Dream Destination Seychelles? And how! ... and of course that is not only easy like that! Here are 60 wonderful reasons to love the Seychelles...

60 Gründe, to love the Seychelles

Ja yeah, I know, the Seychelles Islands and to me, that's one thing, and one or the other, it can already no longer hear. I have a destination regularly travel to, is usually not at all my type, because this world has so much to offer and it is waiting for more dreamy destinations to me. I would like to see, of course all still. I believe, however, that everyone finds at some point of HIS destination. Precisely the destination to which you always return. This destination, in which you can feel already weeks before this tingling sensation in the body, the anticipation is unbroken and the suitcase three days before Packed, because you can't wait any longer. So this is for me too and in the meantime, the Seychelles have become a second home. The Seychelles are very close to my heart and now I'll tell you why.

60 reasons why the Seychelles are an absolute dream destination:

Dream beaches, where the eye can see! No matter which island you are located, there are white beaches like a picture book waiting. Just WOW!

Island hopping of the extra class! The Seychelles are perfect for an island hopping. So, why only on one of the Islands to stay, if you can multiple see? Did you know that 41 of the 115 Islands are the oldest mid-oceanic granite Islands in the world belong to?

The warm, open, helpful Seychellois prepare and sympathetic.

Granite boulders, beautiful beaches, fine sand, unspoilt nature – the Islands are simply unique and a Paradise on earth!

Just beautiful – granite-rocks here at Coco Island shape the image of the Seychelles.

The Seychelles are always Green , and offer a variety of plants. The legendary Seychelles nut “Coco de Mer” is unique and only grows here. It has the world's largest seed and is in the Guinness book of world records.

The small, beautiful island of La Digue, on which it's easy to bike to the most beautiful beaches of this earth at all. (Fast Facts: approx. 2,800 inhabitants, size: 5 km x 3 km, highest elevation: Nid d'aigle 333 m)

The Creole cuisine with the delicious Seafood, spicy curries and exotic fruits.

Just relax or to be active? The Seychelles have a wide range of activities and you do not have to lie around lazily on the beach. That would be very bad, because you can go kayaking, Hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, climbing mountains, golfing, fishing, and much more!

High above that of the many granite cliffs of Hiking and climbing is anstengend, but gorgeous!

There are many beautiful Hiking paths, past stunning beaches, granite rocks or through the jungle – some with spectacular views over the Indian ocean.

Accommodations for every Budget.
No matter whether it's luxury resorts, Hotels, guest houses, self-catering facilities, villas or yachts in the Seychelles, everyone can find a suitable home on time!

What could be Better than a beautiful day with a glass of Takamaka Rum on the beach to sit and the sunset to look? Exactly, nothing! Best of all, he tastes good mixed with fruit juice or as an encore in a coconut, and at the best 15 minutes in the freezer.

The tropical African sun will warm any holiday heart – and that, throughout the whole year!

The water temperature is the whole year, 26 to 28 degrees.

Everywhere one finds the unique and curious giant turtles. On Curieuse, or Bird Island, you can encounter even on the beach.

The delicious oktupus curry á la Seychellois. On the Gato Bannann (Banana Friters) and the filled Samousa I am already looking forward to weeks in advance!

Everywhere waiting for wonderful snorkeling spots such as the Sainte Anne marine Park, in front of Mahé, Port Launay Bay on Mahé island or the small island of St. Pierre. Without snorkeling equipment to the Seychelles travel? Never!

There are coconuts, where the eye can see. But be careful from falling coconuts on the beach!

The main island of Mahé should every time you travel, these include. With the rental car or Bus driving around, Hiking, and the gorgeous beaches – this is just beautiful! (Fast Facts: 90,000 inhabitants, 28 km x 8 km, highest elevation: 905 m)

The second-largest main island of Praslin, is waiting with two beaches, which are among the most beautiful in the Seychelles, and even the world include: the Anse Lazio & Anse Georgette. The national Park “Vallée de Mai” is part of the Unescu world heritage site with an incredible number of plant species, which grow only there. (Fast Facts: approx. population of 8,600, size: 10 km x 3.7 km, highest elevation: Fond d'offay, with 367 m)

On the Seychelles there are no dangerous or poisonous animals on Land.

Crowded Beaches? Wrong! This quiet & seclusion are balm for the soul.

The gorgeous Anse Source d'argent , with its giant granite rocks, the powder-white sand and turquoise-blue sea is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Seychelles. Here is the famous Bacardi commercial was filmed once. Did you know that this beach is considered to be the most photographed in the world?

The island are perfect for stressed-out big city heart! Arrive, switch off & come down – and this directly after Disembarking from the plane!

The most northerly island of the Seychelles, Bird Island, is a magnificent wonder of nature. The only accommodation on the island, the Bird Island Lodge has always been intense nature. There are protection programs for marine and giant turtles and the many species of birds that are at home there!

The Nature Conservation Island And Bird Island

As soon as you get off the plane and Seychelles air breathes in, the world is back in order.

The beautiful Anse Marron, the only by a 1.5-hour hike over rocks, through the sea and the jungle can reach. The effort is rewarded, because you can relax in natural Swimming Pools.

Dream destination Seychelles – The beautiful Anse Marron can be reached after a 1.5-hour walk (best with a Guide!)

Due to the proximity to the Equator, there are throughout the year, hardly any temperature fluctuations and it is always tropical and warm.

Victoria, the smallest capital in the world, is located on Mahé, and is like sugar!

The many diving spots, I would like to try soon myself. Diving schools there are by the way on all three main Islands.

The Islands in the Indian ocean just make you happy!

The gigantic granite rocks, the unreal appear, and every wonder can.

The many small, beautiful Islands that are perfect for day trips.