Guest house, Villa, Hotel, Resort or self-catering – in this post I'll show you 8 great accommodations on Mahé, Seychelles. From cheap to expensive.

8 wonderful accommodationünfte on Mahé für every taste

Die island of Mahé for a trip to the Seychelles would not be missing. It is provided with a length of 28 km and a width of 8 km, the largest of the three main Islands. On her about 90% of the population lives. That doesn't sound a lot at first glance, but it really isn't, because overall, it is in the Seychelles just over 90,000.

What I particularly love to Mahé? The up to 905 m high mountains. The many Hiking trails in the nature. The dream-like, partially deserted coves can be found on Mahé, even today, still is – sometimes even without a human soul. And what of Mahé would be without the wild South of the Island, where much of the originality was preserved. Who's driving here, the roads along the sea, and the small Creole villages crossed, will quickly immerse themselves in the Flair of the Seychelles.

But where on Mahé are? Again and again I am asked for accommodation in the Seychelles. No matter whether you guest house, Hotel or Resort, anyone who is a bit on the reviews, the can make when it comes to accommodation nothing wrong. In this post I will show a few nice properties on Mahé, which I can recommend to you absolutely.

Accommodation on Mahé

1 | Hanneman Holiday Residence

In the Hanneman Holiday Residence you will recognize the German Hand right off the bat. Everything is very spacious and decorated in a modern style and exceptionally clean. Maybe this accommodation is so popular, but perhaps also due to Manfred, the warm owner from Germany.

  • Beau Vallon, Mahé
  • Self-supply, from 110 Euro per night and room
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Accommodation tip of Mahé: the Hanneman Holiday Residence
Bananas for Everyone – there’s Hanneman Manfred & Santale.

2 | Anse Takamaka View

This view is simply priceless. From the Anse Takamaka View Guesthouse has a panoramic view of the Anse Takamaka, and sees not a single house, but only nature as far as the eye reaches. The Apartments are nicely and adequately furnished. We had a big granite rock in the living room. Why would they remove the also, if you can build the house around it? Just great! The property has a large swimming Pool. The German owner is also a really cool guy that has many stories and anecdotes. A passion of him is the work with light, whereby he can transform the Pool by a variety of LED spotlights in a light show.

  • Anse Takamaka, Mahé
  • Self-supply, from 90 Euro per night and room
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3 | Clef des Iles

The guest house Clef des Iles is situated right on the Beau Vallon beach and is my favorite on Mahé. Where can I find else a property that you can walk from the living room directly into the powder white Sand? Not only the fantastic location with views of the sunset, but also the simple and authentic interior made of Takamaka wood, are a Highlight. In the living room you can open the screen Door and his feet directly in the Sand. In the morning there was fresh fruit and juice directly to the room.

  • Beau Vallon, Mahé
  • Self-sufficiency, from 190 euros per night and room
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4 | Hillside Retreat

This property is located close to the Baie Lazare on a hillside in a very quiet location. The two self-catering houses are built on granite rocks and from the balcony you have a wonderful view into the Green. The rooms are furnished in a very modern, almost European. Anyone looking for quiet and modern accommodation, you will find it here.

  • Anse Au Poule Bleu, Baie Lazare, Mahé
  • Self-sufficiency, from 80 EUR per night and room
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In the morning with this view to the Green Wake up – priceless!

5 | The Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & Spa

Who wants to treat themselves to something special, you should look at the Hilton Northome Resort and Spa in the North of Mahé times more accurate. The complex has a fantastic location with its own small beach in a very quiet location in the North of mahé. There are different categories of rooms and various villas with sea or hillside. The new Pool Villas with an Infinity Pool here are the ultimate.

  • Glacis, Mahé
  • Half Board, from 354 Euro per night and room
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Simply beautiful – the beach section of the Hilton Resorts on Mahé
The King Grand Ocean View Pool Villa is in the Hilton the ultimate.
Sleep well – our Villa was completely made of wood and very cozy.

6 | H Resort

The H Resort is located at the southern end of Beau Vallon beach. Even if the Beau Vallon is one of the busiest beaches in the Seychelles, so you can feel in this Resort is as good as nothing, it is pleasantly quiet. The rooms are large and nicely decorated. The Pool, the food and Service are excellent.

  • Beau Vallon, Mahé
  • Half Board, from 335 Euro per night and room
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7 | Lemon Grass Guesthouse

The Lemon Grass Guesthouse is located in a beautiful hillside location directly on the Beau Vallon. The rooms are decorated in a Creole style, very simple, but completely sufficient. A shared kitchen is available for all guests. For this property a rental car is recommended, since it is only accessible via a long, steep road on the way to – but the view is gorgeous.

  • Beau Vallon, Mahé
  • Self-catering accommodation, starting from 65 Euro per night and room
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The views from this Guesthouse is just beautiful!

8 | Le Domaine de Bacova

This lovely self-catering complex is located on the South East coast of mahé, at Pointe Au Sel, right next to the Anse Royale. The sea can be reached in 5 minutes walk, Anse Royale in about 10 minutes. The small villas are beautifully furnished in a modern style.

  • Pointe Au Sel, Mahé
  • Self-catering from 75 Euro per night and room
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What are the accommodations on Mahé do you like most? Leave me a comment here under this post.