes, you can rappel are. From below, you have a better view on the wall of the descent is well worth the effort. The Cap Jaune is a unique natural phenomenon that occurs when molten Lava with sea water comes in contact with.

  • So you'll make it: In Winning the "Rue De La Marine" to the end of driving, Parking and from there walk run.

5 | whale watching

Whales is an unforgettable experience for me. To me, these animals simply fascinate. During the Austral winter from June to September you can watch them in front of the South-West coast of La Réunion. To do this, you do not need to drive again with the boat out to the open sea (we did also), but you can see them everywhere from the beaches.

The whale Watching wind on the island sustainably, were drawn up a few rules, like you can have the animals approach. Who are these meets, gets the seal of approval, "Observation Certifiée Responsable des Cétacés à la Réunion". Providers with this label, visitors have a guarantee for a sustainable approach. When our boat tour was held on it, and we were never closer than 50 to 100 m to the animals in it. The island endeavour by the way, the whales off the coast as a natural heritage to the UNESCO world heritage record.

  • So are you coming back: Saint-Gilles is the place to be for whale watching. At the port there are a range of providers. I recommend the Tour with one of the diving schools, because the boats are much smaller and quieter.

6 | The Trou de Fer, trek & the fairy-tale forest Forest de Bélouve

The hike to Trou de Fer was our entry in the holiday. Directly on the second day we will make us to reach in about 1.5 hours viewing platform with views of the 250 m deep gorge with an incredible number of waterfalls.