Sometimes, you do not need to travel far away. Sometimes a look into your own country is worth it. The love of Germany, came to me only later. Earlier I found it boring and wanted my precious...

5 schöne excursionsüge in the Allgäu

MOU sometimes one must not at all far away to drive. Sometimes a look into your own country is worth it. The love of Germany, came to me only later. Earlier I found it boring and didn't want to waste my precious free time with the own home country is “waste”. I wanted to in the distance. Always. The further away, the better. And under 10 hours of flight, nothing came to my mind. Today, I live in the distance. Quite far away from Germany. And suddenly I discover this to Demand Germany.

Recently, things went to Bavaria to the Allgäu, and it was fantastically beautiful. It is just a different “dream” than I have here in the Seychelles, but in a different way just as beautiful.

In this post I will show you 5 beautiful excursions in the Allgäu.

  • Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Breitachklamm
  • Oberstaufen
  • High ridge
  • Imbergbahn cable car
  • Aquaria

#1 Neuschwanstein Castle

With the castle of Neuschwanstein, I fulfilled a long dream. I have always wanted to, it would never fit, but now it was finally here. When we baptize in our accommodation in upper Steigis arrived, we had the first two days, good luck with the weather. Reason enough for us to include the approximately 1.5-hour drive to Schwangau. And lo and behold, as we approached the castle, stopped the rain.

We had decided from the beginning against a visit of the castle from the inside. Tickets, we'd probably get anyway. We parked our car at the bottom of the place and ran about 35 minutes on the slope, until we reached the castle. As an Alternative, there were horse-drawn carriages, but the animals felt sorry for me when you Look at it. Already partially wet from the sweat, have to ride the horses two of the 10 people in the car to the top.

The village of Schwangau is very touristy and completely on the lock designed. On a large car Park, a coach joins to the next. On the way up the many Japanese fall on us, the are always more. At the top of the Neuschwanstein castle arrived, we went directly on the road to the Marie bridge. From there, you should have the most beautiful views of the castle. And indeed, After another 20 minutes we arrive at the bridge and we still find a free spot for photos.

From this perspective, the castle was really a fairy tale, just as I imagined it would be, even if the deterioration in many people my joy a little. But what can you expect to find in one of the most popular attractions in Germany and the most famous castle in the world? For us, the visit has been so worth it! Even if it's seen in the category of “once and done”, I would see it in the Winter yet again like.

On the way back, we turn to the right at the beginning on the left and run on the toboggan track down to the lake and to the Parking lot. Here we are almost alone and can enjoy nature and the beautiful scenery. The lake you can walk the perimeter and see the castle from different perspectives.

Overall, we were about two hours at the castle of Neuschwanstein. Who has time and comes to a wall-friendly Season of the year when we (we were at the end of October there), the area around the castle, beautiful Hiking trails. These were closed unfortunately due to the bad weather. By the way: Directly at the Neuschwanstein castle, the Hohenschwangau castle, which we have, however, seen only from the distance, is still.

#2 Breitachklamm

The Breitachklamm, a natural monument, and the deepest rocks of Central Europe canyon. It is one of the most beautiful Geotopes of Bavaria and is located between the Kleinwalsertal and Oberstdorf. Well worth a visit at any time of year – even in the rain, as with us – and it is a great destination in the Allgäu for the whole family.

When we got there it was pouring rain. Equipped with a rain jacket and umbrella, we were of which, however, was not deterred. The path through the gorge is secured, partly through the rock, or on Slopes over, and ends at the top of the cash register, from where it then goes on a circular route through the forest.

We opted for the Breitach gorge trail with the following stages: Parking, restaurant Breitachklamm, cash-in-valley-Breitachklamm, cash mountain, Zwingsteg, Alpe Dornach and finally back to the Parking lot . For the slight distance of a little more than 4,5 km, we need the 2-2. 5 hours. With all the rain we were a little slower than normal. Again and again the mighty masses of water to impress us. Especially the view from the Zwingsteg on the gorge is unique.

In the Alpe Dornach we did at the end of a Hot-chocolate break, and enjoyed the fantastic views of the Alps and the first snow on the peaks.

The entrance to the Breitachklamm costs 4 Euro per Person. As we got to our accommodation in the Oberstaufen Plus Card for free, we paid a Euro less. It is open all year round, and really in any weather an experience. Even in the rain, even if it is quite wet, but then a lot of water shoots, especially through the gorge.

#3 Oberstaufen

Our two accommodations, the Biohotel Schratt (4 nights) and the haubers alpenresort (1 night), were located in Oberstaufen in the Allgäu region. Whether skiing in Winter or Hiking in the summer, Oberstaufen is one of the most popular holiday regions in Bavaria. In the small, relaxed place around 7,700 people live. Not more than 2 hours, we need to explore it. The shops are small and quaint. Particularly recommended is the Buchcafé is right behind the two pharmacies where there is not only great books, but also delicious coffee and vegan soups and cakes. Even if I don't live vegan, I like these dishes however sometimes quite like.

Me in upper the supply of the many activities and proximity to the mountains to baptize particularly fascinated. The place is small and very idyllic. One is in Germany, but it feels somehow not so.

The four mountain Railways in high ridge, Imgrat, Hündle and lunch bring visitors up to the summit. From there, it not only has a beautiful panoramic view on the Alps and Switzerland, but also Germany – and sometimes it can even look up to Würzburg and Constance. In addition to the many mountain huts it's also a lot of Hiking and adventure trails waiting – for-large and small, old and young, and of course in every difficulty of the class.

#4 high ridge

The high ridge is, so to speak, baptized in the mountain in upper and 1.834 m, the highest elevation in the Western allgäu region. He is located in the natural Park “Nagelfluhkette”, located on the border between Germany and Austria. The high-mountain train brings you in 15 minutes to the top. Alone the journey is an experience, because the nacelles are from the year 1972. The top is an unforgettable panoramic view is waiting next to a Restaurant. From the terrace you have an unobstructed view to the South of Germany on the one hand, and Austria and Switzerland on the other side. You don't have to hike necessarily, but you can also just go for a coffee and enjoy the view.

To the summit cross are from the Restaurant 25 minutes. For the ascent you should be sure-footed and vertigo-free. We opted for a ascnhließende hike on the degree to Falken hut and then on to the Hoormös. For the route that I recommend as a medium-heavy, and the ropes some with steel and treads is secured, we needed 3 hours. Read more about our hike on the high ridge.

#5 to imbergbahn cable car

The imbergbahn cable car in Oberstaufen-Steibis is one of the four mountain Railways in the surrounding area. It was right next to our accommodation and bring us up to the mountain station and at the same time to be a star point for many hikes. From there, there is also a super beautiful views of the nagelfluh chain with many peaks. For photos, by the way, the afternoon is more suitable, since the peaks are in the Morning in the shade.