You're dreaming of a trip to the Seychelles? Here you will find a list of costs and info about a trip to the Seychelles.

How much money does benötige I für a trip to the Seychelles?

{This post was updated 2019}

Weiße sand beaches as soft as icing sugar, a turquoise sea, a lush and juicy green Vegetation, the life is full of countless coconut palm trees and incredibly friendly inhabitants – the Seychelles are a place of longing, and apply to many as the dream destination par excellence.

A destination for still as a luxury travel destination firmly in their minds. Here you can enjoy in the Seychelles, a quite affordable holiday you can afford. Nevertheless, one must say that the Seychelles are an exclusive and high-priced than many other tourist destinations. But this is a good thing, because that's the way to stay in the Islands, for example, in front of the Backpacker tourism.

The Seychelles offer very expensive Hotels and Resorts. Price is all possible and according to the above, there are no limits, so you can live, for example, for a five-digit amount per night on a desert island, on the regular Stars book your holiday. Anyone who has money can spend it in the Seychelles, in any case.

Many may not know that the Hotels and Resorts are the main accommodation on the Islands and it is also possible to travel cheaper on the Seychelles. It is, rather, the small, charming and mostly of Local-run guest houses that offer Breakfast or half Board, or self catering bungalows. (Read more about island hopping in Seychelles.)

In this post I will tell you how much a trip to the Seychelles will cost.

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The Seychelles offer different types of accommodation in every price class. In addition to Hotels and Resorts, moving rather in the higher price segment, it is mainly the guest houses for holidaymakers, especially popular. They are, for me, the most authentic type of accommodation.

The guest houses only have a few rooms and are usually led by Locals. With a booking of a guest house, you will be supporting them and the local economy because, unlike in the case of an international hotel chain, the money remains in the country.

A night in a double room is from about 50 to 70 euros. If you spend a second around 120 Euro per night, then you will have Comfortable a bit.

The accommodations in the Seychelles are divided as follows:

  • Larger hotel facilities/Resorts (e.g., Kempinski Resort, Banyan Tree resort Seychelles on Mahé, etc.)
  • Guesthouses (e.g. Beach Villas on Praslin or La Domaine de Bocava on Mahé)
  • Self-catering (for example, Belle Amie, La Digue)


And that is a good thing. The Seychelles is also not a classic destination for Backpacking, such as for example Thailand. There are no Hostels and no cheap huts where you can sleep on the beach, because many of the standard properties are located in the island's interior, or just not directly on a beach. But that doesn't matter, because the Islands are not large and the beach is always in reach, whether by bike (La Digue), Bus or rental car (Mahé or Praslin).

In the Following, I'll give you an example of the cost of a 14-day trip to the Seychelles. The prices are per Person when travelling with 2 persons.

The costs for a holiday in the Seychelles is a list of examples (simple accommodation, cheap food, no Extras), which, of course, from the own interests and, depending on the travel time and requirements vary greatly can.

I need in the holiday no luxury: a simple, but clean accommodation, typical local food, fresh juices at a beach bar, a couple of coconuts and occasional trips me always.

Flight800 Euro
14 days accommodation (50 euros per Person per night in a double room)700 Euro
Ferry Mahé/Praslin (one way)100 Euro
Ferry Praslin/La Digue (there and back)30 Euro
Taxi airport/port (or a Shuttle bus: free of charge)30 Euro
Half-day snorkeling trip (e.g. on La Digue)50 Euro
A day trip from Praslin (e.g. to Curieuse Island and St. Pierre)100 Euro
Car Hire Mahé (4 Days)200 Eur0
Dinner (30 euros per day for a cheap dinner or Take-Away)420 Euro
Drinks (e.g. 1 litre water bottle costs 1 Euro) + Snacks100 Euro
A total of (14 days per Person in a double room incl. Flight)2.530 euros


An important part of the island hopping Transfers, so how do I get from the airport or port to your accommodation and back, and how do I get from island to island?

The largest main island of Mahé is best done individually with your rental car to explore. This is for about 50 Euro per day available. Taxi is very expensive. A taxi ride from the airport on Mahé to the port costs, for example, 350 to 500 rupees, which are around 40 euros. The price should be agreed in advance, although most Taxis are now equipped with a speedometer.

Taking the bus is the cheapest means of transportation is. You have to drive on Praslin and Mahé. Even though I find driving a bus on Mahé quite exhausting and nerve-wracking (it just takes a long time and you have to change or wait a long time), it offers to Praslin is very good.

Right in the money, the ferry between the main Islands. The route between Mahé and Praslin costs about 55 euros per Person (journey time: 1 hour) and between La Digue and Praslin again € 15 (journey time: 15 minutes). The entire distance from Mahé to La Digue does not cost 70 euros, so 140 euros for back and forth, what is in my eyes a little.

The Tickets for the ferries are on-site at the ports and for the "Cat Cocos" is also available online.


Many travelers consider a self-catering accommodation. This is quite possible, but many properties also offer catering and can often keep up not a Restaurant, neither by the price nor by the quality. So why cook, when there is the possibility of local cooked? The selection in the little grocery shop is also quite small.

Large supermarkets, there are hardly any and the offer is rather low. At least if you compare it with the German market. The usual, the small Indian shops on the roadside that offer the bare necessities for daily needs are. Who wants to eat cheap, you can eat well in Takeaways (3-5 Euro). There is a daily changing, delicious Creole dishes, and also many of the Locals eat there almost on a daily basis.

My Recommendation
Who has the opportunity to be in the property cooked, which should take also and the Locals support it, or at least most of the time. The food is often locally flexible and daily basis to be booked in advance do not would like to decide on. So, if you book without half pension, you can book the food there, quite simply.

The lack of meals you can take but, in good conscience, in denTake Aways to. There are even stalls, no snack, but to eat good and cheap. A Portion costs the equivalent of 3-5 euros, and the selection extends between fresh fish, octopus Curry, rice, Mango salads, and much more. This is typical of the local, because the Seychellois often eat there.

Did you know? The Breakfast falls on the Seychelles is rather small. Tea, white toast bread, jam, Omlette, and of course fruit. Anyone who comes in guest houses, and therefore should not expect in terms of Breakfast too much. Who would like to save the money for the Breakfast of 10 to 15 euros, you can also shop for yourself at the supermarket or in the morning with a couple of Creole Snacks stock up on, such as, for example, bananas in the batter, coconut cake, spicy puff pastry with fresh fish and Masala (Samousa). Very tasty!

The “Victoria Market” offers on Mahé, daily fresh fruit, vegetables and fish (on Saturdays, the main market day)is
My self-made Breakfast in the Seychelles. Bread is rather rare!
The Fruita Cabana Bar on the Anse Source d'argent serves freshly squeezed fruit juices with a lot of love!


For me, there are two possibilities for booking a Seychelles-travel.

    1. Self book
    2. Through a tour operator (such as We)

In the following, I will briefly the advantages and disadvantages of each method explained.

1. Seychelles holiday self book

I love to research for weeks, to inform me, and finally booked the trip independently, but there is also a little bit of adventure. In the Seychelles you should book the accommodation necessarily all in advance. The offer is limited and many sell out quickly. A quick accommodation to the property, and to search for Alternatives, is in the Seychelles difficult. Especially on the main Islands of Mahé and Praslin, the properties are sometimes quite far apart and very hidden. Who has no car, it is still up to the search, and must have a lot of time. In addition are the owners of the house often throughout the day to be found, and in the case of entry is the first property to show for it.

In addition to the flight, you have to take care of then to the Transfers:

  • How do I get from the airport to the accommodation?
  • How do I get from the airport to the port?
  • And how do I get from island to island? The Tickets for the ferry can be booked on site.

2. Seychelles holiday via a travel agent book (such as We & co.)

There are some specialist tour operator for the Seychelles. The emphasis is on specialized, because they have specialized in this a travel destination and are professionals in their field. These providers will have a good selection of accommodation, from smaller guest houses to Resorts, everything is included. In addition, the can you – and you – also the flights, Transfers and car rental.

Everything from a Hand, so to speak, which has many advantages. But above all, you have a contact person who can help you on the spot with questions and problems. In addition, many of the small accommodations often have no website and are just a tour operator bookings.

Furthermore, you don't have to worry about the Transfers, because this is all for you to taken, and you have nothing to worry about. The questions “How do I get from the airport to the accommodation and / or port?”, “How do I get from the port to my accommodation?” or “How do I get to the airport,” you need not ask you, because you can get your Tickets or vouchers and judge you according to the instructions.

You can get there, so a complete island-hopping package.

My Recommendation
What kind of travel booking in the Seychelles is the Best, depends on how much you want to in the run-up to this deal. It makes sense certainly to compare the prices and then weigh. The Seychelles are, however, not a Backpacking destination (e.g. Thailand) and it is absolutely necessary to book the accommodation prior to arrival. There is a need, therefore, before the trip, a lot of organization. Whether a travel agent is to take or on it's own, everyone should decide for themselves.


There are various Airlines that fly to the Seychelles, such as, for example, Etihad, Condor and Emirates. I book my Seychelles flights usually via Emirates, because the flights are quite cheap and the prices there are between 600 and 900 euros. This of course depends also of the travel time and the time of the booking. Long-haul flights, the beech, as a rule, three months prior to the departure, more than 870 euros I paid for a flight to the Seychelles.

  • Cheap direct flight with Condor to find


Now I sleep often with friends, but every now and again I test accommodations and Hotels, so I can recommend you. I don't have a high claim, since you are staying in the Seychelles tend to be less in the property, but you should be clean. In the case of following type of accommodation you can't go wrong: