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Home away from home – Our stay at the Four Seasons Resort {Mahé}

Dhe is now back inside to cry out that I was on a Resort reports. No Joke. You won't believe what I get sometimes, not for news. Resorts are not authentic and so on. Clearly, for me, guesthouses are the most authentic type of accommodation in the Seychelles, however, I also like Resorts. And there are in the Seychelles is very beautiful. And when I beautiful my, I mean really beautiful.

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of testing one of the most beautiful Resorts of the main Islands: the Four Seasons Seychelles. It is located on Mahé and even when I actually not at all materialistic predisposed'm (we live on La Digue easy and have a little more space), so a private Villa with Pool in hillside location with sea views has something.

Four Seasons Seychelles

The Location

The Four Seasons Resort is for me clearly the most beautiful in the Seychelles. It is located in a Prime location on the southwest coast, more precisely on the beautiful Petite Anse. And this beach has earned it, alone in the Top 3 on Mahé. Very close to the Anse Soleil and Anse Gouvernement, and many other dream beaches are located. No wonder, then, that the wild South of the Island counts for a lot of the Highlights of the whole island. While the other beaches are easily accessible, the Petite Anse is only about the grounds of the Four Seasons. Who would like to visit, you must enter at the front gate know. However, as any beach in the Seychelles must be publicly accessible, this is normally not a Problem. If, however, you simply friendly to it. The path to the beach is quite long, but maybe you're lucky and a Club Car driver takes you.

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Our own Villa with Pool

“You get one of the villas in the best location,” revealed to us by the lady at the front Desk. Alone the journey with the Club Car promised a lot, because you don't want to end felt at all. We drove further and further upwards. Once there, we had about 50 steps further up, before we reached the front door of our Villa. My curiosity grew and as I opened the door I couldn't believe it at all. “WOW”, much more me a and I was able to close my mouth hardly. We had a free 360 degree view and the Petite Anse at our feet. This stunning Villa with Pool was at the top of the slope, from now on, our home away from home.

The Four Seasons Seychelles is made up of different-sized villas and suites with one or several bedrooms. In addition, some private residences are located on the site, each with up to six bedrooms, the millionaires and billionaires, including Stars and celebrities. These residences are separated from the public area and from the air visible.

Restaurants & Community Pool

The Central area of the resort is a beach restaurant, a Bar and a large community pool. The latter was visited in the rule, because why should those benefits if you have the top of the slope, however, a private Pool and the bottom of the sea? Another Restaurant (“ZEN”) is located a little further up close to the Desk. There also is served each Morning the extensive Breakfast. In the evening we had the choice between two Restaurants and we opted for the Pan Asian Buffet including Sushi. Soo delicious!

Here in pictures...

Green Smoothies you could bring yourself to mix or finished in glass bottles

The Spa

The Spa gave me were actually the tongue. From the roof terrace one has the most beautiful views of the Bay and is truly breathtaking. This is especially beautiful at sunset, but worth it even in the daytime. The Resort, incidentally, is orientated to the West, which is from here to the horizon under a setting sun look. We have discovered the Spa, unfortunately, only on the last day, but in the evening it must be really fantastic.

To the best activities & excursions

The Resort makes it pretty easy to get bored. There are various activities available such as Stand Up Paddle Board, Surfing, Fitness, kayaking, pedal boating, Yoga, Snorkelling and diving, which can be used for the most part, free. The Petite Anse is well protected, making it an ideal all year round for bathing. The sea is usually quite calm there.

Wise Oceans

At Petite Anse you will also find the branch Wise Oseans. The marine conservation organization is active worldwide and has, among other things, a seat on the Seychelles. They are committed to the protection of the oceans, and it operates at the Four Seasons Resort is a very successful project to save the coral. As a visitor you can be actively involved, and a lot of good things to do, including, for example:

  • ... a coral sponsor.
  • ... a sum of money to donate.
  • ... participate in various activities (the money goes directly into the organization), so biologists have, for example, guided snorkel tours with the sea.
  • ... a self-made Souvenir to buy.

Mahé with a rental car explore

For those on Mahé, you should arrange for one or more days of a rental car. Otherwise, you're stuck in the Four Seasons because it is very secluded in a corner in the South of mahé. The accommodation offers all kinds of activities, however, it would be a shame to spend the time there. With the rental car (about 40 euros per day), the island on own fist explore, and almost completely around. Important stops all the South beaches, which are considered to be the most beautiful of the island, and also the capital city of Victoria (two to three hours is enough for the city), for example.

Who wants to walk, should let the Sans Soucis Road not to be missed. Many tight switchbacks leads to the spectacular street of Victoria in the mountains to get to the other side of the island and offers not only some beautiful views during the trip as well as some of the sights, but also with numerous marked Hiking trails, such as Copolia Lodge or the Mont Blanc Trail. The Beau Vallon is beautiful, when the sun passes directly over the island of Silhouette and only her black shadow is seen.

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The small capital, Victoria is always worth a visit

Conclusion – For whom the Four Seasons Seychelles is suitable?

The Four Seasons Resort is for me one of the most beautiful Resorts in the Seychelles. It will leave no wishes unfulfilled. The fantastically beautiful villas in a hillside location, add each with private Pool and full Board the rest, that you do not need to leave the Resort actually does. However, this would be a great pity, because Mahé has so many incredible opportunities. In the accommodation, I met families with children, but also to couples who were probably in the honeymoon.

If you want to make something, especially in a Resort is certainly in the right place. Nevertheless, it also always feels a little isolated from the Rest of the island. Those who want to leave, must pass through a large gate. In each Resort, and of course you like. However, there is actually absolute privacy and tranquility, other than in a guest house where you is often in the middle of the local life.

As the saying goes, “to Each His own”, and everyone should decide for themselves what is the right type of accommodation. This is also closely linked with the own Budget.

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