Everything about our Mauritius Roadtrips. Individually & on their own – all of the Highlights, tips, accommodations, as well as the cost and itinerary for our trip.

A Road trip

Türkisblaue lagoons and miles of beaches, an incredible number of activities and a Mix of different cultures, colorful colors and flavors – all of which I had about Mauritius in the head. But where exactly should I arrange the island? Often I heard from her, even only in comparison with the Seychelles or La Réunion. Me the differences of these three Islands, about which I will report in a separate article again in more detail to interested, therefore, also particularly.

At the end of March it was time. I travelled to Mauritius for ten days together with a friend on own fist with the rental car. In this blog article I want to tell to all the stations, accommodations, and Highlights of our 10-day Mauritius Roadtrips. The island is perfect for a Road trip. Although it is not large, the routes, however, not to underestimate, therefore, we have spent a few nights in the North, in the East and in the southwest. So we were able to explore almost the entire island extensively.

Table of contents

➥ Mauritius – a brief Overview
➥ Why Mauritius?
➥ 1. to 9. Day – all the Highlights, tips & accommodation
➥ Our Route
➥ Mauritius Road trip, and the cost
➥ My Conclusion
➥ Recommended Guide

A brief Overview about Mauritius

Mauritius is a island country in the southwest Indian ocean, about 850 km East of Madagascar. The island is located 1,500 km to the South of the Seychelles (2,5 hours flight) and 190 km North-East of La Réunion. In addition to the main island of Mauritius and also Rodrigues, the Islands of cargados Carajos, and the Agalega Islands to the state territory. Once in French, and the British acquired Mauritius on 12. In March 1968 his independence. The population – around 1.2 million inhabitants – has its roots everywhere in the world, the majority (almost 70%) comes from India. The Creoles, or the descendants of African slaves make up is different than on the Seychelles is rather a smaller part of only 25%. Overall, Mauritius is 45 km wide and 65 km long. The highest peak is Piton de la Rivière Noire (828 m).

Tourism in Mauritius

Mauritius is a well developed touristic infrastructure and offers pretty much everything you could want as a vacationer. The selection of individual guest houses or luxurious Resort is large. If you look at the number of tourists and compares it with the number of Locals then a tourist comes to Mauritius on a Local, in the Seychelles, there are almost four. The number scared me once. Similarly, the number of tourists per km2. On Mauritius, the 2017 was around 666 and the Seychelles, with 1.701 more than twice per km2, it is precisely because the Islands and the habitable areas are much smaller.

When to Mauritius travel?

Mauritius is in the southern hemisphere. The seasons are opposite, therefore, to those of Europe. The Winter (June to October), the driest, and the summer (December to April) is the wettest Season of the year. A proper Winter, there is not, however, the temperatures remain throughout the year, largely constant, only from may to October, it can be a bit more pleasant and cooler. The Peak of the Austral winter in August, and then it can be at night already at 20 degrees. We were at the end of March on the island of Mauritius and had mixed weather. Time it was blue, very clear. In the meantime, it has rained occasionally in the short, hot it was, but nevertheless, on the whole. I found the climate much more pleasant than in the Seychelles (it was less humid), it is precisely because Mauritius is located much further to the South of the Equator.

Mauritius tour – all the tips, Highlights and accommodations

#Day 1 – Mauritius round-trip – arrival and transfer to Grand Baie

➥ Accommodation: Toparadis Guesthouse (Route Cotière, to the North of Grand Baie)


On Tuesday morning, it starts for me. First of all, from La Digue by ferry in 15 minutes on the neighbouring island of Praslin and then a Taxi to the domestic airport. The flight with a small Propeller aircraft to the International airport on Mahé, will take a further 15 minutes. A short time later, it then says “Bye Bye, Seychelles”. Air Seychelles offers the only direct flight from the Seychelles to Mauritius. For the 1,500 km to the South, we need around 2.5 hours of flight time. In the late noon, I land on the island of Mauritius, just like my friend from Germany, however, a much longer journey behind.

At the airport, which is located in the southwest of Mauritius is, we pick up our rental car from the us, Maki Car Rental Mauritius has provided. A few formalities later and we are sitting in our little car. Our first destination: Grand Baie. Approximately our first accommodation is located.

Our first accommodation: Toparadis guest house

The first three nights we stay in the Toparadis guest house, which is from the Creole Your Paradise” translated“. The accommodation with 23 rooms, is located in the North of Mauritius in Grand Baie. It consists of several small, two-storey houses, in which either one apartment is upstairs with balcony or downstairs with a patio. The roofs are covered with palm leaves, which gives the property a lovely look. The Apartments are nice and modern (we had a Suite), however, you are right on the beach. But he is only 30 metres away and you just have to cross just short of the road.

Delicious coffee & good food in Grand Baie and the surrounding area

  • Îlot cafe, Grand Baie – during the day, a delicious Café and evening Cocktails in a beautiful setting
  • La Rougaille Creole Restaurant, Grand Baie – a hidden location, but super tasty and authentic Restaurant with Creole cuisine (mainly fish & Seafood) at very fair prices
  • Le Capre Restaurant, Cap Malheureux – super recommended Restaurant to the North of Grand Baie, with its traditional Creole cuisine
The beautiful Ilot Café in Grand Baie offers not only delicious coffee but also a nice atmosphere

#Day 2 – Mauritius tour – Grand Baie, Trou aux Biches and Port Louis

➥ Accommodation: Toparadis Guesthouse (Route Cotière, to the North of Grand Baie)

The former fishing village of Grand Baie & one of the most beautiful beaches of the island

The small town of Grand Baie is situated in the North of Mauritius to the long-drawn Bay, and is life-especially for its nightlife and the many Bars and Restaurants. You can, however, strolling is also a good time for an hour – as we are in the morning – by the shops, for example, on Sunset Boulevard, or in one of the cafes to linger.

In the late morning we will drive to Trou aux Biches, you want to be the most beautiful beach of the island. And in fact, he has all what you would expect as a vacationer of a dream beach: the powder-soft Sand, turquoise blue sea and beautiful palm trees. The largest and especially the most beautiful section, however, lies in front of a Resort, which makes it impossible under the palm trees to lie in the shade. Again and again we are instructed by chaperones in Uniform are friendly to it. But there is also a public area that has no trees, but many with Casuarina trees for shade. After about two hours in the midday heat, we then have enough to make us back on the path.


The bustling capital of Port Louis

Our next Stop is the capital city of Port Louis, which we reached from the Trou aux Biches in around 30 minutes. We Park our car at the Caudan Waterfront, a modern shopping centre at the harbour with a few shops, Restaurants, cafes (a Coconut Devine, Lux cafe drink!) and a movie theater. A Must-see in the capital is definitely the Central market. On the bustling market, there are all sorts of to see fruit, vegetables, herbs, and Souvenirs and clothes on the upper floor, but most of all it is a beautiful place to experience the everyday life of the Locals. A special delicacy is fresh pineapple with Chili getting used to, but tasty.

Very worthwhile is a walk to Fort Adelaide (La Citadelle) – the trail leads from the market continuously to the top. The courtyard of the fortress, although is actually closed, the Keeper let in you but, if you ask nice. We have then given a small gratuity as a thank you. Inside, a staircase leads to the top, from where you have fantastic panoramic views of the city – really great!

#Day 3 – Mauritius Tour – Mont Choisy & Pamplemousses

➥ Accommodation: Toparadis Guesthouse (Route Cotière, to the North of Grand Baie)

Mont Choisy beach is a natural beach without palm trees

The next Morning (and after another delicious Cup of coffee in the Îlot Café) we drive to Mont Choisy. The beach was recommended to us by a restaurant owner. The lovely long-drawn-out Bay is quite calm and has no palm trees, but I found a lot with Casuarina trees which provide shade. The Trou aux Bicher was alone by the Resort, lots of tourist, it has at Mont Choisy, his rest. And above all, you must lie where you would like to. After all, unlike the beaches in the Seychelles, you are not in Mauritius all open to the public. The front of the sea, you will be tolerated, always, who is a shadow looking place, but it must go to the public beaches.

The Botanical garden, giant water lilies and lots of greenery in the most famous place of interest in Mauritius

In the afternoon we have enough of the sun and make our way to the Botanical gardens, the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden in Pamplemousses. If you like, you can book at the entrance to a Freelancer Guide. We explore the Park on their own and stroll one to two hours (more) really needed by the plant. I like Botanical gardens, even if the “garden” has always kind of a bad aftertaste. My favorite are water lilies in a clear the Giant (Giant water lilly). They bloom on the first day of white and change color on the second night, and pink. But even otherwise, there are many beautiful plants, palm trees and even a couple of giant tortoises and to see deer there!

Botanical gardens: opening Hours: 8 to 17: 30 / admission fee: 200 rupees (about 5 Euro)

#Day 4 – Mauritius tour – the East and in the most beautiful accommodation of our trip

➥ Accommodation: La Maison d'eté (in the East of Mauritius)

La Maison d'eté

Next, we want to be in the East. The accommodation we booked in Grand Baie in the Café from the Smartphone. And she was a real stroke of luck. Not only because the property is otherwise always fully booked, but she was also the most beautiful of our trip: La Maison d'eté. We had a so-called Sea Room with direct sea view even from the bed. The meals – we always have in the morning and in the evening ate there was really delicious. For the two nights we paid around 360 euros in total (including Breakfast). No saving in price, but we wanted to treat ourselves to something. This property is really worth every penny!

Belle Mare

In the afternoon we visit another of the most popular beaches in Mauritius. Belle Mare means “beautiful sea” and is located on the East coast, the much original than the West coast. It is much windier and the sea is agitated. Even though some of the luxurious Resort, in a row, is installed this side of the island is still quite little. Instead of large cities, there are authentic fishing villages, some of which appear to oversleep a lot, and a lot of rest. As we set off by car from our accommodation, do we have to go for a while until something comes. Again and again we pass through small, authentic villages. Particularly striking is the large proportion of Indians and Hindus, and also the design of the houses is in this area. Often you can see the bricks of the house walls, as if they were still not finished with the Build.

#Day 5 – Mauritius tour – Shopping & it was the best coffee of the island

➥ Accommodation: La Maison d'eté (in the East of Mauritius)

Shop in Bagatelle Mall

While my friend finally had a vacation and pure relaxation was happy, I was relaxed of the Seychelles already as far as possible and want to be active, discover, and also had high expectations in terms of Shopping. The Seychelles is rather poor – if anything, I can buy one or the other part in one of the gift shops. After Breakfast I went in the Bagatelle Mall, which was about a 50-minute drive away. In addition to many shops, such as Mango or fashion chains and electrical shops, I found to my delight, the Lux cafe where we served in Port Louis, with delicious coffee. From the Shopping I have promised myself more and so I have also been to Mauritius once again find it hard (I need to soon, then probably to Germany). Nevertheless, the selection was much greater than in the Seychelles, where there is on Eden Island, only one modern shopping centre. In Mauritius, the Indian influence is felt everywhere. The clothes are very cheap, but not particularly nice and high not at all high quality.

#Day 6 – Mauritius round trip from the East to the South-West to Le Morne

➥ Accommodation: Happy Days Guesthouse (in the southwest in the XY in Le Morne)

The third property: Happy Days Guesthouse

After the three days, it falls to us to take it really hard from the Maison d'ete in the East farewell. We could have easily stay there as well, it has fallen to us. Nevertheless, we wanted to see but, of course, the Rest of the island. We moved further into the southwest in the area around Le Morne. There we stayed in a guest house, the addition of different-sized apartments, a communal kitchen and a small Pool. The view from our balcony on the Le Morne was super nice.

Le Morne – uniquely beautiful

The Le Morne is a 556-metre-high mountain on the eponymous Peninsula in the southwest. This mountain had been burned before so much in my head that I could hardly wait to finally see him in color. The mountain looks from a distance or from the road is particularly spectacular. The WOW-effect but certainly, when you look at him from the beach. I did actually take your breath away. The majority of the beaches is also located in Le Morne in front of the resort, in between, there are public sections that are not so nice. We remained some time on the beach in front of the Beachcomber Dinarobin and were invited to hand from the local staff of the beach bar.

#Day 7 – Mauritius tour – Chamarel, and a lot of nature in the southwest

➥ Accommodation: Happy Days Guesthouse (in the South West in La Gaulette near Le Morne)

The South and South-West of Mauritius, is pure nature. Had not me to the North and East of the island landscape is convincing, with only smaller surveys especially, changed this abruptly. Lush mountains, plateaus, waterfalls, and part of dense jungle – finally, I had the feeling to be on a tropical island. Anyone who loves nature and is enthusiastic and Hiking, you will feel quite safe and comfortable. This is also true for Wind - and kite-surfers will feel also well, so the Spots apply on the Peninsula of Le Morne as the best in the world.

A waterfall & the natural phenomenon of the seven coloured earth

The seven coloured earth is a worldwide unique natural phenomenon. Due to various volcanic activities of the seven different-coloured earth mixed. The is a fenced-in, hilly moon landscape to marvel at. The colors are to be seen in sunshine. For us it had not rained unfortunately, so the colours were not quite as to bear. The Park where this famous landmark is located, requires an entrance fee. The area also has an enclosure with giant tortoises, a Café, a gift shop, as well as many endemic plant species. In addition to the seven coloured earth in the protected site the Chamarel water to admire the falls more than 80 meters in depth.

The Black River George National Park

Especially impressive I found the ride in the Black River George national Park. The road winds in the mountains and with each rise in altitude, the Vegetation changes. To the left and to the right, dense jungle, some of the trees are occupied even with moss. Again and again we see canyons, high plateaus, and hear the rushing of waterfalls. The protected Park is a Highlight for hikers and nature fans. The Park is the largest Hiking area of the island – from easy walks to strenuous hikes. With a little luck, hikers will be able to see in addition to the many unique and sometimes even animal and plant species and also endangered animals such as the pink pigeon or a monkey.

My little island highlight: Le Chamarel Restaurant

The Chamarel Restaurant is an insider tip on the island. There you can have a meal only outstanding, but also has a really beautiful view on the offshore island of Ile aux Bénitiers and the Le Morne.

#Day 8 – Mauritius tour – Le Morne ascent & Relax in Flic-en-Flac

Accommodation: Sands Suites Resort & Spa (in the West, Flic-en-Flac)

High on the Le Morne Brabant

The ascent of Le Morne, we let us of course not to be missed. We decide to hike with a Guide. For one, the rise of is. not without be and from the Seychelles I know, that you should listen to it better, otherwise it can end badly On the other, we learn from local Guides so much of value about nature.

Around 6.30 PM, we will meet with Yan of Yanature, one of the organizations may hike on the Le Morne. The mountain is sic, namely in private ownership. We are a group of 10 people. The first part of the climb is pretty easy. A broad forest road leads us, with a slight rise steadily upwards, until we reach a locked gate. It follows the exhausting part. Not only because it is quite steep to the top, and we climb almost exclusively, but also because the rain makes it a slippery affair. The climb is over rocks, steep up. After about 1.5 hours we reach the goal, the summit cross. Despite the clouds we have from here a fantastic view in all directions – really nice. The descent was much more difficult, because it was in the rain and very greasy. Sometimes we had to help each other, our feet support so that we can easily slip down.


For the last accommodation of our Mauritius road trips, we choose the Sands Suites Resort & Spa in Flic-en-Flac. To the South of the capital, Port Louis and to the West of the island, is the place to Grand Baie is one of the largest tourist centers of the island. Above all, it offers a good selection of Restaurants, cafes, Apartments, Hotels, and luxurious Resorts, but also a few souvenir shops and supermarkets. The beach is miles long and beautiful. Especially at sunset, felt can be infinite for a walk. The Resort is located on the southernmost end of the Bay, and here the road ends, whereby only a few people get lost there and the beach section and is very quiet.

Our Mauritius Road Trip Route

Mauritius Tour – Cost

Mauritius tour – the cost

In the Following, you can find out more about the cost of the accommodation, the car hire, as well as a few more information. The prices are per room.

  • Toparadis Guesthouse (3 nights, no meals) 180 Euro
  • La Maison d'ete (2 nights, incl. Breakfast) 390 Euro
  • Happy Days Guesthouse (2 nights, no meals) 225 Euro
  • Suits & Sands Resort & Spa (1 night, incl. Half Board) 265.50 Business Euro
  • Car Rental (10 Days) 254 Euro

In total,1.314, 50 Euro, so 657,25 Euro pro Person (without flight) are.

The supermarket prices were a little more expensive, than in Europe. The restaurant prices seem relatively cheap. A large dish cost around 10 to 20 euros.

TIP: Through this Link you get back to your journey Booking.com 25 Euro on your credit card.

How you otherwise, in Mauritius, can travel

For those who want to rent no car because he has to stay mainly in the Hotel, but a bit of the island want to see, you can hire a private driver with a car. This driving around a whole day for an agreed price on the island. Where and for how long, it is up to you. Often the Hotels have their own drivers, they work together. We met them on the trip again and again. Honestly, seems to be on the island than to get a rental car – I had the feeling.

My Conclusion

Mauritius is a perfect Road-trip to the island. Although it is not large, but the distances are sometimes very long. Who would not want to spend a lot of time in the car, you should spend a few nights in different places. We opted for the North, East and southwest, and that was exactly right. The first three nights we booked in advance, the Rest on the ground. I wouldn't do that again, but everything in the run up to set. We had this on the island of Mauritius in the accommodation, lots of choice and have then searched for the remaining 10% of the available properties, the appropriate one. Nevertheless, we have ended up with the La Maison d'ete in the East, a real stroke of luck. For me, this was the nicest accommodation of our trip!

I especially liked the southwest. There, the beautiful nature I was looking for the whole time on the island was finally. And the Creoles, who were, for example, in the East and Southeast in the minority (where 90% of Hindus and Indians) were, and I really missed you. The Le Morne as well as the offshore beaches to me were actually the breath away. A real Highlight of Mauritius!

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