You're looking for a gift idea or want to your Wanderlust for the year 2019 of something styles? Then this Seychelles calendar of 2019 is sure to be something for you!

Seychelles calendar of 2019 – now erhäavailable

Your Love,

after 2016, and 2017, Seychelles calendar of me and in the last year, some of you had requests, I have created for 2019 again.

The 1. Edition was sold out very quickly after only 24 hours and I have again re-ordered.

In 12 beautiful images of you takes this Seychelles calendar in 365 days through the year 2019. To shorten no matter whether for yourself, friends, Partner, as a gift idea for Christmas, or the time until the next holiday – the calendar shows the Islands from a different angle.


You do with the purchase at the same time something Good, as per the Seychelles calendar I donate 3 euros to the Blue House for Dog Lovers. The owner, Rita has a big heart for dogs. Started with a couple of street dogs that she took, and partially in front of the poisoning rescued, she lives now with about 35 dogs on your property. All of this financed with the Blue House for Dog Lovers, where they rented the first floor Apartment via Airbnb. 90% of the revenues flowing into the catering for the dogs, and I would like to assist you. At the 1. Edition 2019 are already 180 Euro for Rita together, I transferred her to the 31.10.2018.


  • Format: DIN A3 landscape (420 x 297 mm)
  • Material: 250g high quality print, matt (incl. Cover sheet, 500g cardboard Back grey back)
  • Binding: metal spiral Wire-O-binding
  • Photos & Design: clouds far
  • Price: 26,95 Euro + 3 Euro Donation = € 29.95