Amsterdam offers more than just the center. I'll tell trips 8 beautiful Amsterdam – windmills, castles, and beaches are included. Personally tested!

8 schöne excursionsüge in Amsterdam

Whe says that the Amsterdam city centre, canals, Coffee Shops and museums have to offer? Exactly. Indeed, there are to experience as much beauty in the area – from castles to windmills and beaches.

In this post I show beautiful excursions in Amsterdam and from Amsterdam – the perfect combination for an unforgettable city trip. Many interesting places are located around the city. And Best of all, they are all just a few kilometres away from the centre, some with the bike and sometimes even accessible by boat, but always with the car.

Have you seen this? Here is my trip report over 4 days in Amsterdam

My most popular Amsterdam excursions

  • Zaanse Schans
  • Muiderslot
  • Naarden
  • Noord
  • Zandvoort
  • Bloemendaal
  • Scheveningen

Amsterdam excursions in the area

#1 | Zaanse Schans – windmills & a trip to North Holland

The village of Zaanse Schans is located in the North of Holland. It is a residential and craft quarters of 1850 and 20 km from Amsterdam, is located approximately. It is famous mainly by the old, large wind mills. But there is still more, namely, the small ancient houses, a bakery, Restaurants, cafes, cheese, waffles, and beautiful photo opportunities. It's a bit like in a Museum, so a lot of Historical sites there. It will work but normal people, for example, tin jug or a wooden Shoe maker and a cheese factory there is also. Who has enough time can explore the whole environment in Zaanse Schans by bike, a rental is located directly in the village.

The excursion to Zaanse Schans is particularly popular, therefore, one encounters relatively a lot of people when we were there a couple of tour buses arrived just with Japanese tourists. Nevertheless, it is worth a visit and you can always find a quiet spot for photos or to Relax.

Tip: Get you a waffle at the bakery. These are the rectangular, the inside is still raw dough – YUMMIII!

Address: De Zaanse Schans, Schansend 71509 AW Zaandam (admission is free, museums for a fee, with the Amsterdam Card, everything is free)

And so, you will get:
  • Every 15 minutes from the main train station (Amsterdam Centraal), take bus number 391
  • By train from the main train station in 20 minutes to the train station Zaandijk – Zaanse Schans, then you have to walk about 15 minutes
  • By car (Parking is 10 Euro costs, no matter how long)
  • With the bike on a bike path
  • 1. April to 1. October runs a Bicycle taxi between the railway station Koog Zaandijk and the Zaanse Schans


#2 | Muiderslot – a visit to a medieval water castle

I love castles and palaces and a visit to the Muiden Castle was not to be missed, of course. It is one of the best-preserved castles in the Netherlands and is from Amsterdam is just 20 km away. The original castle was built in 1280, a few centuries later, it was reconstructed in detail. Today, a Museum is integrated, via different routes you can discover the castle and a lot about the history learn. You can even pays the highest tower and also a walk in the castle garden.

Nice, is it?

Address: Herengracht 1, 1398 AA Muiden (admission: 13.50 euros, with the Amsterdam City Card the entrance is free of charge)

And so, you will get:
  • Who has no car, can reach the castle from Amsterdam with the boat. Just in the harbour of IJburg (which can be reached in 15 minutes by tram 26 from Centraal Station) of a boat for centuries, the Het IJ (1. April up to 30. October, always except on Mondays). The bike can also take on the ferry. The Tickets should be booked in advance.
  • With the car in about 25 minutes from Amsterdam


#3 | Naarden – star-shaped fortress and lots of history

Unfortunately, we didn't have our drone, because the real Highlight of Naarden you can see it best from the air: the star-shaped and up to today, largely preserved fortress. Naarden is one of the best-preserved fortress towns in Europe. The village is relatively sleepy, but totally beautiful. There are a few small cafes, Restaurants and individual shops. Worth a walk through the many small sleepy streets of the town, especially by the centuries-old fortifications.

Photo: Shutterstock

Address: The District Of Naarden, The Netherlands

So are you coming back:
  • Best by car (about 20 minutes from Amsterdam)


#4 | A tour of the canals of Amsterdam, discover from the boat

If you are planning a stay in Amsterdam, a canal cruise, actually. It is a nice way to discover the city. About 1-2 hours it goes through the many canals of the city, passing the most famous sights.

Tip: With the Amsterdam Card, there is a canal cruise, free of charge, alternatively you can book online here.

Amsterdam excursions to the sea

#5 | The district of Noord in the city by the sea

The district of Noord is only accessible via the boat. There are several possibilities. We use this here: With the Bicycle to the pier Westerdoksdijk (alternatively, Central station), the point and the ferry in just a few minutes to translate. And Best of all, The bike must also – and the Whole thing is also free of charge.

Once there, we went to have lunch at Pllek and the town beach we have seen yet. Later we drove back with the bike a bit through the quarter, and finally by ferry again.

#6 | Zandvoort

The Great: In Amsterdam and also the Beach lovers will get their costs, since the coast is only a few kilometres away. The beach of Zandvoort is a popular day-trip destination from Amsterdam, because it can be reached by car in only 20 to 25 minutes. He is approximately 9 km long and about 100 m wide, enough space for everyone.

The small pedestrian zone with its many individual shops, providing a welcome break in between sunbathing and Lounging. To whom a day is not enough, you can spend in Zandvoort is also one or more nights. I can the Amsterdam Beach Hotel in which we stayed one night before it to Amsterdam went. It is furnished in a simple but beautiful and has a perfect location almost directly on the beach.

Hotel-tip in Zandvoort:

We were one night in the Amsterdam Beach Hotel and I can highly recommend.

So, you will get:
  • By train from Amsterdam Central station (platform 1) in the direction of Zandvoort aan Zee
  • The bus line 80, the so-called Amsterdam Beach Line

#7 | Bloemendaal

The location of Bloemendaal is only a few minutes from Zandvoort. He is especially famous Woodstock party on the weekend. Many call Bloemendaal, the Dutch Ibiza and I can also detect some similarities, at least as regards the parties and the Style. So if you like to Party and the weather is nice, you should view the events in advance.