You're planning a trip to the Seychelles with children? In this post you will find an Interview with 3 families and I give some recommendations for accommodations.

Seychelles with children – 3 families in the Interview

The theme of the Seychelles with children, I have not addressed yet on the Blog. This is, of course, the fact that I have no children except my furry Babies Lion and Zanmalak.

In General, it must, of course, each family has to decide for themselves whether they want to impose on their children the long flight, the high temperatures and high humidity. The tropical conditions also, many adults create and the body in General requires a few days to get used to the new climate. In my eyes there are months where I would me really consider whether I with children or Babies on the Seychelles trip. Especially recommended are the months of March and April, where it is extremely hot and humid.

But there are of course many advantages, why the Seychelles with children are suitable. The small time difference, the many beautiful beaches, nature and many possibilities for activities, for example.

For this blog post, I have three families interviewed, have a Seychelles island hopping with children or Baby behind and speak from my own experience. In the end, you can also find some recommendations for accommodations.

Table of contents
  1. How looked your Seychelles island hopping, exactly?
  2. What makes a trip to the Seychelles with children?
  3. Would you recommend, in retrospect, a trip with the kids to the Seychelles?
  4. What have you guys been to the Seychelles with children?
  5. Do you have a tip for families with children or a Baby on the Seychelles travel?
  6. Tips for family-friendly accommodations

Seychelles with children or Baby 3 families in the Interview

How looked your Seychelles island hopping, exactly?

1. Kathrin & family, 2 children (3 years and 1 year)
We were in June, 2019 in the Seychelles. Our journey began on the main island of Mahé, where we spent the first 4 days to Acclimate spent. Then we took the ferry to Praslin. Here we spent 6 days, and then rise again on the ferry and spend 4 more days on La Digue. The last 3 days of our holiday we stayed again on Mahé, to be sure, that with the ferry and the flight, everything works. Overall, we were 17 days on the Seychelles.

Our accommodations in the Seychelles

  • Mahé: Belle Vacance
  • Praslin Villa Aya
  • La Digue: Chalet de Palma
  • Mahé To Eden Island Apartment

2. Stefanie & family, 2 children (7 months and 6 years)
We were at the end of June 2018 for two weeks in the Seychelles. There were a total of 14 days, 7 nights on Praslin, 7 nights on Praslin and 1 day trip to La Digue.

We stayed for 7 nights on Praslin in the Amitie Chalets and had Chalet to the Superior. It was 40 sq m in area and consisted of a large room with a double bed, a single bed and a baby bed and a Desk. There was a kitchen with a dining table, a private terrace with sea view and a bathroom with a shower. The fridge was filled on arrival with bread, juice, eggs, Butter, jam and milk. Per night we paid 85 Euro for the four of us.
On Mahe we stayed for 7 nights (75 euros per night) in the apartment Stephna Residence. The Apartment is 70 sqm in size and had a double bed, a Sofa that was converted into a bed for Emil and a baby bed. Similarly, a kitchen, a bathroom with shower and a small terrace with view into the Green. The Pool with view of the sea was allowed to be used by all travelers of the three apartments. We had him mostly to ourselves.
Our accommodations in the Seychelles
  • Praslin: Amitie Chalets
  • Mahé: Stephna Residence

3. Bettina & family, 2 children (7 and 11 years)
We were last July (2019) for two weeks with our children in the Seychelles and have a few days on all three main Islands spent: 6 days, Mahé 4 days on Praslin and 5 days in La Digue.

The trip we have organised and booked (flights, Transfers, accommodation and rental cars). This has worked wonderfully. On La Digue, and Mahé we had a guest house on Praslin the Hotel. In retrospect, I must say that we have the guests of Hauser much better than the Hotel (but this was perhaps also at the Hotel, because we were at the Berjaya Praslin Beach Resort). In the two other accommodation, we felt very comfortable. On Mahé, we were in the Takamaka Green Village and La Digue imZanboza Guesthouse.

Our accommodations in the Seychelles

  • Mahé: Takamaka Green Village
  • Praslin, Berjaya Praslin Beach Resort
  • La Digue: Zanboza Guesthouse

What makes a trip to the Seychelles with children?

1. Kathrin & family, 2 children (3 years and 1 year)
There are beautiful long and sometimes deserted beaches, where there is a lot to Discover (stones for Climbing, crabs to Find, fish to Look at) and the warm sea – what children wish for more? The Two have blasted the whole holiday. Our children are up to the the time shift is always great, but we were the first, but the right platform. In the Seychelles, is the time shift of 2 hours beautifully and we hardly noticed a difference. This is an absolute advantage. Flexibility is also a factor with children. We had a rental car and were able to plan each day individually.

2. Stefanie & family, 2 children (7 months and 6 years)
The beautiful, uncrowded beaches with powder sugar-like Sand and the warm sea for a swim. In addition, we were everywhere with our children Welcome. A further advantage is that it is only two hours (in the European Winter, three hours) time difference to Germany.

3. Bettina & family, 2 children (7 and 11 years)
The beautiful nature and the beaches, the underwater world, the few time-shift, the relatively stable weather, and the Seychelles as a safe travel destination.

Would you recommend, in retrospect, a trip with the kids to the Seychelles?

1. Kathrin & family, 2 children (3 years and 1 year)
In retrospect, I would make the trip the same way, because I have, due to our island's division is now a separate assessment of each island. If I would, however, again to the Seychelles travel or someone should something to recommend, then it is the following: To Spend for arrival and departure is 1 to 2 days on Mahé, that is enough. Otherwise, you can easily spend 5 days on Praslin. For the remaining days in La Digue and offers. This beautiful patch of earth deserves more than just a short Stop and for me is a place for parents and children.

2. Stefanie & family, 2 children (7 months and 6 years)
We would do everything again the same way, except that we would have to book in advance, also on Praslin, hire a car and on the Bus without. It never came, unfortunately, at all, and once we have been waiting for forever. With children that is not very pleasant. In addition, we should have the diapers not to take, because there was to buy in the super markets, also on Praslin. There were also wet wipes and Baby food.

3. Bettina & family, 2 children (7 and 11 years)
I would choose in hindsight, the accommodation on Mahé different. Our guest house was in the South of the island, and there it was by the Southeast monsoon in the sea. We're then several times in the North of the island to Baden dangers (travel time per route approx. 1 hour). Eventually I would also extend the time on La Digue, and Mahé from 1 to 2 days shorter stay.

What have you guys been to the Seychelles with children?

1. Kathrin & family, 2 children (3 years and 1 year)
The trips, especially the beach, depending on the age of the children, Visiting national parks, watching the wildlife (flying foxes, geckos, giant tortoises, spiders, crayfish and crabs, fish, terns), with the bike on the island, port visits, markets, Snorkelling, scuba diving, and buy freshly caught fish and cook.

2. Stefanie & family, 2 children (7 months and 6 years)
The Anse Lazio and the Anse Georgette on Praslin island and the Anse Intendance and Petite Anse on Mahé have fallen to us. We also found the national Park and Fond Ferdinand on Praslin very interesting, the Tour is always included. On La Digue we rented bikes. There were also children's bicycles (for the Large) and a children's Bicycle seats (for the Small).

3. Bettina & family, 2 children (7 and 11 years)
We have almost every day a trip. Either hire a car or Bicycle, or even booked a boat trip. The Highlights for the kids were the excursions: the beaches and the boat, especially the trip to Cousin, and the giant turtles on Curieuse.


Giant tortoises on Curieuse

Do you have a tip for families with children or a Baby on the Seychelles travel?

1. Kathrin & family, 2 children (3 years and 1 year)
In addition to the usual things such as travel, pharmacy, and water shoes I would pack up the next Time, be sure to sun hats and Raincoats.

2. Stefanie & family, 2 children (7 months and 6 years)
We recommend for the time on Praslin and Mahé to rent a car to see as much as possible and to explore. On La Digue, we would rent bikes again.

We opted for the route from Mahe to Praslin for the 20-minute flight, and against the ferry. The prices were similar. It is, however, faster and our accommodation on Praslin was in the vicinity of the airport and the views from the small propeller machine was fantastic – an experience in itself! We sat in the first row and could see the pilots on the shoulders.

Generally speaking, I would book a night flight, so the kids can sleep on the plane as much as possible. With Condor, there are direct flights from Frankfurt.

"There are only two or three hours time difference."

We were in June in the Seychelles and felt the Wind really blows all day and all night, comfortable. The air, of course, was wet however, and I don't want to imagine how it would have been, if not a breeze had blown. We only had our day of departure, bad weather. Otherwise there was from time to time short showers, but that doesn't bother of course with the warm temperatures.

We had diapers for Anton for the two weeks, fruit and vegetables, porridge taken in crimped form from Germany. Also, I breastfed often in the future. There are, however, on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue in the supermarket, diapers (including Pampers) and buy porridge. We were but before that, very uncertain of what awaits us in the Seychelles. Of course, the are a bit more expensive, but we felt the price for an island in the Indian ocean is appropriate. There were also wet wipes and a variety of care products for babies and children. The Locals also have children. We had a wonderful time and are back to remind us of this holiday again and again.

3. Bettina & family, 2 children (7 and 11 years)
The Seychelles are perfectly suitable for children. We have enjoyed the trip very much, because our children are at an age where you can almost do everything. It should be noted, however, that the food for the whole family can be expensive. We were often in Takeaways, however, have fed the kids almost exclusively of chicken Nuggets and French fries. With the local food you were not able to start, unfortunately, a lot of.

Snacks we bought in the supermarket. I must frankly admit that it was often very healthy, as the supply of fresh foods is very small.

What you should have in your Luggage: enough T-Shirts and clothing (Washing with a detergent works only partially, because the Laundry is never completely dry).

I would also recommend that you employment for evening takes (games, something to read and to Paint).

"For us, it has been proven that we have plays and music."

The children listen to the very happy, if there is somewhere waiting times such as, for example, at the airport or at the ferry.

Have you seen this?

My Seychelles travel guide is the perfect companion for your island hopping. On 420 pages you everything you need to know to find out – I promise!

Tips for family-friendly accommodations

In addition to the above, the following accommodations for families with children suitable. There are, of course, much more. Depending on the age of the children, you should make sure that are two bedrooms or even a whole Chalet. and a whole Bungalow with two bedrooms Bay. Depending on the age of the children, an extra bed may be required.

Accommodation for families on Mahé

A few recommendations for accommodations with children on Mahé:

  • Tropical Hideaway Apartments
    Modern apartment house with 6 residential units and two bedrooms in a Central location on the Beau Vallon (self-catering, starting at 137 € per Apartment/night).
  • Hanneman Holiday Residence
    Modern accommodation with 7 spacious, modern apartments, right on the Beau Vallon. The owner speaks German (self-catering or Breakfast (from 160 euros per Apartment/night).
  • Blue Lagoon Chalets
    Beautiful Chalets with 2 bedrooms in a quiet location in the South West of mahé, about 150 meters from the Anse à la Mouche (self-catering, from 146 euros per Chalet/night). The owner speaks English.
  • Au Fond de Mer View
    Modern Apartments in Anse Royale with a wonderful view of the sea (self-catering, from 234 Euro per Apartment/night) and for families with up to three children.

Accommodation for families on Praslin

A few recommendations for accommodations with children on Praslin: