What can you do on Mahé? Here you will find 10 tips on sights, Highlights and insider tips for the largest main island of the Seychelles.

Mahé – 10 wonderful tips & excursionsüge für the main island of the Seychelles

Ich liked them on my first trip to the Seychelles at all. I must admit now that I've done you wrong. Because now I have to Mahé, the main and largest island of the Seychelles, right in my heart closed.

Mahé is one – in addition to Praslin and La Digue – one of the three main Islands. Lives on the island with 80.ooo residents, about 90% of the population. Mahé is the most populated island of the Seychelles, but also in many other points, the main island.

With a length of 27 km and a maximum width of 3 to 8 km it is the largest and most versatile island. It boasts beautiful bays, Creole villages, lush green hillsides of granite mountains and the small, sleepy capital, Victoria. Dense jungles overgrow the up to 909 m high mountains and miss this island a magical feel. 70% of Mahé consisting of forest – for the most part, completely unaffected. On the coast and countless beautiful beaches, partly wild, with a raging Surf, partly gently with an offshore reef.

On Mahé the action is and this island is a must on a trip to the Seychelles in no case. In this post I'll show you 1o tips, sight-seeing and excursions to Mahe and of course a few insider tips.

10 tips, attractions, & excursions to Mahé – a Seychelles expert

1. Road Trip Mahé

For me there is nothing more Beautiful on Mahé, to explore the island by rental car on your own. It's total freedom is the feeling when driving the many small roads through the jungle and past the beautiful beaches along. My favorite road is the Sans Soucis Road which in the North cross-island winds – some with very steep precipice, but a wonderful view onto the turquoise blue Indian ocean and some of the sights such as the Tea Factory offers. You can walk around the island is almost complete with the car. The roads run along the coast or through the mountains – it's fun!

>> Rental car the Seychelles (Maki Car Rental, from 35 Euro per day)
>> Gas stations on Mahé: Beau Vallon, Victoria, Airport, Baie Lazare, Anse Royale, Grand Anse

Tips for driving a car on Mahé: the best small car to rent, and best with an automatic, because that makes it to the sometimes very narrow streets and steep journeys a lot easier. Never clothes or anything left open on the Seats are, but in the trunk, out of sight storage. And: in the Seychelles is left!

2. Hiking on Mahé – the Trois Freres Nature Trail

70% of Mahé consists of forest and countless beautiful signposted Hiking trails. My current favorite is the Trois frères Trail that leads over a 60-minute trail to a View Point on the second highest mountain (699 m) of mahé. From there, one has a dream view to Victoria, Eden Island and you can even look up to the Beau Vallon Beach over. The difficulty of the hike, I rate as easy to medium.

On this trail, you can see the very rare Insectivorous Plant "pitcher plant". It is endemic only to the Seychelles.

Hiking on Mahé – the Trois Frères Trail leads to this viewpoint

This flesh-eating plant at the end of the Plant, the so-called “pitcher”, can be seen on the Seychelles endemic and very rare.

3. Swim at sunset at Beau Vallon

Many think now, why they called this beach. The Beau Vallon is not for me, definitely the most beautiful on Mahé. Especially not, because he is the most famous and thus most of the tourists attracts. There is however a reason why I list him here. In the evening around 18 o'clock, just before the sun goes down, I love to go on the Beau Vallon swimming, because from here one has a fantastic view of the sunset and Silhouette Island. Swimming & sunset – a magical experience! Most of the tourists disappeared and the Seychellois coming to cool off.

Tip: The Boat House on Beau Vallon there is every evening a very delicious Creole Buffet – very worth it!

4. Visits to Victoria, the schnuckeligste capital of the world

Victoria is the capital city of the Seychelles and also the only incorporated city. Also, it bears the name of the smallest capital in the world. A visit should not be omitted. 3 to 4 hours to explore Victoria. Here are a few Hotspots: the Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market, with fresh fish, fruits, vegetables, spices, Kokosnusöl, Souvenirs & much, much more, of the Clock Tower, the Esplanade kiosk and Craft products by local artists (near the national library) . In Victoria, the port from which the ferry departs to the island of Praslin and La Digue is by the way.

5. Try the Creole cuisine

I love the Creole cuisine. Whether fresh fish, octopus Curry or salad, Samousa, Banana Friters, Mango, or Papaya salad, I can't get simple enough. The local safe kitchen should be on the Seychelles not to miss!

Dinner at home, á la Seychellois (fresh fish, Golden Apple salad, octopus salad and rice)

Recommended Restaurants on Mahé:

  • Boat House, Beau Vallon (every night Creole Buffet – must try!)
  • Surfers Beach Restaurant, Anse Parnel
  • Kaz Kreol, Anse Royale
  • Jardin du Roi, Anse Royale

For the hungry at noon, the many Take Aways are. They offer a variety of Creole dishes for the small purse. The different dishes are daily cooked fresh and there are variants with fish, chicken, beef, shrimp, noodles & much more.

6. The under water world while snorkeling discover

Who has the snorkeling equipment to the Seychelles in the Luggage, which definitely has a Problem, because there are a lot of beautiful snorkeling spots. In some Hotels you can rent the equipment, but I would not rely on it, as that is the case, for example, for most of the guest houses. A beautiful place for snorkeling can be found directly on the Beau Vallon, and not where the sand is the beach, but in front of the “The Beach House” further to the North. Other Snorkelling spots can be found on Sunset Beach in Glacis, Port Launay or Anse Royale and Anse Soleil.

7. Explore the South of mahé.

The South is for me one of the most beautiful area on Mahé, as it is still very original. Here, you can find them, the traditional way of life of the Seychellois, in addition, many dreamy beaches, small Creole villages, winding roads and again, the views of secluded bays and coves along the coast. The accommodation is in small guesthouses and a few Resorts, which are grow in the nature that they are outside it's hardly noticeable.

Those who want to explore the South flexible, for is absolutely recommended is a rental car. These can be booked in advance, but also a very good site. The Acquisition directly from the airport, then you can the transfer.

The Petite Anse in the South of mahé is my spoiled beach heart skip a beat.

8. Visit the most beautiful beaches on Mahé