You're planning a trip to the Seychelles, and ask yourself: How many Islands to travel to, and for how long? Here you will find the answers, tips, and much more

Seychelles – how many Islands to travel to, and for how long?

Ialways ask myself vacationers, if I can on La Digue not slowly a island Koller get. On the inside I have to smile then. Island Koller? Even after a year, I can't get of the island still not enough. I discover new things, meet new people, learn, be amazed, experience and nature is anyway different every day. And if I want to see something different, then I just hop to another island, for a day, for a few days or for a week's holiday in their own country. What there is here, because otherwise 115 Islands? A Island feel, I don't have, is that I'm doing every day things a vacationer, but a fully Packed everyday life is not have that is actually different than in Germany, only that it takes place in Paradise, what alone is of course already a dream.

But back to the topic. The Seychelles are perfect for an island hopping. And when I think about time in more detail about it, I know not a destination, and the island hopping in fact, it is so easy. Apart from that, the Islands are all so different that it would be a great shame if it stays only on one.

A total wait of 115 beautiful Islands situated in the Indian ocean to be discovered. Well almost, because many of the Islands can not be or only one of the days attended field trip. Some of them are even privately owned and can be visited only with a booking of an accommodation – often in the luxury segment – possible. Who plans a trip has to face the big question:

How many Islands to travel to?

But now for the first time from the beginning. How many Islands of the Seychelles have, anyway? There are a total of 115 Islands, 42 granitic Islands and 72 coral Islands are.

The three main Islands

Mahé, Praslin & La Digue

On the three main Islands of the Seychelles, Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, is the life of the archipelago. It is not there is only almost the whole of life, but also the majority of the population lives there, with more than 90%.

When my readers ask the question according to the recommended Islands, then I try to answer this as neutral as possible. Why? Because it is very difficult to answer this question so that it is true of everyone. As different as the Islands are, as different as it is to say in the run-up to, what is the island like best. This is the experience everyone should make yourself and not too much of recommendations in forums or on websites and let yourself be guided. In the case of a first trip to the Seychelles, I always try to recommend to distribute the time evenly over the three main Islands.


Mahé is the largest and most diverse island of the Seychelles. At a length of 28 and a width of 3 to 8 km, with just under 83 000 inhabitants, almost 90% of the population, most of the sights, beaches, hikes, Restaurants, activities, accommodations, shops and so much more. On Mahé, the Creole life. Everything that reached the Seychelles, regardless of whether holidaymakers, Coco Cola, or TV – lands or stranded to Mahé, before it is distributed to the other Islands.

But otherwise, Mahé is the hub of the Seychelles and in many ways, the main island. There administrations, commercial and fishing port, office buildings, but also to the International airport. In addition, the only officially incorporated city in and the capital of Seychelles, Victoria, is located on Mahé. Many imposing mountain slopes – the highest of which is 909 m high and are overgrown with dense jungle. The South is wild, original, partially untouched and so very different than the North, around the Beau Vallon, the most popular and longest beach on Mahé.

I can say that they convinced anyone Who was not on Mahé, has not seen the Seychelles right. And I do not mean to depend on a half a day in Victoria, but the island in a couple of days to properly explore.

I love Mahé and the last but not least, because of the wild South, or because you can drive a car, but because I've seen after so many years in the Seychelles, still not all of it. Mahé holds new Surprises for me – and therefore I look forward every couple of weeks on this island.

How much time on Mahé schedule?

On Mahé, you should a minimum of four-nights schedule, but even then you are only scratching the surface – there is so much to discover there. The longer the stay, the better.

How are you going to Mahé?

  • The plane from Germany, for example, by direct flight with Condor
  • Cheap flights found on Skyscanner
  • The ferry from Praslin or La Digue
  • Some with the cruise ship

Accommodation on Mahé

  • Accommodations at SeyVillas
  • Accommodations on Airbnb (Now 35 Euro voucher!)

More about Mahé know

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Praslin is the second largest Haupttinsel of the Seychelles. On your life about 9,000 inhabitants and is located 50 km from Mahé, from where you can be reached by ferry in about an hour, and with the domestic flight in 15 minutes. On Praslin, everything goes to something more contemplative and quieter than Mahé. This is of course mainly due to the fact that the island with a size of 12 km is much smaller. On Praslin can really relax. Holidaymakers you meet outside of the accommodation away from the famous beaches almost hardly. This is me every Time I drive from La Digue to Praslin. In addition to two of the most beautiful beaches of the Seychelles, the Anse Lazio and the Anse Georgette, located on the island's two nature parks, the Unesco world heritage site Vallée de Mai and Fond Ferdinand Park – all very worth seeing. Also various excursions from Praslin from the company.

How much time on Praslin schedule?

On Praslin you should be a minimum of four-nights schedule. Who is not be a stay on the island, however, only on-the-go, but also times by the Pool, on the beach in front of the door, or a day trip, for example, to Curieuse and St. Pierre, or Cousin, companies like, you should rather plan more time.

How did you come to Praslin?

  • From Mahé by domestic flight (Propeller plane) with Air Seychelles
  • From Mahé by helicopter Zil Air
  • From Mahé by ferry (Cat Cocos or the Cat Rose)
  • From La Digue by ferry (Cat Cocos or the Cat Rose

Accommodation on Praslin

  • Accommodations at Seyvillas
  • Accommodations on Airbnb
The beautiful Anse Lazio on Praslin is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Seychelles

La Digue

Just under 3,000 people live on the 3 x 5 km small island of La Digue. She is the smallest of the three main Islands and 5 km from Praslin is just removed. La Digue is for many the Prime example of a dream island and there in front of all the lots of gigantic granite boulders and brilliant white sand beaches that make up this island. Regardless of whether or not Bacardi or Raffaelo – so, some were shot promotional films. So it's no wonder that Anse Source d'argent one of the most beautiful, but also one of the most photographed beaches in the world.