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18 travel tips für La Réunion – tips for planning, trivia & much more

Oh Yes, the island of La Réunion has us enchanted And somehow to me, it was clear from the outset. What should also happen, when two Outdoor to have a Hiking and outdoor Paradise meet? Exactly. At the end of September it was for us, “Bye Bye Seychelles” and “Hello La Réunion”. For eight days we were Hiking with a rental car on the island, were, discover, experience and enjoy with all your senses. We slept in a Bubble in the forest, in a tree house and other great accommodations, were cases on the volcano, of water and have discovered the Creole culture at markets. It was much too beautiful and much too short.

In my travel tips, I want to tell you my General La Réunion travel tips. The contribution will help to get a first Overview. I have compiled all the important information, including everything related to In- & outbound, best time to travel, time displacement, car rental booking, weather, traffic, accommodations, our Road trip, and much more. Let's go!

Where is the island of La Réunion?