At the end of September I flew with Lion from the Seychelles to Germany. Anyone who's been following me longer, knows the story of the Lion and his past (With dog & cat...

My flight with Lion from the Seychelles to Germany {review}

At the end of September I flew with Lion from the Seychelles to Germany. Anyone who's been following me longer, knows the story of the Lion and his past (With a dog & cat on La Digue – how it all began), and does not know that it is with domestic animals in the Seychelles not so easy. And there I'll stay this time longer, we have taken this adventure to us.

Lion has mastered the flight super. Then, I have received so many positive messages from you. Your all the questions I answer in this blog post.

  1. With a dog flying – the preparation
  2. What are the papers needed for a dog to travel from Seychelles to Germany?
  3. Our flight – How was the Check-in with a dog?
  4. The arrival at Frankfurt airport – Where is Lion and how was the flight?
  5. How has acclimated Lion?
  6. Your questions, my answers

Island girl & island dog

With a dog flying – the preparation

You have to know that I'm not just with Lion flew. I made both of my animals (including my cat Zanmalak) from the beginning to the time of departure, ready for use, i.e. they have been vaccinated and blood tested (the determination of the rabies antibodies). If you nachimpft then once a year, the validity of the blood tests always exist and the animals can leave the country after a final health check.

Due to my location on La Digue, this was exactly a challenge, however, because there is no veterinarian, and we had to drive most of the time to Mahé, in order to complete the following steps on the example of the Lion:

  1. Microchip
    The Mikroshiop is mandatory for entry and must be implanted prior to the first vaccination under the skin. By the way: as of January 2020, each dog must be registered on the Seychelles by law, and with a Mikroship provided.
  2. First Vaccination
    In the Seychelles there is no rabies, however, they are not officially listed as a rabies free country. For the departure to Europe, this vaccine is therefore needed. The regular dog vaccination and the subsequent issuance of the vaccination record was.
  3. After 3 Weeks Post Inoculation
    After about three weeks, the Lion had to be revaccinated (on the Seychelles, the dogs get a second, unofficial anti-rabies vaccination a week prior to the blood test, but it is not entered in the vaccination certificate)
  4. Waiting period of 30 days
    After vaccination, 30 days must elapse before the blood test must be carried out.
  5. Blood sampling for the determination of rabies antibody/Titer
    For the blood test, the veterinarian takes a syringe of blood and sends you into the next EU-approved laboratory to South Africa.
  6. 3-Month Period
    After Blood withdrawal, the animal is allowed to leave only after 3 months. As long as it took approximately until the results were there. The antibody Titer must be at least 0.5 units per ml. In the case of Lion and Zanmalak the result was direct enough.
  7. The veterinarian prior to the scheduled departure inform
    About 1 to 2 weeks before departure I informed the vet on Mahé and created the papers.
  8. Health check-up before departure
    72 hours prior to departure, we are then back to the vet to a legally-required health check. Lion was examined and the vet has to give the Ok that he is fit and allowed to leave the country. He then provides the so-called "Health Certificate". This also is a vermifuge (a treatment against Echinococcus multilocularis), by the veterinarian 24 to 72 hours prior to departure is given and the stipulated by the EU is. Then I was handed the papers and the Lion was allowed to leave the country.
Zanmalak to the vet on Mahé
So having looked at the ferry, if we have not taken the directly boat
Animals must be accustomed to the ferry always in a Box, therefore, the two are traveling
Here we are waiting back on the ferry to La Digue

What are the papers needed for a dog to travel from Seychelles to Germany?

The papers depend on the Airline. In the case of Condor, it is a direct flight (otherwise I would not have taken the Lion) and I was able to check in normally with me as a passenger. The following papers I needed for the exit or entry:

  • Vaccination certificate
  • Microchip Certificate (Microchip Certificate)
  • Rabies Vaccination Certificate (Rabies Certificate)
  • Health certificate from the veterinarian on Mahé (Health Certificate)
  • Results of the blood tests (an official certification of the laboratory)
  • The EU health certificate (EU Health Certificate)
  • A written Declaration from me that the dog is running for non-commercial reasons (Non-commercial movement from non-EU countries); it is also issued by a veterinarian and then you have to self-sign it.
  • Export Permit

The Export Permit, I organized mine in Victoria itself, because I have recommended the all. The remaining papers have been issued all from the vet on Mahé (apart from the result of the blood tests).

Here you can read the legal provisions on the Website of the EU.

Our flight – How was the Check-in with a dog?

Before booking the flight I called Condor and asked if they have availability, because you can only transport a small and a large dog crate. The boxes are located during the flight in the cargo hold in a separate area, which is just like the passenger cabin is heated.

2.5 hours before the flight, we drove to the airport. There we introduced ourselves with all the other passengers in the queue. The Condor is a special feature, because all the other Airlines Pets as Cargo are checked. As we were there early, we stood in the front of the.

In the queue we were recognized by some of you and raised. With all the talks of the waiting time flew by. The Checkin went quickly. The papers were only tested after my return question for a few seconds.

I had to fill out a form that was pasted as a sticker on the Box. My contact details, the Name of the animal and when it last updated the feed and water has stood.

On the Box is a sticker with arrows (up) and “Live Animals (Dog) was glued”.

The employee at the airport told me then that I should bring the Lion around 22: 30 (so about an hour before the flight) is over. We then spent the waiting time at the airport together. Thank God I was not alone, but had the love Birgitt from the property, and Bois d'amour, the me society made.

I was walking several times with Lion. In between, he has slept in the Box and we have eaten at "The Coffee Club".

At 22.30 we went to the agreed place of delivery to the right of the Security Check, where to Lion from an airport employee in the reception was taken. He has accompanied him to the plane. The recently organized water bottle, I handed directly to the employee, with the request to replenish the bowl on the plane again.

I have taken mainly the hours before the flight, to the fact that Lion is drinking a lot. The last Time he got in the morning feed.

Afterwards I went to the Security Check and waited there at the Gate on Boarding.

When it was finally time to go, I was surprised with an Upgrade of Condor in the Business Class.

I was so happy about it. I'm so glad that this Airline is allowed to fly, because I love this direct connection to the Seychelles so much.

On Board with me and is still an employee of the Airline, whether it be with my dog at the airport, everything is well worked out. This has given me a good feeling, because I knew that all of the presence knew of my dog.

The arrival at Frankfurt airport – Where is Lion and how was the flight?

After Disembarking, we had to change trains in a Bus and I've seen Lions Box immediately, since they came first out of the plane. In the Frankfurt airport, I am then by the Visa control and then directly to lock-up baggage walked, the Lion should arrive. An employee then told me that he would call me when he is there. Therefore, I'm then first to the baggage reclaim.

The waiting time until the Lion finally came on the roll tape drive, for me was a roller coaster of emotions. All the tension he came much finally rolled of me, as in his Box on the Band. Lion wagged his tail and was so excited. "Get it quiet out of the Box" told me, the staff, the took care of at the same time two other dogs.

I have to say that Lion was very accustomed to the Box. We are not driven to constantly Mahé to the vet, because dogs are allowed to without on the ferry. At home I fed him often. Despite his past, he has about 6 months in a cage spent, he likes his kennel and is always alone.

During the flight I have put him on a blanket in the Box, and I've been sitting all the previous day in the car, so he had my smell on it.

After his arrival at the bulky Luggage Lion and I are in the car with our suitcases and the Box in the direction of the output walked. The customs was not there and so we were able to just walk out.

My sister has been waiting for. Our next Stop was a gas station on the highway, where I'm a round with him went for a walk so he could pee.

How has acclimated Lion?

I'm really incredibly proud of Lion, how well he has mastered the flight and the first time in Germany. He is very easy to care for and trying to do everything right. Anyone who follows me on Instagram, might have seen in my Stories as well, it's him.

Lion & I gather in the German forest mushrooms

In our travels with the Box within the Seychelles, I have given him the feeling that it is quite normal is what we make. So it was on the day of departure. I am of the opinion that it senses a dog, and so he was relaxed at the airport is absolutely deep.

Lion is very grateful that he was allowed to with and you notice him every day. The first few times on a dog, and in the forest were meadow very exciting for him. Especially all the smells, have him overwhelmed at the start. This calmed down after a few days.

On the outside he wears at temperatures below 10 degrees, a fleece coat. In the apartment he loves to hide under a wool blanket. He would like to cuddle a lot more, probably because he feels the body heat. He is used to from the Seychelles, only temperatures above the 30 degrees. We are now three weeks in Germany, and he slowly gets thicker Felling. The current temperatures of at least 10 degrees from him so far, absolutely nothing.

Your questions, my answers

How long you have to stay in the Seychelles to Germany, a dog to take?

You have to stop for at least 6 months in the Seychelles. Apart from that, you should be aware that the veterinary care on the Islands is very poor. There is currently only one official veterinarian on Mahé.

In addition, animals are poisoned often. You should keep in mind. I held Lion in every walk always in view.

How does the dog so long without food?