Imagine that you live on a 5x3 km large Seychelles island. Exactly the life I chose. Here I tell you how that feels!

&Ndash;about life on a small island

Stell you before, you're driving the bike for about 5 kilometres in a South-easterly direction, then it is not a more more. It is a wild dream beach with thunderous Surf. Then you drive the route back to the North, until the road ends and it goes no further, then another dream of the beach, where there are mostly no visitors follows. Imagine that you live on a 5×3 km and 9,81 km2 large island and all around there is nothing, except other 114 Islands and the gigantic ocean. The next mainland, Africa, is at a distance of 1,600 km. This is exactly the life I have chosen, because I live on this island, more precisely on La Digue.

Just 250 years young, the history of the Seychelles is, because only in 1770 there was the first settlement. In 1972, the only international airport on Mahé has opened, namely, exactly as the tourism catchment to the Seychelles received. Since then, nothing is as it once was. And I don't mean to be negative, quite the contrary. It would have been different, I would have chosen four years ago, it's likely that this destination for my vacation. It would have been different, I would not now live on my little dream island – far, far away from the life I lived before. In addition, many of the Locals could live without the tourism the way they do it now – and this is a nice Argument. I love to watch how you care for with much love your guest house or as a Guide the travelers to their island show.

Now it is long since time to give an insight into my life.

La Digue, Seychelles

Home is where my Paradise is

La Digue is one of Mahé and Praslin, the three main Islands of the Seychelles. It is the smallest and the clock is ticking a little slower than the two big sisters. On La Digue, approximately 2,700 Local, so – called Seychellois to 1.000 tourists will come then (if all beds are occupied). Because the majority of this island must not be missing in the case of the Seychelles-trip of course.

On the island there is a school, a Church, a small hospital, a police station, a fire station, a gas station, a bigger supermarket, a few small stores, the Essentials offer, Restaurants, Take-Aways, as well as about a dozen Shops where to buy Souvenirs, clothes or other simple textiles. There would then be still – if I just counted correctly – 21 dream beaches, called the 333 m high mountain in the Nid d'aigle, also known as “eagle's nest”, the Park of “L'union Estate” the most photographed beach in the world, the Anse Source d'argent, and felt a Million granite rocks protruding at every possible place from the ground up and this island is a very unique Flair. This is not, of course, far from everything, but to not tell you much I now.

Street names are not on La Digue is necessary. Packages to be delivered at the port picked up or directly to your home. Here you know where everyone lives. The centre of La Digue, La Passe, is located directly at the small port. A center, that maybe the one or the other presents different, but it is the area of the island, on the – next to the dream beach Anse Source d'argent – the most going on. Here Locals meet up for a beer in the evening, to get tourists on a ferry, bicycles are awarded, be replaced with the latest island news.

In the small street, a few stores, including a Bank, an ATM, Takeaways, a Restaurant, a Tourist Office and a few smaller Shops. And, of course, Tarosa, an Open-Air Bar on the island and a meeting point for the Locals on the weekend, if from 22/23 PM, Live music will be played and you meet me there more often. Then, of course, with our good friends, the Takamaka Rum now and again it may be red wine. The Seychellois love to drink. And dance. Especially on the weekends. But especially on Sunday when families meet with friends at the beaches to BBQ, since then, of course, the alcohol is a must. So it is not unusual to meet a Seychellois on Sunday morning at 9 o'clock with a Seybrew or Guniess beer in Hand. It is, after all, Sunday. Who goes on a Monday morning in the Shops, you will find a very large probability of empty Takamaka shelves. Especially popular are the coconut and vanilla variants are, by the way. For the men, it must be the dark Rum with lots of Turns. Mixed with fresh juices for the ladies, or on ice for the gentlemen, and a pinch of Paradise, and the scent of coconut palm trees – this is the life.

From the Bicycle city of Münster on the Bicycle island of La Digue

Bike I know to still have from my time in Münster, the Bicycle city of Germany, where I studied for a long time lived and worked. In Münster, each inhabitant has, on average, two-wire donkey. Here on La Digue, it is similar, even if it is only one per Person. No matter, whether Seychellois or leisure – here is to ride a bike.

Even if there used to be no cars on La Digue and the ox-cart was used to Transport all sorts of things, so this has changed until today. The ox-cart still, but then only as a popular means of transportation in the case of weddings, if the bride will be chauffeured from the Hotel to the beach or island excursions.

Cars, however, it now looks more likely, if you lawn past and also faster than the recommended speed of 30. The floor lighting is a must for some, of course. Again and again I read from disappointed tourists who expect to carts in their illusory world is an island without cars, but numerous oxen, and of every passing car, let the holiday joy to spoil. How did you get these expectations? I don't know. What I do know, however, that there are now over 45 cars on the island. Including not only cars, but also the open, electronic, Club Cars, the drive is almost silent by. I like the somehow and for me they fit much better in this island image. But the Paradise is evolving. Also here will be built here, too, heavy things must be carried, even here, trucks driving by, also supermarkets need to be stocked, here, too, tourists want to sit in an air-conditioned Taxi and your accommodation to be brought. No Kidding.

how is the life on such a small island?

I was able to glimpse in advance to my maximum of 4-week stays only, and to me in my Dreams to imagine. Eight Times I was already in the Seychelles and was able to give me a picture of how life here might be. Longer and longer my stay over the years. I didn't know that I need Abundance in Germany. Quite the contrary, he is stressing me out and finished me. An Excess in this kind, there is not here, not in the slightest. There are no shopping streets, where you could be money for pointless things to spend. No countless cafes. No Cinemas. There Is No Castle Shops. Numerous supermarkets. No Museums. No Stress. No Crowds Of People. There is here in the Seychelles, something different, that's priceless for me: the sun, nature, beaches, sea, palm trees, mountains, coconuts, granite rocks & pure joy of life.

From 100 to Zero in a month

Once down, please. Now almost a year has passed and I've already found a long time everyday. From 100 to almost Zero in a month, which at the beginning was certainly not easy. As much as I was accustomed to the treadmill in Germany. There, everything was hectic. Everything must go quickly. Here it is different, because in Paradise they know no time pressure, let alone the Stress. What? There is still Tomorrow. And The Day After Tomorrow. Or the day after. Who cares. I had to get used to me, of course, and so slowly manage me, but now after about a month, I hear from my friend again and again: “We have time”. And how right he is, even with all the time in the world.

Why 5 stars when you can have 5 million