A trip to Curacao: see here for my trip report and find out tips & recommendations, e.g. dream beaches, diving, snorkeling, Willemstad, & much more.

Curaçao – the blue-Verseüßung in the Caribbean

Viele think of Curaçao as the first of the bright blue liqueur. The drink of the youth, with which almost everyone has already shot to Nirvana, and now on the “I don't like”-list. For me, this is exactly the case, but nevertheless, or perhaps because of them, the destination has woken up in the Caribbean has always been my curiosity. So my decision in South America was the island of Curacao to continue quickly.

When I select my destinations, then I'm avoiding magnets like the typical tourist. I don't like large crowds of people in front of landmarks, and even less to the beaches. I also like castles, no hotel and no city tours. I prefer to be among Locals and close to the sea and the nature. I love it in the evenings to watch sunsets on the beach. Even if I am a Tourist, so I would like to stay as well, it goes undetected and the true life-on-the-spot to meet.

The decision for my accommodation on Curacao was quickly fixed: Airbnb. It wasn't long until I found the perfect place to Stay. A place to Stay, no Apartment, and no hidden Hotel. No, I was at Locals live, and so a lot of the search on Astrid and her Bed&Breakfast Art2gether in a small town in the southwest of the island, in which there is not a single Hotel there. Your sympathetic profile image spoke to me immediately. Your energy and your warm manner, I could feel already by a single photo. Since your children are out of the house, and in Holland studying, she rents three rooms on the popular platform.

The first three nights we wanted to visit the capital and booked a Airbnb accommodation in Willemstad, before we then drove to the West of the island to Astrid.


The first three nights we spent, therefore, in Willemstad, in the case of Karen and her husband Kwane. We had no car and took a local Minibus from the airport to the city. (Cost of approx. Euro 1.50 per Person). In the case of travel, we arrived directly in a loud dispute between a local passenger and the driver, who was not able to move to a 100 Guilder note or wanted to. The doors flew us around the ears. She screamed, and terms such as “F**** you” and “Bitch” were the most harmless Expressions.

Hello South America, Hello Caribbean!

Our first accommodation was very anonymous; there were about five double rooms with private bathroom, the kitchen was divided. The small, mostly unoccupied channels revealed that it was not a classic Airbnb accommodation. But nevertheless, the room was very nice, clean, the two had Whatsapp and a friendly “How was your day?” every day of listen to, gave us tips and the location on the outskirts of Otrabanda was perfect, because here we were able to get a first impression of the real life in Curacao.

Pink, turquoise, Blue, Yellow, Green, or Purple – the facades of the city lights in the most flamboyant of candy colors. The way from our accommodation in Otrobanda leads us past small and typically Caribbean shops. The first day we explored the city on foot, and every alley have expired. Around 120,000 inhabitants, and thus, almost 85% of the population lives in and around the capital. The four parts of the city Punda, Otrobanda, Scharloo and Pietermaai are almost completely under the protection of the UNESCU world heritage site.

My Highlights were the floating Queen Emma bridge, the two parts of the city, Otrabanda and Punda together. The construction is unique in the world, because they can be rotated to the shore to allow passage for ships between the Caribbean and the St Anna Bay.

The floating market (so-called “floating market”) is also highly recommended. There are in addition to fish, many fresh fruits and vegetables, which the trader only 60 km away, Venezuela weekly with their wooden boats to Curaçao to bring and sell here.

For lunch, go to the Plaza Bieu. Regardless of whether fisherman, policeman, construction worker or other Locals in the small hall on the banks the wrong way of Willemstad for Lunch. We were on the third at Grasia di Dios, the non-through the hung up Tripadvisor certificate of notice, but rather due to the nice gentlemen, and joy to us spotlighting and warmly welcomed. The food (I had the fish of the day “Red Snapper” with rice and beans and a homemade lemonade) was a feast for the palate. The well-known cactus soup “Kadushi” we wanted to try, and the slimy stuff to read as a Starter, hardly eat. Every Time a long mucus threads made their way from the spoon back to the plate. I can describe the taste, but it tasted like liquid Aloe Vera and algae.

On Sunday, the third day we drove with the local Bus to Mambo Beach, one of the most famous beaches on Curaçao, which daily attracts many visitors. Actually not my case, but I wanted to at least see the beach from the always all talk. We were quite far in front, where it is very full and nearly every lounger was occupied. The beach is beautiful, but full; the sea by a manmade stone wall demarcated and from every direction, sounds of music. Sunday's Party-Time at the Mambo Beach, and the beach is transformed for the evening into an Open-Air event. Further up the beach, it is calmer, more relaxed and somehow more beautiful.

After three days in the capital of the car rental picked us up and we finally got our little rental car. This is on Curaçao is highly recommended, because otherwise you have to rely on the Bus. Although this is possible, but many corners are accessible without a car hardly or not at all. We went to Astrid's house to Sint Michiel , and were already eagerly from her, the two dogs, and a cold Polar beer expected. The house is large, colorful and very open. It is a well-known artist on the island. Anywhere to hang your pictures and the walls are green and blue deleted. Outside there is a huge mango tree with hammocks and your Studio made me curious. The first hours we spent together and told us a lot. She showed us the area, the free-living Flamingos in the neighborhood and their favorite beach, where she looks in the evening sunsets. Astrid is a very warm person with a lot of positive energy, you will notice immediately. Her husband Hector is also living in the house and takes care of ensuring that the house rules are adhered to. Because that is not their strength, she told us. He is a teacher and a trumpet player on the island. In the next few days we explored the entire island and especially the West coast with the most beautiful beaches on the island. Astrid told us many of her secrets, which she loves, in the 12 years on Curacao today.

The most beautiful beaches on Curaçao

The most beautiful beaches on the southwest coast of Curaçao. Those who fly to the island in the Caribbean, should not expect the long sandy beaches. The island attracts a rather small wonderful bays, where the sea lights up but no less turquoise. The water is crystal clear and the visibility is rarely below 30 meters – an absolute Mecca for snorkellers and scuba divers (like me). Most of the beaches have a small wooden walkway or a floating platform, which invites you to sunbathe and Relax. A few of the beaches require a fee (about 2-3 euros per day), from the non-quenching should be.

The personal ranking of my favorite beaches I've created based on the following criteria:

  1. In my mind, a “WOOOW must come” and it should be a little or but the beach has to do with its beauty competitions.
  2. I snorkel and under-water on what should be seen.
  3. The “spark” has to jump over, and it happens in the first seconds.

1. Cas Abou (about 2,50 Euro per Person)
This beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Curaçao, and rightly so. A white, natural sand beach offers crystal clear waters and many shady palm trees. The house reef is a Paradise for divers and snorkelers. For me he is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. (Bar/Restaurant/dive school: Yes)

2. Porto Mari (about 2,50 Euro per Person)
This Bay is a true Paradise for beach lovers and offers powder white Sand, the turquoise & the sea is calm. Snorkeling is a dream and the adjacent reef attracts many divers. Here I met also while snorkeling in the three-Meter manta ray. (Bar/Restaurant/dive school: Yes)

3. Kokomo Beach (free of charge)
A beautiful natural Bay in the Vaersenbaai, which is also ideal for sunset. We were often again in the evening here, when we came back from another Bay. Here the legendary full-moon parties that take place and on Sundays there are very good Live music. (Bar/Restaurant/dive school: Yes)

4. Kenepa / Grote Knip (free of charge)
According to Tripadvisor it is the absolute dream beach of the traveler. For me personally, however, there are much nicer and more interesting bays on the island. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful beach that has earned its reviews all.

5. Playa Lagun
The many small fishing boats, the small Bay a special Touch. The water is initially very flat and is excellent for snorkeling. Large thatched roofs and the trees offer plenty of shade. (Bar/Restaurant/dive school: Yes)

6. Playa Kalki (free of charge)
The Bay is rather known under the name of “Alice in Wonderland” and is considered one of Curaçao's best dive sites. With Go West Diving here, I had my second dive and it was an absolute dream. The beach has a separate swimming area. The entry into the water is a little rocky. (Bar/Restaurant/dive school: Yes)

7. Westpunt Bay (free)
A fisherman's Bay in the West of the island, which is exactly characterized by the. The beach is one of the most beautiful of the island, but the local Flair you can feel here all the more. When the fishermen returned with their boats, follow them turtles to the Sea. Life said there are 16 copies, which told us a fisherman.

8. Kleine Knip (free of charge)
This small beach is quite popular and for many is regarded as an insider tip. For me, the spark did not ignite yet.

9. Snake Bay (free)
This very small mini was Bay very close to where I live (the end of Boka St. Michiel). There are no Loungers, no Restaurant and also no diving school, always Locals who enjoy the peace and quiet or a BBQ on the beach.

Diving on Curaçao

The island in the Caribbean is an absolute diver's dream. I love snorkeling over everything and wanted to dive from time to time. On Curaçao, the request was finally fulfilled and I was not even equal to two Times under the water. At Ocean Encounters , I have an introductory course, i.e., 45 minutes adopted theory, and then sample scuba diving, and Exercises in an outdoor swimming pool, and then a 30 minute dive in the sea in six meters depth. Ingrid was my dive instructor and couldn't have done it better. I immediately felt safe. In the sea, she was very attentive and never left us out of sight. For me, there is nothing more Beautiful than an intact underwater world with live coral, an infinite number of colorful fish, stingrays, or sea turtles. When we arrived I couldn't get the Grin off my face. The feeling was indescribable and difficult to describe in words.

Curaçao is regarded as a Mecca for divers and snorkelers and there are at almost every beach, a professional diving school. The second dive I made with Go West Diving at Playa Kalki in the West. The reef is called “Alice in Wonderland” and according to my instructor it has the name due to the incredible beauty. When he told me that we was mute diving an hour 12 feet deep me a little queasy too. We were just the two of you, and I, therefore, in the best of care.

As we walked from the jetty into the water, we stepped very slowly. He asked me the first Meter often, if everything is in order and whether we could descend. At just under eight meters I had pain in the right ear, because I have to do with this page, it created a pressure balance. We appeared about a Meter and I tried it again. The pain began to subside and we were able to dive in finally. Twelve meters is definitely not for the faint of heart and requires a Serenity, or a little dive routine. A similar feeling, as in the twelve-Meter depth with an oxygen bottle on the back of the sea, delivered, I still had never. At first, I was busy very with my breathing, so I evenly and breathed out. Because the diving rule number 1, I was sculpted in advance numerous times in the brain: “Never stop breathing”.

After a few minutes, I had more and more Routine, and was finally able to enjoy the fantastic under water world. Why the reef “Alice in Wonderland” is the name, I knew now exactly. It was like a huge under water, the Antiquarium, which was bursting with life. Countless colorful fish swam around and under me and glowed in every colour imaginable. We saw a sea turtle, Moray eels, and the so-called Lionfish. The two instructors have awakened a new passion in me, and I would like to now finally make a diving license, and many beautiful reefs of this world to discover.

Catamaran trip to Klein Curacao

It was my greatest experience on Curaçao (besides diving). We went with Bounty Adventures and a catamaran to the secluded, uninhabited island of Klein Curacao. It is located about eleven kilometers South-East of Curaçao. I love boating, especially a catamaran. I love it when the sails are open, the boat is moved by the Wind and I'm in the front of the grids, the view on the sea and the horizon. The way we Motor-on the rough sea and the ride was nothing left for Seasick. The waves were high and we were able to drive anything other than fast. We sat with a few people at the very front on the Deck and everything was what wore we a Bikini. “Gives everything to the rear, which must not be wet,” announced our captain at the beginning. The we were not two Times say. At each wave of the catamaran sank into the front of the shafts and flooded us with a big load of water. That was a lot of fun. After an hour, we arrived soaking wet on Klein Curaçao, dropped the anchor and snorkeled in the country. The water shone throughout turquoise and the Sand was more than the icing white. The small island is uninhabited and only accessible by a trip. We were the only ones on this day. We visited the old lighthouse, sunned ourselves and snorkeled turtles with the sea. At 12:30 PM there was lunch on the boat. The rest of the time we spent on the boat, jumped into the sea, drove around with the Dinghy, had fun with the crew, or snorkeled with the infinite number of fish gathered under the catamaran. “That's not magic,” laughed the captain, and, directly the last of the rice flew up the leftovers from lunch into the sea. The fish know exactly that there's something here. For the guests, it was a remarkable spectacle under water.

Early in the afternoon, the sails were raised and we headed back to Curacao. The sea was now very calm and we sailed. There was no engine noise and all of the layers in the networks, drank, and were served by the friendly Crew. There was no “Sex on the Beach”, but “Sex on the Boat”.

And otherwise?

Dinah Veeris Herbal Garden (The Paradera)

Who's in the East of the island, you should visit Dinah Veeris in her herb garden. She has an incredible Knowledge of herbs and their healing effect. In your Botanical garden, you plant everything yourself, and in your small business there are for every Evil any herb. I was lucky enough to find you in person and talk with her. When she started in the 80s with their own determination, used on the island, no one herb, and, she says, although these grew in quantities in the gardens of the residents already. It is only the few know but to this day they use. Your Job as a teacher, she gave up at the time, and today you tried to convey your Knowledge. She works with doctors or residents ask you personally for help.