Excursions in the Seychelles were looking for? The local Robert Agnes offers unique hikes & tours on La Digue (Seychelles). Trip report to read!

Seychelles: With a “Sunny Trail Guide” at Anse Marron on La Digue

La Digue is the smallest of the three inhabited main Islands of the Seychelles and this is my personal Megastar is. With only 10 km2, it has to discover incredibly a lot of to. Hidden places in nature and beaches, which alone are hard to find as the Anse Marron, shows “Sunny Trail Guide” on adventurous hikes.

Dhe local Robert Agnes has it up now on the no 1 of the Top activities and attractions on La Digue managed. No wonder, he looks after each Tour in the beam end faces and earn a positive review after the other. Under the name of “Sunny Trail Guide” (or “La Digue Tour Guide Seychelles”), he offers guided hikes & trips to La Digue to. The most famous Tour is the hiddenn Anse Marron: is A fantastic beach with natural Pools, the huge granite rocks and lush Vegetation fringed be. An absolute insider's tip and a Must Do for anyone who is planning a stay on this island.

For adventurers and nature lovers:
The Tour to the Anse Marron

Early in the morning to 8 o'clock or a little later it goes off. The starting point is the small helicopter airfield (the so-called “Heliport”) at the L'union Estate to the West of the island. The direction of the hike depends on the tide, which checked Robert the night before, exactly. At low tide, it starts in the Morning to walk to the Heliport and the Tour ends at the Grand Anse, where it goes, take a Taxi back to the starting point. At low tide in the afternoon, a Taxi ride to the group – usually there are about 4-10 people – to Grand Anse, where the Tour starts, and finally in the afternoon at Anse Source D'argent ends.

La Digue: 8 PM and let's go!

The hike starts today, right on the beach at the Heliport, past the world-famous Anse Source D'argent. A picture-book beach, is regularly voted among the most beautiful in the world. Huge granite rocks jutting out of the Sand and make it one of the most popular photo Spots in the Seychelles. So early in the Morning the beach is empty of people, what are the changes to mid-morning often, because then the La to come Digue on day trips here.

The gorgeous Anse Source D'argent is early in the Morning, still empty of people...

At the end of the Anse Source D'argent, it goes over to the large granite rocks by the water is at low tide higher than knee or waist high. When Wading through the sea views the nearest beaches are Anse Pierrot and Anse Aux Cedres is just gorgeous. White powder sugar sand, palm trees, stretching towards the sun, behind the towering mountains of granite, and not a soul in sight (except for us of course). I walked this path dozens of times and can see myself just never tired of it.

After the first part of the hike, it goes on through the dense jungle. A secret and bright green Wilderness to expect, and once again, it's head in, because otherwise you don't get through the thicket. Robert gives information about the nature, showing species of plants or animals, such as the well-known Paradise Flycatcher, a bird that lives only in the Seychelles. Poisonous animals don't exist here in the country, by the way – only a couple of large spiders or centipedes crossing the road.

It continues over the large granite rocks and the sea view could not be better. The path over the rocks is for many the most exhausting part; extreme caution is needed, because in the rock-like columns, probably none slip. I will lose this Time to cover my lens in one of the-meter-deep columns. Not a Problem for Robert, who brings him to me again, of course. After a while, we finally arrive at our destination for today, the hidden Anse Marron. It is an absolute Dream, which is surrounded by gigantic granite rocks. The Anse Marron has two areas. The a has no reef, so all the beaches on the East side of La Digue, and thus, no protection from the open sea. Depending on the Season, there are huge waves and strong currents.

The other area of Anse Marron has several natural Pools that invite you to swim and Relax. Large rocks separate this area from the open sea and to protect him throughout the year. Depending on the tide, more or less, water is included, sometimes it is enough just to the knee, to the shoulder – to bathe in it enough, but one way or the other.

For almost two hours, we stay here and everyone can use the time as he would like. The one lying on the beach and bask in the sun, the other to explore the area and take photos. Robert sharpens currently his knife to the rock and prepares for each a small lunch. I'm helping him. There is a fruit plate with melons, oranges, cucumbers, star fruit, and a couple of Creole Snacks.

After nearly two hours, it goes more in the direction of Grand Anse. This way will take about 2.5 hours (depends on the group) and leads a very nice piece, high above the rocks with breath-taking views. It goes through the forest, again over rocks and finally through a narrow cleft in the rocks – pure adventure!

We end up in a mini format to a beach, I would be the smallest beach of the island: Anse Songe say. It continues through the forest up to the Grand l’Anse – not to be confused with the Grand Anse, which follows. All gorgeous, wild beaches, due to the remoteness of never visitors, but mostly in the Südumrundung be crossed.

The wild beach of Anse Songe

Why use a local Tour Guide book?

Who would like to make a Südumrundung on La Digue, you should do it with a local Tour Guide. This is especially true for those who were never on the island or not well versed, but also, and especially, for reasons of safety. Without the accompaniment of the Anse Marron is very difficult to find. You always hear that people lost in the jungle, or the labyrinth of rocks not more back. So Robert has accumulated enough some of the guests who have lost, or a night in the jungle had to spend, the next Morning, totally dehydrated, because you are not alone, have found back. Or had to look at other rescue efforts from the boat with the police for Missing. This is no fun and has unfortunately, cost people's life.

So you'd better have a Guide – the more fun it is anyway. On the way there is also a wealth of Knowledge about Flora & Fauna, fresh coconuts and lots of insider tips. In addition, you should support the Locals that have these tours only an important source of income, but also a lot of heart blood investing.

The Tour ends on this day at the Grand Anse, where a Taxi, the group returns to the starting point.

What you should know in advance