Münster experience? I show how to do this – with the best sights, Highlights and insider tips for the most liveable town in Germany.

Mümost experience – in two days

When I at home to think, then I think of Münster. Even though I'm not born in this city even though I've studied there, for many years lived and worked. A couple of days in Münster are for me like a holiday and like to come home anyway.

So why not a weekend in the most livable city in Germany to spend? We were at our home visit in Germany, of course, in my favorite city. I will show you what you can experience beautiful things in Munster and what we are in this time have been up to. Let's go!

... and what is it with this great Outlook, and I'll tell you below.

My City Guide for a weekend in Münster

On your bike

Münster is a Bicycle city. Point. And who has not explored the city by bike, the has not made something correctly. The first To Do so are: rent a bike. The man at the Radstation at the train station or in the parlor alley (12 euros for 24 hours). The distances are short and in Münster, everything is accessible by bike.

》Radstation Münster / Berlin Pl. 27A, 48143 Münster, Stubengasse 1, 48143 Münster

The Promenade

The Promenade in Münster, for me, is Germany's most beautiful Cycling road in less than 5 km around the Münster city center. Definitely a Highlight, especially in spring and summer when everything is nice and green, but also in the autumn, when the leaves fall. The best bberblick the city gets so, who circled them on the Promenade once with the bike – it does not take long. Just beautiful!

THE weekly market

If you are planning a city break to Münster, you should definitely be on a Wednesday or Saturday. Then the famous weekly market, and you should not miss. There there is everything, what the heart desires Schlemmer: cheese, fruit, vegetables, licorice, coffee, cakes, soups, Antipasti, but also flowers and so much more. A soup from the so-called Erbsenbus or a cheese bag from one of the cheese cart is not allowed in the absence of secure.

》Domplatz, 48143 Münster, Germany (on Wednesdays and Saturdays to 14: 30)

The Port Of

Yes, you read that right. Münster has a port, a nice even – with many Restaurants, cafes, Bars directly on the water or in the side streets – and for me, the most beautiful sunset place in the entire city. When the sun slowly sets in the horizon, the mood here is particularly beautiful. Those who like it cheap, get a drink at the harbour kiosk, and sits on the concrete wall at the water.

The food is good, for example, in the Café Med on the port.

A lot of nice Bars, cafes and Restaurants that are situated on the Hansaring, the street parallel to the port. Particularly noteworthy is the owls & larks Café, FOK, the ExKaffee or the The Nomad Bar (image below).

Botanical Garden

A small Paradise for nature lovers, the Botanical garden behind the castle of Münster. There you will find not only all sorts of plants, but can relax here wonderfully from the hustle and bustle of the city. The garden is of the city centre, within walking distance to reach at the best, of course with the bike.

》Botanical garden, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Schlossgarten 3, 48149 Münster (admission is free)


The Aasee is a man-made reservoir and recreation area in Münster, Germany. It is located directly at the city ring. It is easy to reach by bike, but also walking distance from the city centre. Tip: Pedalo! Exactly, so you can explore the lake and enjoy the tranquility. Alternatively, you can also sit in one of the cafes and simply watch the Events.

Principal market

The heart of the city centre of the beautiful historic prinzipalmarkt is a piece of city history. Also as a “parlor” known, visitors will find there not only many selected (mostly expensive) shops, but also the characteristic gabled houses and arcades. Also from here a great view of St. Lamberti. For photos best very early in the morning or in the evening, then it's pretty empty.

Lamberti Church

Münster had a unique Surprise for me: I was allowed to visit the towers actually Louise in the Lamberti Church. You can't imagine how pleased I was.

Every day shortly before 21 o'clock Louise, the 300 steps to climb into the Church tower to blow up to 24 PM every half an hour in the Horn. I was allowed to accompany her, and came directly from the breath. 300 steps, and the every evening, this is probably the best fitness program – and for this alone she gets a medal from me. The Tradition has existed since 1383 and is intended to protect the town from fire and enemies. Every Tuesday she has because it is statistically the safest day of the city. Your predecessor was 70 years of age, a few years ago in retirement, now she is the first woman that this Tradition will be continued.

From the top you have a magnificent view over the whole of Munster. By the way: Louise is blogging diligently, and you can read their stories here. Please note that a visit to the towers actually usually not possible.

Claustrophobia, you should not have in this narrow spiral staircase that leads to the top of the St. Lamberti.

The Shareholder Louise at work – and every half hour it blows in the evening in the Horn. And this wonderful view it also has every day.

Excursion destinations in the surroundings

A great tip for the environment, the free-flowing fields. The bird sanctuary is located about 11 km in the North of münster and offers not only the bird conservationists, a experience of nature. Many endangered bird species find a home here. As the output path, the Biological Station is a nature trail gives a first insight in the different habitats. In addition, a loop trail and several observation lead to huts, as well as a viewing platform through the area. Anyone who is interested in the birds, should not forget binoculars. Then you can let the day in the beer garden, before heading back to Münster.

In Muenster – my insider tips


What would Münster be without the many small individual Cafés? Just. And, therefore, this is one of my Highlights for Münster. Here is my loved one come.

fyal (downtown): probably The coolest whole Cathedral – so beautiful, so different, so individual, so unique. In addition to all sorts of coffee variations, there are also delicious Franz buns, cakes, bread rolls and much more. If you are lucky, true Schröder, the house dog.
Particles & accelerator (Hansa quarter): Small, cozy, comfortable and directly on the wool of Becker road. Who is hungry, should try the famous bagels!
three:sound Café (Hansa quarter): opposite of the above, there's also delicious coffee and cakes and very comfortable mattresses on the window.
Mr. sunshine (downtown): a Relatively new and found this Café, everything is for the little break in between.
Röstbar (inner city): The Röstbar is famous by means of their custom-made coffee almost in the whole of Münster in the Cafés to find. But not only that, it operates very successfully, a number of cafes in the city.