Do you know the Åland Islands? No, wait, let me get your response guess. It is "no". I'm not surprised, I have never received another.

A Stück Sweden in Finland: Åland

A love letter from Laura Johanna king.


Do you know the Åland Islands?

No, wait, let me get your response guess.
It is “no”.
I'm not surprised, I have never received another.

Well, then, I want you not to die stupid. Åland is an island group between Finland, to which it belongs, and Sweden, where the language is spoken. Stamps they have their own.

It consists of over 6,500 mid-sized, small and tiny Islands, is only a fraction inhabited part of them. Not infrequently, only one house stands there. And sometimes, this is triangular. The Islands lie so close together that you rarely have a free view to the horizon if you are standing at the sea. Some of them are connected by bridges, others with wire rope ferries, and the Rest will reach you only with your own boat.

So, you know now know?
No, you're not.

I could warm now propose, how wonderful it is there.
How good it feels to breathe the cleanest air in the world. To listen again and again all of a sudden the sea. To dry after jumping into the gray water on the warm rocks. To smell in the evening after salt and mussels. To offers total on particularly beautiful moss surfaces. Of mosquitoes and elk flies to be driven mad. To be surprised in the evening about the total calm and mirror-smooth sea. To shop on the neighbouring island of to must to. To be able to anywhere and at the most beautiful Panorama Pipipausen make. To not look at the clock. To lose the desire for other people. To lay a small carpet in a rocky corner and to have the perfect reading chair. Blue berries are transported from the Bush in the mouth. To think to now have at last a fish is caught, and notice immediately that there are only algae. To see So many stars. To lose the desire to loud noises.

It is my personal no-man's land.

Each and every year. I have the great fortune to be great parents to the bodies of us there on an island of 6 km2, the size of a plot of land. Björkö. Is birch translated the island and anywhere I can enjoy the Nothing to do in this way and so far down that it would not surprise me if, in my heart there is a bit of a slower beat.

So, Lust for a long weekend to go?
Forget it.

It's over before you're there. In the last two years I am driving alone down. With train, train, train, ship, Bus, ship, island, taxi, wire-rope ferry, and car, it is a modest 36 hours of on-the-go. Without a doubt, it is think to spend a great journey, and less than three weeks, on Åland, I, personally anyway, is nonsense.
You take a the summer time; pack a book, fishing, carpet and a wool sweater in your backpack, and let me know. I have a Plan.


And this is Laura...

A thank you from the heart to You, Laura. For this beautiful post.

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