What can you do on Praslin? Here are my TOP sights 12 Praslin, excursions and tips for the second-largest main island of the Seychelles.

12 Highlights on Praslin, you should not miss

Die island of Praslin is one – in addition to Mahé and La Digue – one of the three main Islands of the Seychelles. More specifically, it is a 5×12 km is the second largest – and this applies not only to the surface, but also for the number of inhabitants and accommodation. In comparison to all the Islands of the Seychelles, it is the third largest, Silhouette, is again slightly larger.

On Praslin approximately 9,900 inhabitants (9% of total population) life. For some, the island is called like the new La Digue, I can see that, but not so. La Digue is compare for me with any island – already alone because of all the Cycling. Nevertheless, you must give this statement right, at least if you look at the people and the tourists, the live per km2, or holidays, because the are on La Digue, in the meantime, more than on Praslin. But that is of course also a much smaller habitable area.

Why Praslin?

Tourists come to the island of Praslin, especially because of the beautiful beaches on the island, there are two of the most beautiful beaches in the Seychelles and in the world, Anse Georgette and Anse Lazio. And they come because of the legendary Coco de Mer palm, which has the largest nut in the world, and even in the Guinness book of world records is. The endemic palm grows only on Praslin (and Curieuse) in their natural environment. You can be in the ancient jungle Vallée de Mai – one of the two Unesco World heritage sites in the Seychelles (the other is Aldabra Atoll), – in the Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve, and in some cases even from the street, to admire.

The island is for me quite clearly to be a classic Seychelles island hopping. In this post I'll show the sights but my favorite Praslin, but also tips for excursions, accommodation and Restaurants.

10 wonderful Praslin attractions, excursions and Insider tips

1. Anse Lazio

The Anse Lazio is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – and of the Seychelles anyway. She is regularly voted in the Top 10 and only recently she was the no. 3 in the case of “The World's 50 Best Beaches”. I am excited each Time, when I'm on the way to Anse Lazio, because it just looks different each Time, like all beaches on the Seychelles. They change from month to month, sometimes more Sand is there, sometimes less, sometimes the Surf is gentle, and other times it is wild.

With its icing sugar sand and the many palm trees and granite rocks, Anse Lazio is a postcard motive, for a long time but of course no longer a secret tip. As one of the most popular attractions in the Seychelles, she is visited, therefore, usually well – worth a visit but always!

The arrival can be done by car or Bus. Who would like to come by Bus, which departs in the direction of Zimbabwe until shortly before the Terminus, where, presumably, more tourists get off. It is a 20-minute walk follows.

2. Anse Georgette

The Anse Georgette is another dream of the beach as he is in the book and she takes me every Time to the breath. She alone is a reason Praslin! No wonder, because the small Bay in the North of the island is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Seychelles and around the world. A visit to not designed, however, a little difficult and sometimes a diaphoretic, because it is freely accessible. You have to cross the grounds and the Golf course at the Lémuria resort. The entrance gate is guarded very carefully, and who telefonisc not log on before, is not left to 99% pure. Registration works best on the property.

By the way, all beaches in the Seychelles are open to the public and free of charge. Each of them must be freely accessible, even if the some note, unfortunately, still.

But there are also other opportunities for a visit:

1. With the boat (e.g. day trip or catamaran)
2. Hike from Anse Lazio to Anse Georgette (see point 3)
3. By a hike about the mountains of Mont Plaisir (I have not made yet)

3. The Anse Lazio via Anse Georgette hike

First of all: The walk of the Anse Lazio to Anse Georgette, I recommend you only with a Guide or a Local.

We parked our car at the Anse Lazio and then went from there by foot. For the route from Anse Lazio to Anse Georgette, including photo stops we needed around one hour, however, Robert and I run alone quite quickly. I would call it sometimes more trail running. The path is unpredictable to grow with deep holes and some very course. You should definitely be fit and, above all, you can step on it. In addition, there are several avenues that can be lost. There is enough drinking water (minimum two liters per Person) is, therefore, necessarily, mosquito repellent, Snacks and sunscreen to take with you. Then we are back to the same track again. As an Alternative, we could have of the Anse Georgette also take the Bus, but it was too cumbersome.

  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Length: 6 km (there and back)
  • Meters in altitude: 90 m (uphill), 80 m (downhill)
  • Duration: 3 hours (there and back without stops)

4. Anse Volbert

Anse Volbert is for Praslin's what the Beau Vallon for Mahé is. A tourist shopping street, sounds maybe stupid, would be also exaggerated, but the beach is at least as long, and there are some accommodations, Shops, Restaurants, Bars and cafes, all within walking distance. So who has a car, can shop there, or in the evening, various Restaurants to try out.

For me, the Anse is one Volbert, definitely one of the most beautiful beaches on Praslin. The beach is very long and the entry into the sea gently, so that it is also suitable for children. The Sand is particularly powdery soft. At low tide, the water is also here, as often in the Seychelles – very flat and not suitable to Swim.

The Latest Information

On Praslin it is Anse was the last time a couple of incidents on the Cote d'or and the Grand. It accumulate there (but also in General in the Seychelles) for some time now, the cases of drug abuse, theft and violence. In General, I would be there (I have never done) not alone after dusk on the road. Also I always hear of break-ins in accommodation on all three main Islands, because at night, be left, for example, the window completely open. Who auflässt the window, should all (!) Valuables in the vault include and are not ready to put it to the window or the dessert.

All of this doesn't change the fact that, for example, the Anse Volbert (Cote d'or) on Praslin, as before, an absolute dream beach. I recommend all the accommodation continues with a clear conscience. Everywhere in the world, it is dangerous, and (the tell me the Locals) why should it make the Seychelles stop are just generally more careful. The attitude of “We are in Paradise and nothing ever happens here” you should have never in the head.

5. A trip to the island of Curieuse

Who has enough time, should a trip to the neighbouring island of Curieuse are not to be missed. It is located 1 km off the North East coast of Praslin and is just a few minutes by boat to reach. On Curieuse giant tortoises live in the wild and it is seen only on the Bird, Silhouette, or in some cases on La Digue (e.g., two copies of the Anse Severe). In addition, there are fantastic beaches and the option of various hikes. A the Anse St Jose and the Baie Laraie connects to each other. The path is well laid out, some he leads through the typical red earth and at the end of a wooden walkway through a beautiful mangrove area.

For a visit, there are several possibilities. Either you Bay 1. a trip to Curieuse (sometimes as a full day tour with BBQ on the beach), or 2. a taxi boat that will only be used for the Crossing. In the case of the last variant, I'll give you to pay the recommendation until after the pickup.