A day on La Digue? Here you will find the best tips, Highlights and attractions for the fourth largest island in the Seychelles.

A day on La Digue – so he is perfect!

Ein the day on La Digue? The real Seychelles connoisseur and La Digue lovers will ask themselves whether this is really meant seriously. This is because there are actually many tourists that visit La Digue, only a single day, because you have decided for the other two main Islands of Mahé and Praslin. In the morning and late in the afternoon, because you want to get the Best out of the island to visit out.

I can not now take already anticipating a day to La Digue is not enough to experience all of what this beautiful island can offer. But here I show some of the sights & Highlights for a day on La Digue.

La Digue Highlights

1 | The first ferry

Those arriving from other main island of La Digue, only one day time, I recommend to take the first ferry. Then you not only has beautiful light for photos because the sun is still so high on the horizon, but also deserted beaches. In the case of the Anse Source d'argent is the Gold value, because the most only against 11 o'clock in the morning on the way to this beautiful beach, considered the most photographed beach in the world.

With the “Cat Cocos” is needed from Praslin to La Digue is about 20 minutes.

2 | rent a bike

La Digue without a bike is not La Digue. Everyone here Bicycle, whether Seychellois or a holiday. For me, this is one of the advantages of this island, because you can on an area of 10.08 km2 – that is to move the size of La Digue, the wonderful Fort.

If you so from the ferry, get off, go straight ahead in the direction of La Passe, then comes directly in front of the head of the first Bicycle rental. On the palm-covered house of the tourism Association you can get a suitable bike. Alternatively, there is a simple and right in front of their head with “Joe” at the next opportunity, or turn right in the direction of the South of the Island, and finds there with “Tati's Bicycle Rentals” a further rental. The prices are for all Bicycle 10 Euro per day) lenders equal to (.

3 | L’Union Estate & Anse Source d'argent

The first aim of the Park is “L'union Estate”, and the gorgeous Anse Source d'argent. For the Park entrance fee of 115 rupees is to be paid. Then you can tour the large complex with the copra mill, vanilla plantation, the giant turtles, the incredible number of coconut palm trees and the dream beach of Anse Source d'argent. Even if all the beaches in the Seychelles are open to the public, so you have to cross to get to this beach, the terrain of the Park.

Tip: if you like, you can freshly bottled coconut Oil, Vanilla sticks or other Souvenirs in one of the two Souvenir Shops to buy. Anyone who has never seen a typical Creole house, should look at the large wooden house with the porch and the palm roof for a closer look. Also a small art gallery in the basement is worth a visit. In addition to many works of art and photos, also a few selected Souvenirs are available here.

The Park entrance fee is worth it?

This is a question I hear again and again and I can answer with a clear “Yes”. Anyone visiting La Digue, you should also definitely visit the L'union Estate. I love it still today with my bike to ride through the many coconut palm trees – just beautiful! The Park is considered to be one of the most important attractions of the Seychelles with an incredible amount of history.

Countless coconut palm trees can be found in the L'union Estate on the way to Anse Source d'argent.
At L'union Estate you can see the copra mill, coconut oil is extracted.

Next to the world famous beach of Anse Source d'argent, for the L’Union Estate Park pass (entrance 115 of the SCR, about 7 Euro).

Who would not want to go through the L'union Estate, because he has visited a already, can walk at low tide at the helipad by the sea. Who go by the sea to the beach, should also run on the way back through the sea – or from the outset the Park entrance to pay. I don't find it particularly nice, when holidaymakers try on the way back, to go quietly through the Park. Often, you'll be asked the ladies at the ticket booth after Ticket, as it is very unusual, if someone is on foot and without a bike leave the premises – and then you have to pay eventually. Often enough noticed and I think it's just right.

The gorgeous Anse Source d'argent is repeatedly voted one of the Top 10 beaches in the world.

4 | Adventure Tour to Anse Maron with Guide

Adventures looking for? And no fear of height (a maximum of 15 meters), effort, water, granite rocks, Climbing, and welding? Then the Option to Anse Marron is perfect! The Südrumrundung of La Digue, for me, is always nice and I with the course of this Tour at least Once per week. For many, it is exhausting, for me it is now my little sports program in addition to bouldering, Cycling & fitness Studio.

The Tour to the Anse Marron is possible only with a Guide and you should – if not before the trip, done on – site contact and make an appointment. The Tour starts booking provided – usually at 8.30 am and the meeting point of the helipad. This Tour is a moderate trek, which requires a certain level of Fitness (It's no walk in the Park!). The route takes you past beaches, over rocks, through the sea and the jungle, and it is always a Highlight for vacationers who are then very tired, but overjoyed.

  • for example, with the Sunny Trail Guide, Robert, Agnes, www.sunnytrailguide.com
  • Duration: approximately 5.5 hours (incl. A 1.5-hour stay at the Anse Maron)
  • Cost: 35-40 Euro
  • Read here my post about Tour to Anse Marron

The natural Pools of Anse Marron are suitable throughout the year for swimming & snorkeling.

5 | Grand Anse, Petite Anse & Anse Coco – Trail & Beach

As an Alternative, there is now the opportunity to visit the three wild beaches of Grand Anse, Petite Anse & Anse Coco, on the South East coast of La Digue. With the Bicycle to drive the only street in the direction of the South-East in the direction of Grand Anse. Alone the way is an experience, because it leads through a dense Green palms, Takamaka trees, banana trees and other dense Jungle foliage. For the route, which goes at the end of a little uphill, you need with the bike from the port, about 30 minutes. On the way, there are three fruit bars, fresh squeezed juices and small Snacks like sandwiches etc.

At the Grand Anse arrived, you have to the bike Park, because from here it's just a walk. Who here something to relax to, can do, or more to the Petite Anse run. For this purpose it runs the view in the direction of the horizon, directed to the left along the beach in a northerly direction, and follows at the end of the little path. This leads past a pond, before he finally goes over the rocks. At the Petite Anse there are not many places of shade, but now in the Morning, the Chance is to get bigger one. If you like, you can now at the Petite Anse to relax or continue on to Anse Cocos run. Anse Cocos is reach of the Petite Anse to foot. At the end of the Anse Cocos, there is a natural swimming Pool, the granite rocks in front of the open sea and protects all year round for swimming is suitable.