The Fond Ferdinand Park on Praslin, Seychelles, is (still) an absolute insider tip. Great Hiking trails, lots of Flora & Fauna and a panoramic view point.

Excursion to Praslin – why you should visit the Fond Ferdinand Park should

Das Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve on Praslin is a real insider tip for nature lovers. On an area of 122 hectares, which are over 240 football fields, there are all sorts of, in some cases even endemic – to be admired only in the Seychelles, occurring in animal and plant species. On different trails you can do in the context of a guided Tour on the way and much about the Flora and Fauna of the Seychelles.

8 reasons why you should visit the Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve should

1 | Hardly Any Tourists

The only a couple of years old, the Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve on Praslin is not as well known as the famous Vallée de Mai, and therefore has much less visitors. This is, of course, not least due to the fact that it is (was) not explained by the UNSESO a natural world heritage site. But probably it is also the ignorance of the tourists that have never even heard about the Fond Ferdinand. He's not even in the guide. When I visited the rear Ferdiand two weeks ago, the last Time we came, two Times visitors in the opposite. The rest of the time we had the complete Hiking trails and the viewing platform all to ourselves.

2 | Only 125 SCR inlet (approximately 8 Euro)

In the Fond Ferdinand, you pay as a visitor only 125 rupees admission, in the Vallée de Mai, 350 SCR. Here, you can save more than the double of the entry fee, and, although it has no losses. There are even a lot more to see, but more on that later. As a tourist you should, however, first consider why you will visit one of these Parks. If you want to visit a UNESCO world heritage site, then there is no way around the Vallée de Mai. Also 50% of the entry fees in the Aldabra Atoll, which is a good thing flow. Whom it is but just to admire the Coco-de-Mer and the Flora and Fauna of the Seychelles, I can put both Parks to the heart.

3 | Easy to reach by Bus from the port

The Fond Ferdinand is located on the Anse Marie Louise in the South East of Praslin and is very easy to reach with the Bus. For 7 Seychelles rupee (about 45 cents) you can travel to the Seychelles, Bus and, therefore, there is no cheaper means of transportation on the Islands. Who would like to be more flexible, you can arrange in advance a car hire or a Taxi at the port to be commissioned. But beware, the taxi drive in the Seychelles is expensive, and a rental car is often not worth it from the second drive. Who is adventurous, can try the Hitchhiking. The Seychelles is quite normal and it does not take long until someone takes.

Note: The small red sign on the road of the Anse Marie Louise can be easy to miss, so keep your eyes open.

4 | Guided tours included in the price

A Guide is included during a visit to the Fond Ferdinand. Guided tours daily (on again exactly on the information) until noon. Who is particularly interested in the Flora & Fauna of the Seychelles, which I absolutely recommend one of these tours to join. The Guides are very experienced and have an incredible Knowledge of the many different plant and animal species that are overlooked as ignorant visitors most of the time.

5 | The endemic Coco de Mer to admire

In the rear of Ferdinand, you can admire, among other things, the largest number of the famous Coco de Mer on Praslin. Of these there are around the world only in the Seychelles, especially on the two Islands of Praslin and Curieuse. The seeds of this endemic sea coconut is the Largest in the world and is even in the Guiness book of world records. It is strictly protected and to acquire only under strict conditions. Who wants to take a home, you can purchase and in the Fond Ferdinand, and then receives an official certificate for customs at the airport. The sale is strictly limited. In any case, you should buy a Coco-de-Mer on the black market, since it is prohibited.

6 | Species Richness & Diversity

The Fond Ferdinand is particularly characterised by its species richness. On the various Hiking trails, you can admire many plants, spices, palm trees, and small animals such as the green Gecko. In the Vallée de Mai, the number of different species that is, incidentally, a long as large as in the Fond Ferdinand, which, however, only a few people know.

7 | A beautiful view point

One of the Hiking trails in the Fond Ferdinand leads out to a view point from where you can Bay a panoramic view on the Baie St. Anne, and many offshore Islands of Praslin, La Digue, Sister, Félicité, Coco Island has.

For the rise of a small degree of Fitness is required as there are to cope with the numerous stairs. Also, there is in the upper area, almost no shadow and is completely exposed to the sun. A visit early in the Morning or afternoon is recommended, especially for those who want to avoid the strong Equatorial sun.

Note: be sure to have enough drinks to pack! Water bottles Need to purchase at the entrance to the cottage.

From the vantage point of this beautiful panoramic view.

8 | At the end of the visit you can cool your feet in a cold stream

What could be Better than after exercise in a tropical environment feet in a cold stream to cool down? Nothing! Sometimes small and simple things are enough to be happy. This crystal-clear stream at the end or at the beginning of the trails offers the perfect opportunity for it.

A few more impressions from the rear Ferdiand Nature Reserve...