The Enchanted Island Resort on Round Island, Seychelles, or even feel like a modern-day Robinson Crusoe with all sorts of amenities.

Home away from home – our stay at Enchanted Island Resort {Round Island}

An island, a Resort and nothing else. On lonely Islands, vacationing like a modern-day Robinson Crusoe, but with lots of amenities. Our stay at Enchanted Island Resort on Round Island.

Ea new island to visit, is like Christmas. For me, at least. I love it and I'm from the Seychelles is simply never enough. In the last few years, I've developed a secret love for the island resorts. For me it is a Highlight to be on an island vacation, on the there is only a single property, and thus very few other people. Exclusive it's not – especially in times in which the Seychelles are experiencing a Boom. Many want to travel to the Seychelles, and today is also a great selection of guest houses and cheap flights for many possible. The exclusivity remains, unfortunately, something on the route – on the small, almost deserted private Islands, you find you and since you feel like a modern-day Robinson Crusoe.

This time it went for us on a new island. It is just 130 meters tall and a national Marine Park, Round Island is located in front of the gates of mahé, the Sainte Anne. To her there is only one accommodation, the Enchanted Island Resort, and we were there for a couple of days, our home away from home call.

The Sainte Anne Marine National Park

The island Round is located in the protected Sainte Anne Marine national Park off the North East coast of mahé. The marine Park is the oldest of the Seychelles and exists since 1972. To count him four more Islands: Sainte Anne, Cerf, Moyenne, Long and Île Cachée, all of which are close to each other yet. So close that you can some reach even at low tide over a sand Bank on foot. On the island of Cerf, there are a few accommodations. The Resort on Sainte Anne is currently being renovated and will open soon under a new name. Long was once a prison island, today the island is deserted. A few years ago, there was completed starting to build a property – but never. Moyenne is a wonderful destination for day trips, but more on that later.

The Sainte Anne Marine national Park is very strictly protected. Fishing or collecting shells, is strictly prohibited, as well as anchor, not throw, the latter to comply with, apparently, all. For the Crossing from the port on Mahé (Eden Island Jetty) to the Resort, it takes only 15 minutes.

nice to meet you, Enchanted island resort

As we drive off from the Eden Island Jetty, we are the only ones in the small taxi boat. Only the captain and we sail towards the open sea. It doesn't take long until we have a clear view on the small Islands in the marine Park. This first sight is already beautiful. We are heading for a small island. It is round and quite dense, overgrown and from the outside you would not mean at all that anything is happening on this island.

The sea lights up and sparkles in turquoise and the is after a long time, still impressive for me. I would like to just jump on the loved one always immediately clean. For this, we have to wait a little because we're waiting for the waving of a small Team. A short Welcome, then we also have our delicious, very refreshing reception drink in the Hand and is just Right after the Crossing.

The Enchanted Island Resort was only opened in 2013. We had our own private Villa with Pool. In total, there are ten of them, all as a loop around the island created. Of the other villas, you get nothing, I've only seen them from the air with the drone, even though the island is so small. But it is grown as a dense jungle with palm trees and large, old trees. You are living in a time of global warming is important, because they protect the small island from Erosion.

Our own Villa with Pool

Our Villa was Vakwa. She had managed to catch a glimpse of a cozy bedroom overlooking our private Pool and the many beautiful large trees and a view of the sea. In another room there are two sinks and an adjacent walk-in closet were. Everything else was outside, a large open shower, a freestanding bathtub and also the toilet said. The Enchanted Island Resort has, in fact, for me, the most beautiful toilet in the world (so far I have seen nothing better). You are sitting outside on a toilet bowl and has a dense jungle in front of you – simply gorgeous! This beautiful view you don't want to get up somehow, even again, only at night it is a little scary.

Restaurant and community pool

The Central area of the resort, a cosy Restaurant, a Bar and a shared swimming pool, which is slightly larger than the Pool in the Villa forms. In the morning the Breakfast is served in the Restaurant and in the evening also. A Buffet is not worth ten mansions really, in the morning, fruit, coffee or tea, fresh juice, a bread basket and then you can À-la-carte menu, another select, such as Pancakes or Omelette.

In-villa dining by candlelight

Directly on the first evening we were surprised with a special Highlight. Our dinner was not served as normally in a Restaurant, but in our private Villa by the Pool. Already from the age of 18 at one of the employees began with the preparations, set up candles around the Pool and covered the table. At 19.30 hrs he then came up with a bottle of red wine and the menu – three courses we had to choose from. What a beautiful experience, we are the only in absolute silence and delicious food. If I have the opportunity, I try, on occasions like to choose this ever anything other than Creole dishes, we have every day at home. On La Digue there are not many things simple. I opted for a tomato-Mozzarella salad on an Avocado bed as an Appetizer, a vegetarian dish as a main course and a vanilla and chocolate cake on ice cream as a dessert.

The Spa

A Spa should not be missing in a Resort, of course. I must admit – since I was in the Seychelles am – I give massages myself on a regular basis. It is one of the few things you can treat yourself to here, apart from the usual things, like go to the beach or watching the sunset. Shopping doesn't work so well, there is a fashion no proper shops, only a few Souvenir Shops with Cheap and that is so not mine. I test myself, therefore, with pleasure by the many Spas in the Islands. On Round Island, we came on the first day, both in the enjoyment of a 10-minute test massage and I was allowed to then the day after that, again in the case of a one-hour full-body massage, so relax.

Activities in the surrounding area

What fascinates me about this island is snorkeling with the location in the Sainte Anne Marine national Park and the many possible activities, including, kayaking, glass bottom boating, Stand Up Paddle Board, and much more. Anyone who is bored, you can explore the neighbouring island of Mahé, and with the boat in the morning over and again in the afternoon to pick up can.

With the kayak after Moyenne

One of my Highlights of our stay was our kayak trip to Moyenne. The neighboring island is only 350 metres away, and the Crossing does not take long. The island advertises “Pirates and ghosts in a tropical paradise,” and indeed, the island has a fascinating history with a hidden treasure, the last owner Brendon never was, and in spirits, whom he met in fact.

A well-marked trail leads all over the island, past the graves of pirates, and two old houses. One belonged to the first provable owners, Melidor Louange, who was 17 years old, and there, in 1850, lived. Together with his wife, he lived 42 years on Moyenne, until he sold them for 30 rupees (now about 18 Euro).