What can you do so in the Seychelles? Here I show attractions in 9 great Seychelles, tips & Highlights, for each feasible!

11 schömost beautiful sights–speeds of the Seychelles

E- in holiday to the Seychelles alone is not enough to meet all of the to discover what makes you tick. And probably everyone is scratching on his journey only at the surface. There are bays only in the many secluded and beautiful beaches, all of which are already worth seeing – alone on Mahé, there are over 55 – but also beautiful Hiking trails, view points, markets, culture, Parks, and much more.

But not only the three main Islands have many attractions to offer. Around you so many other small pieces of jewelry, small Islands often have no accommodation, but perfect for a day trip are available yet.

Even after seven years, the Seychelles, I have not seen everything. No matter where I am, and no matter when, I discover something New – and it simply does not stop. And so I dig me daily more under the surface to discover all the deep-lying treasures of the Seychelles. Today I show you sights you 9 beautiful Seychelles, which are for every holiday possible.

Seychelles Attractions, Tips And Highlights

1 | Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market, Mahé

The market in Victoria is an absolute Must Do. Here not only the Seychellois with everything Necessary for daily needs, including fresh fish, fruits, vegetables and spices, cover – it is also an authentic place to watch the hustle and Bustle of the capital. On the second floor there is not only a great view of the hustle and bustle, but also Souvenirs such as jewelry, textiles, cloths & much more. (Mo-Fri 7-17 , Sat 6-14)

2 | The Mission Lodge, Mahé

This important monument is on the Sans Soucis Rd. The road leads from Victoria through the island to the West coast to Port Glaud. The Mission Lodge was once a school for verweiste children of former slaves and was operated until 1885. Today, only the panels and a few ruins remind us of the time. Since 1972, a lookout point with a beautiful view to the South-West coast is here in the mountains of mahé. Queen Elizabeth II sat here with a Cup of tea and enjoyed the view in the distance. (Sans Souci Road, free admission, Seychelles Heritage Site)

3 | Takamaka Rum Distillery, Mahé

What is the Seychelles without Takamaka Rum would be? Nothing, exactly! The popular Rum of course is made in the Seychelles – with water & sugar cane directly from the Islands. In the distillery's interested can take a look behind-the-Scenes, and more about the production experience. In a small Shop is not offered in addition, a Rum Tasting, but also items with Logo, such as glasses, bags, T-Shirts and of course the Rum advertising in all variants. The Tour costs 250 SCR per Person and takes place Monday to Friday at 11.30 and 13.30. The site is also one of the best addresses for Creole cuisine: the La Plaine St. Andre Restaurant is located. (Au Cap, Mahé)

  • Here you're learn more about the Takamaka

4 | Fund Ferdinand Park, Praslin

The Fond Ferdinand Park a little younger nature Park in Praslin is. He was (declared yet) from the UNESCO world heritage site, to see there are but the same. In the Park, pass by the various routes of the fabled Coco-de-Mer palm tree, which grows only in the Seychelles and has the largest seed in the world, and many other types of plants. Also, some animals can be seen here. The path ends on top of a hill with great views to other Islands such as La Digue or The Sister Islands. A visit to the Park is with a Guide is possible. The guide is included in the price and takes place two Times in the morning (until 12 PM). The prices were a little high. The entrance ticket costs 10 euros, or 125 SCR per Person.

  • Excursion tip of Praslin – should why don't you visit the Fond Ferdinand Park.


5 | Anse Lazio, Praslin

The Anse Lazio is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Seychelles and is repeatedly voted among the Top 10 in the world. Fully deserved, I think. And for me, this beach alone is already a reason to visit Praslin. Coconut palm trees, crystal clear water, impressive granite rocks and fine powdery white Sand – especially in the sunshine, the semi-hexagonal Bay is photogenic incredibly. The Anse Lazio is not only above but also under the surface of the water to see, because at both Ends a couple of nice snorkeling spots are waiting. This is what one should choose, however, only during the Southeast monsoon, from may to October. The rest of the time, the Anse Lazio is very rough, wavy, and has some pretty strong currents.

Tip: At the Anse Lazio, there is a Honesty Bar. Even if the owner is almost always there, so you can use there and the money in the cash register lay.


6 | Grand Anse, La Digue

The Grand Anse is one of my favorite beaches on La Digue, the third largest island of the Seychelles. The long distance by bike (some will laugh, but for the prevailing conditions in the island it is actually) worth it for me every Time. The Grand Anse is just the most beautiful, wildest and most breath-taking beach on the island. Every Time I'm there, she looks different. From may to October, almost the entire Sand will be washed away, so that the corals are exposed, and only a small beach remains. The Sand then comes back from October/November to the beach is almost five Times as wide. If I run from a small Bicycle Parking lot to the beach, then for me it is a Surprise every Time with heart palpitations, so I'm curious then, how the Grand Anse looks – it is different every Time. On this beach, however, caution is advised and you should go from may to October only knee-deep into the sea, because waves and currents are very strong. The same also applies for the neighbouring beaches of Petite Anse and Anse Coco.

Beautiful – the wild Grand Anse from the top

7 | Police Bay, Mahé

Wild, wild, Police Bay. It is located in the South of Mahé and is one of the most pristine beaches in the Seychelles. She is incredibly beautiful and very wild, especially from may to October. Even if the Police Bay looks very inviting, swimming here should be the whole year. The Bay is so remote that it is almost never to other people – even cell phone reception is rather rare. So if something happens to currents and waves here are not to be underestimated – then you are virtually alone. A visit is worthwhile any time of the year. She is not only wild, but also very photogenic.

8 | Cousin Island