A perfect winter adventure were looking for? Then off to Levi, Lapland. Reindeer and husky safaris, snowboarding, skiing, snow Shoe Hiking, ice baths & Co – here's all the Highlights, and tips for accommodations and Restaurants in Levi.

Levi in Lapland – holiday in Finland schönstem winter Paradise

Whe of Finland, dreams, thinks, probably of reindeer, huskies, sledding, snow, Northern lights, Santa Claus – in a real Winter Wonderland in the North of Europe. Anyone who thinks of skiing, snowboarding, snow Shoe Hiking or ice swimming? I I don't and I'm so happy, got at least as the invitation for a blogger trip to the wonderful Lapland.

The first days we spent in Levi, Finland's biggest winter Wonderland and popular ski resort. Because you can not made but only skiing (we have, of course), but still quite a lot more – and the half a year, because that's how long the Winter lasts in Finland.

#1 | snowboarding & skiing in Levi

Levi is the most popular and most famous ski resort in Finland. It was even elected several times as the best in the whole country. 28 ski lifts, 43 ski slopes and now in March still 75 cm of snow. Who would have thought? At least I can't, so I've been thinking on the subject of winter sports, somehow, never to Finland.

With just under 700 m in altitude, the mountains (or rather hills) are not particularly high, the big giant in the Alps, they are, however, in nothing, at least with regard to the ski runs and the snow. There are blue, red and black slopes, some over 1 km long and even the world Cup slopes, nozzles down, even if it is really very steep. Freestylers can let off steam in one of the snow parks.

The departures were all pleasantly empty, and partially lead by the dreamy and snowy forests. Since you want to stop over and take photos – and you should, too. Queues at the lifts were out of view and according to Harri, our companion, for the whole season. Here is to the Start of the season, so the snow holds up better – no snow in use and that is immediately noticeable. The snow is powdery soft, almost like velvet, icy surfaces, one searches in vain – simply gorgeous.

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Snowboarders can let off steam in the South Park Levi correctly.

The Santa Claus house from the movie in the freezing cold and snow.

#2 | reindeer sleigh ride in Köngäs

Reindeer belong to Finland, such as the palm trees to the beach. I have long dreamed to travel with the reindeer sleigh ride, reindeer sleigh, finally, that makes Santa Claus so. And so the could not be missed of course also with us. We drove from Levi in the 7 km away (journey time about 20 Min) the village of Köngäs on the Ounaskievari Reindeer Farm.

I was surprised when I heard that we are allowed to “take the wheel”. Before I could think about it, I got the reins in Hand and off we went. We were seated in a carriage and drove all in a row. The route led through the woods and snowy landscapes. And what can I say? It was one of the best and kitschiest experiences I've ever had.

In the port there were still warm, blueberry juice (of course!) and our reindeer driving licence. No joke: We are now entitled officially to drive a reindeer sleigh. If I can use that also for the ox-cart on La Digue? I'm going to ask again.

With the reindeer – a dream in a sleigh, these snow-covered landscape!

#3 | snow-Shoe excursions in Levi

If you don't want on the ski slopes, you can swap the Skis against the snow shoes. These can be strapped under the normal footwear and can wander through the deepest snow. We went directly from Levi, come on, over a frozen river and then on a small mountain. Down it went across the forest through the 1 m deep snow. That was pure FUN! To choose from many are signposted trails where you might encounter skiers or snow mobile.

Snow Shoe is a nice way to explore the nature of Lapland and in absolute silence is Hiking – it's almost meditative. There are also guided tours. Who does not want to know this so trust trust, or more about Lapland, you should join a guided Tour. So we have made it and we had a really great Guide.

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With the snow shoes through the 1 m deep snow (if you like), this is not so easy.

#4 | The Husky Park of Levi

Unfortunately, the husky were booked out a sled and we had no way to do that. A visit to the Husky Park of Levi, however, was still possible. So we had at least the opportunity to cuddle with these sweet dogs. So I need to come again and again to fulfill this dream.

The Husky Park is located approximately 11 km from Levi centre. For the visit, a registration is always required!

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#5 | Sauna & Ice Swimming

Who would like to make it like the Finns, must necessarily be in the genuine Finnish Sauna – there is no way around that. Oh yeah, and for cooling in an ice-hole. I didn't think I could do it, but it wasn't so bad. Our sauna building was completely made of wood, also on the inside, and it is a little smoky. The temperature is around 90 degrees and after 15 minutes, it then went on to the frozen river, where our ice hole was already waiting.

The lady of the house, a true Finn, is like the way to skiing in the hole in the ice, without a Sauna. It was very healthy, she says. Tempering it all, and this is also necessary, because the temperatures can also be times at -40 degrees. A Finnish proverb says not in vain, "The Sauna is the pharmacy of the poor" (Sauna poor apteekki).

We had a river, a small, typical Finnish wooden sauna house with Sammun-Tupa on the Ounasjoki. Here is more info.

Go in the Sauna!
Our ice hole in a frozen river

Our small Finnish sauna house

#6 | With the Lapland Express Snowcat in search of the Northern lights

On the first evening we went to 21 at the Lapland Express, a snow cat, which was converted for excursions, to the top at a snail's pace on the mountain. Our Objective: The Northern Lights. Once there, you have a great view in the distance. A perfect place to see Northern lights, because, unfortunately, the sky was cloudy that night, with clouds and unfortunately we had no luck. I would do it again anytime, because I would like to see the Northern lights. At the top it was still delicious breads, and (of course) hot blueberry juice, and is just Right for this cold.

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A ride with this Lapland Express, you can book to see the Northern lights from the very top.

And if you are lucky, you will see something like this...

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Stay in Levi: the Hullu Poro Hotel

We were staying at the family-run Hotel Hullu Poro (German for “crazy reindeer) in the heart of Levi. The Hotel is a standard hotel, a bit old, but still perfectly fine. From here everything is within walking distance to both the ski resort, the small city center as well as many delicious Restaurants. A Wellness area invites you to Relax after a long day of skiing.