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18 travel tips für the Seychelles

Helcome to Paradise. With this set, you're often greeted in the Seychelles. The Locals, the Seychellois are warm and open people and know that you live in one of the most beautiful spot of the earth.

In my Seychelles travel tips you will find useful tips and info for your trip. The contribution will help to get a General Overview. Here it is, for example, topics such as- & departure, visa, travel time, time difference, food, weather, travel, beaches, road network, ferries, accommodation, travel planning and much more.

18 tips for the Seychelles – what you need to know before the trip should

Entry & Exit

For entry to the Seychelles, you will need a valid passport, at least for the period of the leave is valid, as well as evidence of the following: return or onward flight Ticket, accommodation (incl. Contact details) and sufficient funds for the stay (approx. US$ 150 per day). A visa is not required. A residence permit will be granted to you upon entry automatically, if you fulfill the above mentioned conditions. This can be extended in steps of three months up to a maximum of one year. The cost per renewal will amount to the equivalent of about 350 euros. The renewal fee is also due if you extend only for a few days like. Controls with respect to sufficient funds when entering the country occasionally. Funds can be carried in cash or in the Form of credit cards.


Mahé and Praslin offer a well-developed bus network. For 7 rupees each way (45 cents) you can ride the Bus as much as you want. Many Seychellois to use the bus system, therefore, it is to immerse yourself in a beautiful way in the lives of the Locals and to experience it first hand.

In addition, the bus is in the Seychelles, an absolute adventure. The buses are usually very full, and so may it ever be, that a Seychellois , so to speak, on the lap sitting. With questioning is it, then, with open Windows and doors, past ravines and Slopes. When you get to the next level then you place on the road marking the stop and raise their Hand. If a Bus does not stop, then it is not your Person, but the fact that no more fits in.

On Mahé, you can enjoy the greatest flexibility with a rental car. The Bus is mainly limited to the coastal roads, you will also need to require partial or longer wait. The buses run until late in the afternoon or early evening. Therefore, you can enjoy with a rental car for most flexibility. This is especially true for Mahé, since you are on Praslin the most of it with the Bus reach can.


The colorful mix of the population is reflected also in the kitchen. It consists of fresh fish, octopus, meat (mainly imported chicken, or pork), Curry, rice, lentils, salads and Chutneys. Garlic, Chilli and ginger should not be missing in any court. Also, the coconut is a staple in the Creole kitchen. It is used for Desserts or as a coconut-milk processed – an integral part of various dishes.


With the ferries Cat Cocos (Mahé/Praslin/La Digue) and Cat Rose (Inter-Island Ferry to Praslin/La Digue) are connected to the main Islands to each other. A ride from Mahé to Praslin costs about 50 euros and lasts, depending on weather conditions about an hour. The journey from Praslin to La Digue costs the equivalent of 13 euros with a journey time of 15 minutes.

The current shut-down periods for Cat Cocos can be found here. The Tickets can be purchased on-site at the port or online. If you depend on a certain period of time, should buy the Tickets in advance and not only on the day of departure.

The Tickets for the smaller Cat Rose directly to the port on Praslin and La Digue available. On La Digue, there is no office, the Tickets will be issued directly at the bridge directly to the ferry.


Many different Airlines fly to the Seychelles. The price vary for the Tickets of between 500 and 1000 Euro. The price depends on the travel time. The only direct flight of the Condor offers. With her, it is from Frankfurt in 9.5 hours directly to the Seychelles – comfortable it is not. Further Alternatives are there with a stop-over in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or other cities.

  • With Condor via direct flight to the Seychelles to fly – now flights (flight time: 9 hours)


The currency is the Seychelles rupee (SCR). On site you can pay by either cash, and in many facilities, such as Restaurants and Hotels with a credit card. On the three main Islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, there are numerous banks and ATMs, where you can money make. Euros, you can switch in all banks or in exchange offices ("Money Changer"). For the money, always switch the passport is required. Generally speaking, I recommend to pay with the local currency. Many use their own exchange rate and the is usually worse.

  • How much money do I need for a trip to the Seychelles?


I always get E-Mails from readers who are traveling to the Seychelles and scared because of the shark attacks. A few years ago there was on Praslin on the Anse Lazio incidents in which people died. It was a hammerhead shark, which was lost apparently. There was, for a long time Hainetz, which has however been removed now and 2018. Other cases are not known. There are no reasons to Worry. Most of the beaches have a reef, so that the water depth is very low.


For direct entry from Germany compulsory vaccinations are not provided. Of course, you should have the standard vaccinations, and travel in time with your house doctor. When entering from yellow fever areas, you must show corresponding vaccination. You can find more information here Federal foreign office.


For the stay on the de Seychelles I recommend you a local SIM card. This will get you directly to the airport after the Luggage in the reception hall. The two providers are Cable & Wireless and Airtel – both price differ hardly. 1.5 gigabytes costs about 20 euros, and therefore everyone should do during his vacation. In addition, it is recommended to charge the phone to me around 50 Rupees for local calls.

In some places, there are also free Hotspots where you can use the Internet for a certain period of time (usually 15 minutes) free of charge. Some accommodations have free WIFI. Generally speaking, the Internet can be very expensive in the Seychelles, therefore, you will in the accommodation rarely, an Internet flat rate.

Island hopping

Who travels for the first Time to the Seychelles, you should distribute the travel on the three main Islands. From there, many more small, some Islands, for example, are a day trip away. Mahé is the largest island and the hub of the Seychelles. The Islands of Praslin and La Digue are quiet. On La Digue you'll make the most of the tourists, as the island of the three main Islands is the smallest and the largest accommodation has density.

Who wants to have a rough Overview of the costs of a Seychelles travel, you can put together in the island hopping Configurator from SeyVillas a trip online yourself. The number of Islands, accommodations, Transfers and also the flight are available to choose from. And Best of all, the costs are also displayed directly. This is perfect to get an Overview:

  • With the click of your journey together


The Seychelles are considered to be kriminalitätsarm and relatively safe. Nevertheless, there are always cases of thefts and acts of violence. It is advised to a General caution, especially for women traveling alone. Lonely places after dusk, such as beaches, dark streets and isolated places should generally be avoided.

I felt in all the years, but never unsafe, but I am rather careful. Valuables should never be left unattended, not even on the beach. In the property, you should not value things in the vault close, especially when you sleep at night with the Windows open (which I recommend generally). Also you shouldn't carry too much cash around with you.

Travel planning

When planning a trip to the Seychelles, there are various possibilities. Either you can organize everything on your own or with the assistance of a specialized tour operator get. A mixture of these two variants is possible, so many book the accommodation through a tour operator and the flights themselves. Generally speaking, the decision also depends on how much you want to in the run-up to the trip planning to deal with.

The theme of planning a trip to the Seychelles, you might as well be this article helpful: island hopping Seychelles: how to

Otherwise, I have published a Seychelles travel guide. On 420 pages you will find everything what you need for your trip and the Seychelles know.

Travel time

The Seychelles are a year-round destination and it is the all year round tropical warm. In my eyes there is not THE best time to travel, because each month has its advantages. The climate is of two monsoon winds prevail. This will bring warmer and moister air flows from the Northwest from October to April (Northwest monsoon). From may to October, the Southeast monsoon prevails. He brings cooler, dry weather, but also higher waves and dangerous currents, especially on the South-and East-facing beaches. But there are always safe Alternatives that allow for safe bathing.

The transition periods (March/April and October/November) with over 30 degrees and 80% humidity as the hottest months of the year. In this time, the monsoon wind, which can lead to wind changes. The climate can be unbearable for the Locals hardly, as, for example, in March 2019, which was particularly humid and hot.

In the months of December to mid-February, fall is statistically the most precipitation seen. This manifests itself but rather in the case of precipitation ends.


A trip to the Seychelles is not enough for sure to experience the complete beauty of the Seychelles. I have not even seen after almost 10 years, still all and discover something New. However, there are some things that you should not miss.

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  • A perfect day on La Digue
  • The UNESCO world heritage site Vallée de Mai
  • The Fond Ferdinand Park on Praslin


The Seychelles are located almost exactly on the Equator. It is, therefore, hardly be a stronger sun can give no radiation there. With a high sun protection is recommended of 50 is to. I myself always SPF 50 when I am not on for more than an hour in the sun. The lunch time from 12 till 15 o'clock, you should not spend time in the sun but in the shade stay. Also with a cloud cover, you should be careful, because even then you can burn pretty quickly.


In the Seychelles drive on the left. This is true not only for motorists on the three main Islands, but also for cyclists on La Digue. The traffic on Praslin is relatively quiet. On La Digue, and Mahé, the cars drive, but not particularly considerate.


The many beautiful beaches dot the Seychelles. Even if you have become over the years into something much more (I was my first trip actually alone on some of the beaches), the number of visitors with other trip to compare objectives. The most popular include the Anse Source d'argent (La Digue), Anse Lazio (Praslin) and Beau Vallon (Mahé), you'll see at your journey quite safe.

Diving & Snorkelling

These activities can be in the Seychelles for the whole year. The good news is that You can snorkel los on some of the beaches directly from the shore. If that is too boring for you, you can join a snorkeling tour with a local boat supplier and discover the underwater world in the surrounding Islands.

A snorkel kit should be part of your travel baggage in the boat excursions you can also rent.


The following graphic shows you, by means of which the transport network of the Islands are connected to each other.

Traffic overview of the Seychelles © Seyvillas

Transfer to the Seychelles: how to!


Away from the Hotels and Resorts you will find the Seychelles, especially in authentic guesthouses and Bungalows for self-caterers, which are for me the most beautiful accommodation on site. The price ranges differ, nevertheless it is very and the price level, the Seychelles are rather high-priced. A simple accommodation is already at about 80 euros per night and double room available – upstairs there are hardly any limits. However, I am of the opinion that anyone who travels to the Seychelles – not too much on the accommodation to save. For a guest house, the met, for example, in my eyes, all of the claims for a great holiday , you should expect better, for example, with 100 to 150 Euro per night.

In the following articles, I have detailed about accommodation in the Seychelles:

  • 10 accommodation on Mahé island for every taste
  • 10 wonderful accommodations on La Digue
  • Seychelles – how many Islands to travel to, and for how long?
  • Holidays in the Seychelles – island hopping by clouds far

On the Seychelles there are different types of accommodation, the island-hopping also like to be:

  • Resorts (from about 220 Euro per double room /night)
  • Small Hotels (starting from 150 Euro per double room /night)
  • Guest houses (from about 80 Euro per double room / night)
  • Self-catering accommodation (from 50 Euro for a double room / night)
  • Villas (for multiple people, starting at 200 euros per night)
  • Catamaran (from 240 euros for 2 persons / night)

For Praslin, I can recommend the Beach Villas. The small Bungalows with a total of nine double rooms are located directly on Grand Anse in the Bay of the same name. The facility is really beautiful and Martin (Austrian) and Marie-France (the Locals) are very welcome. Martin is an avid sports fisherman and takes the guests on his boat trips for fishing or to Visit the neighboring Islands (e.g., Curieuse). For La Digue for example, I was on my first trip, Villa Veuve. The small Bungalows are situated a bit remote in the bird reserve “Veuve reserve” in the middle of the tropical Green.

  • All of the accommodation at SeyVillas
    Mahé, Praslin, La Digue
    All of the accommodation at
    Mahé, Praslin, La Digue
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The Seychellois are very hospitable and open people. Their official languages are Creole, English and French. Who speaks three languages, can communicate on the Seychelles very well.


The water complies with the provisions of the World Health organization and this you can easily drink. The problem is the lines are, however, often. Who drink drinking water, you should pay attention therefore absolutely to the condition of the water. The lines are often chlorinated (to white water) or it will occasionally Work (see brown water). The tap water and also the drinking water, chlorine is added in larger quantities. This is especially true for the smaller Islands. I drink water from the tap and never had problems – but that, of course, the own sensitivity.

Time difference

In the Seychelles all year round, and about 12 hours of daylight. The sun always rises in the evening, shortly after 18 PM and shortly after 6 o'clock in the morning. The time difference to Germany is +2 hours in the European summer and +3 hours in European Winter time (GMT / UTC +4 Hours).

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