Bicycle city, spit city, hipster city and rain city. Münster in Westphalia has a lot of clichés, but so much to offer. My Insider tips can be found here!

Müwindow close up: tips für your weekend in the Westphalian metropolis

Sstudent city, Bicycle city, spit city, hipster city, rain city, a Desk of Westphalia or whatever. The city of Münster has a lot of clichés, and yet the beautiful Westphalian metropolis has much to offer. So you can call yourself a since 2004, the most liveable city in the world. Ok, that was a long time ago, but the Award has not won in Münster for no reason.

As the tenth largest among the NRW-cities Münster has the second largest floor area and thus a lot of Green. Münster has a lot of young people. 37% of the nearly 300,000 inhabitants are younger than 30 years. This was due mainly to the high number of students. The innermost core and the heart of the green Cathedral of the 4.5 km long Promenade. As the only closed promenade the ring in Germany which is unique and separates the old town from the surrounding parts of the city with beautiful Linden trees. In addition to the lake AA, the Kreativkai (port quarter), the numerous museums and historical sights, there is a large selection of art and culture.
And: What would Münster be without the bikes (... ok. Sorry, in Munster it is said Leeze). Every day, more than 100,000 münster with the bike on the road. I also ride daily with my bike – no matter where and no matter what the weather. The münster do.

It's no wonder that annually about eight million visitors come to Münster?

Tips for a perfect weekend in Münster, Westphalia

Week market am Dom

Saturday at 11 a.m. in Münster: The weekly market is a Must for every visitor! On Wednesdays and Saturdays it will be held from 7 to 14:30 PM on the Cathedral square. Over 150 stalls offer everything almost what the heart desires: flowers, fruits, vegetables, cheese, bread, fish, meat, Röstbar coffee, Antipasti, and much more. Much is made of it self and from the environment. The market is a real tip, and means for me, home pur.

Tip: buy yourself a cheese stalls, a mixed cheese bag. For 5 Euro you can get, for example a couple of different varieties according to your taste. Really tasty!
Address: weekly market in Münster, the Cathedral square in the city center (market plan)

Altes Gasthaus Leve (since 1607)

The Old Gasthaus Leve is münster's oldest restaurant, and who is already there, it should taste the cooking skills of Westphalia there. There are many traditional dishes at very fair prices. The ambiance is very quaint.
Address: Gasthaus Leve, alter Steinweg 37 (within walking distance from the city center reachable)

Promenade and flea market

The most beautiful and most famous flea market in Münster will take place on the Promenade and is one of the largest flea markets in Europe under the open sky. While at the castle square is more of the professional trader with a lot of art porcelain frolicking, etc. – so it is on the Promenade, countless private seller with all what the heart desires.
Address: Promenade and castle square (every 2. Saturday from may to September)


"Fuck You Art Lovers" is not to say, originally as an art project-scale Café, and no, it is definitely hating meant. On The Contrary. With drinks, music, art, and a couple of Snacks, it should be in the year 2007 really only a time-limited “small number”. At the time, no one could have guessed that it counts is after 10 years, one of the most popular cafes in the whole of münster and would be inconceivable without it. It is a trendy Café with self-service, which is hidden directly in the center of a small footpath on the Geisbergweg between Domplatz and Rothenburg. Regardless of whether alone, with friends or in a group – in the fyal everyone is welcome: Wonderful decor, friendly staff, good music, art, yummy Dinks and Snacks, great coffee and SCHRÖDER. Who is that? You have to find out on your own.
Address: fyal central münster, Geisbergweg 8 (mon-Sat: 10-1 a.m., Sun: 12-19 clock, coffee from € 1.70).

Other nice cafes in Münster

The ff also belongs to the Fyal, and is located right next to it. It is slightly smaller and offers a different selection of drinks and a few Snacks.

Particle & Accelerator
Small Kultcafé and one of my favorites. In addition to the delicious Röstbarkaffee there is also a delicious Bagel in all sorts of variations (even vegan). (Wool beckerstr. 55)

Aunt August
No-frills font, doilies, cake and leckerern coffee in this Café just outside the city centre (Augustastr. 20).

Pension Schmidt
... or even the largest living room Cathedral (alter Steinweg 37)

Mr Sunshine
A beautiful, cosy Café, centrally located on king street with delicious coffee and Snacks (vegan) – you can also sit outside.

The Principal Market

Gabled houses with arcades form the principal market, the oldest street in Minster and the centre of the city. The street is world-known and was voted in 2006 among the favourite places of the German on rank 4 directly after the Cologne Cathedral, the Brandenburg gate and the castle Church in Wittenberg. The principal market is one in Münster is the "good Stube". Every business must have, for example, a Golden shield.

For me, definitely a Must-see: On the principal market, stroll past the Lamberti Church, and enjoy.
Address: Prinzipalmarkt, The City Centre Of Münster

Lamberti Church

St. Lambert's is the home of the "highest office" in münster,, the tube towers, by already since many hundred years, - owner, your service perform. Every evening (except Tuesdays) ascends to the tower-Keeper (and, in the meantime, it is a towers actually), one of the last in Europe, the Church tower and blows from 21 PM to midnight, every half hour to the copper horn. Since 1379, the office of the bell ringer whose job it is to warn the inhabitants of the city against hazards (such as fires) to. A special feature of the Church of the three on the tower, suspended in iron cages. In them the bodies of the three leaders of the Anabaptist Kingdom were made in the year 1536 to the Show.

In the last year, I was able to visit, in cooperation with münster marketing in the bell tower of the Lamberti Church and the towers actually. Unfortunately, this is not for the Public, but here you will find the article: sightseei was different: To visit the towers actually Minster.


Münster bells

A suitable accompanying music, are the bells of the many churches in Münster. Six bell games are distributed over the entire downtown and sweeten your stroll through the city. For example, the Glockenspiel at the house Nonhoff (day 12, 16, 17 and 18 PM), good to hear and to see in Rothenburg 13, another on the opposite side of the road.

Botanical Garden

The Botanical garden of the westfälische Wilhelms-Universität is located in the castle Park and offers an oasis of peace and relaxation. In the middle of Münster. Pineapple plants from South and Central America, moorland, plants of Africa and Asia, succulents, medicinal plants, old tree stocks and much more.
Address: to reach castle garden, 3 (within walking distance of the city centre)

Historical Town Hall

The historic town hall is next to the Cathedral is a landmark Cathedral. The characteristic arch house was built in the fifties on the original. The inner peace room where the negotiations were held, remained in the former condition. The town hall is now used for official and cultural events.

Woman Road 24 ("F24")

This Location is an absolute cult and so much more than just an address or a pub. The F24 is one of the first occupied houses of the Federal Republic of Germany and for 30 years the cultural Association organized here, concerts, readings and political discussions. Excellent Turkish cuisine!
Address: MS road 24 (within Walking distance of downtown.) The kitchen is open until at least 21.

Tours in Münster

Here are a few tours to Münster, I would recommend. Especially the historical tours are very worthwhile.