Zanzibar is a dream and there is so much to discover. Here I'll tell you five unforgettable Zanzibar tours, I have personally tested.

5 unforgettable excursionsüge in Zanzibar

In December I have with Zanzibar , at last, a dream fulfilled, because for two years I wanted to on this island off the coast of Tanzania. It lacked for me, however, unfortunately, at the time, as some of the other things and also destinations "in-between" came out. The more I was glad when it was finally over and I was allowed to explore for 10 days on the island.

Zanzibar means for many white beaches and a turquoise sea – that's right, but the island still has so much more to offer. It is, for example, the spice island called, because in addition to the tourism play with the spices a large role on the island. At the roadside you can see Locals drying their cloves on the floor, and who did not know where the pepper grows. All of this experience at the famous Spice tours.

In the case of Mnemba Island , however, come snorkeling fans, because the small island off the North East coast of Zanzibar offers a beautiful reef. Who to Zanzibar city would like to that comes to the historic Stone Town is not over. The old town attracts with its small, narrow streets, markets and lots of culture. Dolphins can be seen in front of the small fishing village of Kizimkazi.

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The most popular Zanzibar excursions

  • With dolphins, snorkeling in Kizimkazi
  • Zanzibar Spice Tour
  • Stone Town
  • Mnemba Island
  • Jambiani Eco Tour

With dolphins, snorkeling in Kizimkazi or welcome to the hunt?

Dolphins are for me the most wonderful animals on this earth. In the wild I've seen you only once and that was in new Zealand from the ferry, as we drove from the North to the South island. With them, swam, or even bathed I'm never – even if it has always been a big dream of mine.

Off the coast of Kizimkazi in Zanzibar about 150 of the dolphins live, and here it's supposed to be for me, finally. In Jambiani with me and a Beach Boy that could convince me eventually.

Dolphins are very sun sensitive, and so we do already at 6: 30 in the morning on the way in the small fishing village of Kizimkazi. The drive from Jambiani takes about 20-30 minutes and upon arrival, goes directly into the small fishing boat, in which we have six people. We travel out to the open sea. It takes a while, but then I see boats on the horizon. These are definitely just fishing, I think to myself.

We drive closer and then I see about 15 dolphins. In the first Moment, I can press my anticipation hardly, because I've never seen them from so close. "Get ready," shouts our driver. We put on our fins and snorkel goggles and jump into the sea.

As I glance under the surface of the sea, I could not believe my eyes. There were about 25 dolphins that are only a few meters away from me. Left and completely playful, you can swim over to me, and communicate with each other. It's an incredible feeling Dolphin noise is heard under the water. Even if you don't see you, so you can hear them from far away.

After a while, the dolphins diving and our small boat collects us again. We circles around a bit, and after a while, we see another group of dolphins. It is the same procedure follows and we go back into the sea. This time there are six dolphins, and since I'm the only one in the sea, I have you just for myself.

Completely motionless, I let push me in the water to come to you so very close. You seem to be bothered is hardly of me, and swim curiously by. You are so close, so close I could have dreamed it I never. I watch how they play with each other and look at me. One of them swims close past me.



Then once more people jump into the water and I screaming hear. Then the dolphins disappear. After a while, other boats with tourists, and I ask myself: “Is this all day?”. It is still more boats, each with 5-6 tourists to follow, and my joy continues to fall. I'm starting to feel bad, because it looks like more and more of a witch hunt. That is not how I expected it to be, as I boarded our small fishing boat. Now there are 6 boats, the circling and the dolphins follow. The people jump into the water, the other watching everything, only from a boat. Follow the dolphins, and as soon as you descend, climb back into the boat. This goes on all the time.

For the Locals, the tours are an important source of income through which you can at least bring some money home. That tells me our fishermen. And the animals? Whether it is Stress for you, I don't know. For me as a loan, you look relaxed and a look under the surface of the water shows the engine of your wonderful game. Supposedly there is from the tourism Association's rules, the animals not to near, but to wait until you get closer – but no one in control. With my Conscience I cannot agree to that, because now I was one of these tourists, who make every day on the way to Kizimkazi.

Zanzibar Spice Tour – spices on the trail

The island of Zanzibar is also under the name “spice island” is known and why this is so can be found at the Spice Tour. No, this is not boring at all, because even if tourism is for Zanzibar, the main income source, so spices play a very large role. The Tour is one of the classics on Zanzibar, is the few worth the money and a good source of income for the Locals. The support I like and get a wonderful insight into the various spices and fruits.

The Jack is the largest edible fruit in the world is fruit, in addition to the pumpkin,.

At noon we take the Taxi and on the road, we already see how the Locals dry cloves on giant plastic sheets. The cloves need to export them to the government and receive only a small share. “But less is better than nothing”, tells me our driver. How right he was! Any person who handles, and black-and-exported, is liable to prosecution. The cloves and apply on the island as the “King Of The Spices” because of them, in fact, everything can be processed.

In the case of the approximately two-hour Tour of the Spice Farm, I see many of the fruits and spices and learn how they grow: pepper, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, saffron, nutmeg, cocoa, coffee, Cardamom and many more. As the pepper grows, I've never seen it before. Black, green or red Peppercorns come from a single Plant and only differ by their maturity. The pepper grows on the tree, and lives, unlike the vanilla with him in a symbiosis, and not destroy him in the process.

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  • Where to book? All accommodation bookings and is also often on the beach directly offered by Locals!

Where the pepper grows...

A cocoa tree in the Spice Farm

Zanzibar excursions to Stone Town, historically beautiful

The capital of the island is Zanzibar city, and the most famous district of the historical Stone Town, which is since 2000 as a world natural heritage site of the Unesco.

Were once unimaginable are sold in the city of slave markets in the. In the 17th century. to 19. Century was considered to Zanzibar under the rule of the Sultan of Oman as the largest transshipment hub. The slave trade, ivory sale, and Export of cloves made the island rich, revealed to us by our local Guide. Then you have to guess the proportion of slaves in the total population to 70 %. In the year 1897 managed the slave trade final purchase. Today, memorials to remind us of this horrible time.

Who runs through the old town, you will notice the characteristics of this part of the city quickly, with Narrow alleys and impressive buildings, which often have wonderful, original doors. Through the Arab and Indian influences, these huge wooden doors and show, in their absolute beauty.

Original doors with Arabic and Indian influences

In the past few years, numerous renovations were made to the part, very much dilapidated buildings. Important buildings and Hotels have already been renovated, many others are the expiry is very close.

In the evening, shortly before sunset, the “Forodhani Gardens transform” into a promenade of Stone Towns. Small Gar and grill kitchens to be built and catch and sell fresh fish, local specialities and drinks, such as the popular sugar cane juice that is squeezed in front of the eyes of fresh.

“Joe's Corner” is the meeting place for the Locals

To include the residential areas of Zanzibar city, the old buildings, which were built in the 70s with the help of the GDR, and the Locals are particularly fond of by the way. This is mainly due to the fact that they are considered to be very dry, told me our taxi driver. In the heart of Stone Town, the port, from where ferries is to Dar Es drop Salam.

  • To get there: Either using the local buses, called “Dalla Dalla”, or with the Taxi. Simple in the property, ask!
  • Tour Guide: Who in the history of Zanzibar and Stone Town is interested, to a Tour Guide. This Tour can also be any other, for example, the “Spice Tour”, is combined, since the Spice Farm is very close to the capital.

Mnemba Island is an untouched Atoll for Snorkelling Fans

In the North-East of Zanzibar, Mnemba Island, an untouched Atoll, which is considered a nature conservation area and very easy to reach with a boat excursion is located. The reef around the island is a very nice snorkeling area. Mnemba Island may not be entered, however, however, is snorkeling and scuba diving from a boat is allowed. On the small island there is a Lodge operated by Conservation Corporation Africa, and only from the guests entering. The beaches of Mnemba Island are the breeding places of turtles of many of the Soup and thus to protect them particularly. Conservation is a big thing here. The coral reefs around the island and a wonderful snorkeling area. So it's no wonder that this boat trip is one of the most popular excursions in Zanzibar island. The island itself is prohibited in privately owned and to Enter. The reef and the sandbar in front of the island, however, is accessible to everyone.

We were lucky and were only three of us on this excursion and had a small fishing boat – with the two Locals – all to ourselves. We went to Jambiani to Nungwi by Taxi. From there, we went with the boat in about 30 minutes to Mnemba Island. Those who want to snorkel in Zanzibar, not to pass on this trip. By booking a Beach Boy, we were – I and another couple from the Lodge all to ourselves, otherwise our boat would probably have been a different one. Since the tide was out, we were able to get out to the sandbar and a bit of Caribbean Feeling to pay.

It started with the boat in Nungwi in the North of Zanzibar. The place is also particularly popular with tourists.

Mnarani Marine Turtles Conservation

On the way back from Zanzibar to Jambiani, we made a quick stop at the Mnarani Marine Turtles Conservation. This is a breeding farm for turtles, which takes care of sick animals, but also the eggs of endangered species incubating. This includes especially the green turtle (Chelonia mydas), also known as the green sea turtle, which for a very long time as a delicacy or because of their beautiful carapace hunted was. But also the hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) is now a very dangerous place. Now this is Import or Export turtle products, Hunt, capture or harassment of these turtles is prohibited. Every year in February, many of these animals are released back into the wild, you must be either cured or big enough.

In addition to nature conservation, the organization also takes care of the Cleaning and Monitoring beaches, as well as the Guarding turtle nests.

  • Where to book: Me someone on the beach mentioned and after a few questions, whether he actually has a license, I have this Tour with a couple from the Lodge made. Otherwise, just in the property demands work, along with many vendors.
  • Catering: after the Tour, we drove the boat back to Zanzibar and the two boys grilled us a fresh tuna, you are in front of the tour boat fished in. It was served with rice, a very tasty sauce and a large fruit plate as a dessert. Very tasty!
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  • Cost: approximately $ 85 (day trip)
  • Alternative: The Safari Blue Tour is an Alternative and also very popular. This Tour does not lead, however, to Memba Island. I've read a number of reviews by me and then against this variant and for Mnemba Island decided.

Zanzibar Jambiani Eco Tour Trips

As I was in December in Zanzibar, I had my accommodation in Jambiani, a small village on the Southeast coast. The village is not at all touristy, and you get a lot with the Locals. Who in the village will support and at the same time an insight into your life in Jambiani would like to receive, comes at the Jambiani Eco Tour (or Jambiani Cultural Village Tour) is not over.

We visited one of the most famous herbal doctors in Zanzibar, Mr. Suleiman. He explains the many herbs, describes the precise use and is a very interesting Person. Next, we were at a family home and were able to see how they live. In the kitchen we have processed with the Mama coconuts and coconut milk are produced. Coconuts count on Zanzibar in addition to cloves to the main agricultural products and, therefore, is virtually processed everything. In the case of this Tour, of course, a visit to a seaweed Farm should not be missing in the sea. Because the women you see every Morning when the tide is low, how to maintain your weed, harvest, and with huge bags on their heads return.

The wonderful thing about this Tour is that the villagers also earn something on this Tour. Because the money is divided, betrayed us to our Guide. This pleased me totally.