Snorkeling almost anywhere, but where is the most beautiful and snorkeling areas in the world? 11 travel bloggers tell it!

Snorkeling? SNORKELING! These are ten of the schöbeautiful places to visit in the world

With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you're connected to the sea. No matter where on Earth you live.

— Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer

I love the sea and Snorkelling is for me one of the most beautiful adventures on travel. If I'm spending hours in the sea to observe the fascinating underwater world, taking me to the reef with colorful fish and coral, then disappear all these thoughts out of my head and I feel free. Moments such as Snorkelling in the Seychelles with sea turtles, or the encounter with a three metre manta ray on Curaçao, I will forget never.

When I travel, it is allowed to lack, therefore, of no case, and this is my Snorkel. This is at least my diving goggles with snorkel – and if it fits, then my fins. This of course depends on my destination, as I am but often in the vicinity of beaches, there are also always places for snorkeling. With this preference I am not alone and for many it is considered to be one of the most beautiful experiences in traveling. But where is the best? Where can you snorkel in the well? Where you see the most beautiful under water world?

I have ten travel bloggers to your best places for snorkeling in demand and on all these questions there is an answer now.

Where are the best places to snorkel?

  • Hawaii, Honaunau Bay
  • Egypt, Marsa Alam
  • Thailand, Koh Chang
  • Galapagos
  • Malaysia, Perhentian Islands
  • Mexico Chacahua
  • Costa Rica, Dominical
  • Jordan, Aqaba
  • Australia, Great Barrier Reef
  • Thailand, Ang Thong National Park, Koh Nai Phut Island
  • NOTE: How can you protect snorkeling the environment

Snorkeling in Hawaii, Honaunau Bay

with Anna, Anemina Travels

Actually, we were almost on the way back. My friend and I were sitting on a rock in Honaunau Bay, South of Kailua-Kona on the Big Island, Hawaii. We had just risen from the water, was hungry, and wanted to let us only quickly drying out in the sun, before we go any further, as I saw out in the Bay, fin. Shark or Dolphin, the in Hawaii is always a little bit out of the question. As more appeared, and two of them out of the water jumped, it was clear that there were dolphins. We saw and knew that The lunch will have to wait. The dolphins played in the Bay while we swam as fast as I could to them. They were a good distance away from the shore, but remained always in the same place. When we were there, there were about 20 dolphins, large and small. They were at least as curious as we are, and appeared over and over again to us and jumped up next to us out of the water. We were half an hour there, and always swam with them back and forth.

This encounter has just turtles beat everything I have ever seen while snorkeling:? Hammerhead sharks? Also pretty cool. But wild dolphins? Simply amazing!

Unfortunately, had just given up this Morning the battery of the GoPro the Ghost, so it's time for our Meeting, no pictures. I don't know whether I should be at all sad. Because I was busy with the camera, I could make this really unusual on each other much more.

More about snorkeling in Hawaii, click here.

On Anemina

Anemina Travels is a travel blog around on-the-go and out there and wild and be curious, go on adventures, and Wanderlust have. Every place tells stories and on Anemina Travels Anna told you – the big, the small, the beautiful, the sad, the funny and the serious.

Snorkeling in Egypt, Marsa Alam

with Christian, Travelography

Regardless of whether Koh Tao in Thailand, the South Malé Atoll of the Maldives or the three main island of the Seychelles. Nowhere, we are as beautiful coral reefs, and such a variety of species have experienced under water, as in the Red sea off Egypt.

The most beautiful snorkeling Spot in the world is, without question, for us, the coast from Marsa Alam.

But what makes this Region so unique?

The entrance in the reef is like a step into another world. Hovering over seagrass banks and in Marsa Alam, often shortly after the first strikes on sea turtles, various rays and types of fish Fins.

You reach the edge of the reef, you can not stop being Amazed. In contrast to many other regions, dominates in Marsa Alam, not the coral bleaching of the image. On the reef you can expect bright colors, intact and voluminous coral, as well as countless small and large fish. Schools of Lionfish, huge winding Moray eels and the famous anemone fishes, we were able to observe on our snorkel gears already.

With a little luck, one can encounter during his snorkeling adventure even dolphins or Dugong. Where else are so of the most beautiful snorkeling should be a Spot in the world?

More about snorkeling in Egypt, click here.

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Snorkeling in Thailand, Koh Chang

with Tobi, Home is where your bag is

I was snorkeling in some places in Thailand and the Philippines, but most of all I was impressed with the fish water rich in front of Koh Chang in the East of Thailand. There, I have made a Island Hopping Tour and is actually not expected.

We anchored off a small island (Koh Yak Yai) in the middle of the sea, and were able to jump from the boat directly into the water. In the water there were hundreds of colorful fish. Whole schools of fish swam curiously around me while snorkeling around. That was really fantastic.

Until then, I liked the snorkeling, and to, but was not completely enthusiastic. Koh Chang and the Island Hopping Tour have definitely changed and since then I use every opportunity to go Snorkelling. At least, if the area provides. The underwater world can truly be a Paradise, and it fascinated me since then, even more than before.

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Tobi is a digital nomad and Blogger at Home is where your Bag is. On the Blog, with a focus on South East Asia you will find many trip reports, tips, beach guides, and much more.

Snorkelling in Malaysia, Perhentian Islands

with Stefan, the fascination of South-East Asia

Snorkeling is, without question, one of my great passions. On a beautiful reef, I can stay hours and hours in the water without me boring. I had the good fortune to be able to in the last few years to very many good places to explore the underwater world, mainly in Southeast Asia, but also in Egypt and the Maldives. It's hard for me to pick as a number 1. Definitely in my Top 5 snorkeling trips around Perhentian Islands (Malaysia) are.

There are some very beautiful and intact reefs, where you about the coral and colorful fish in addition to often times a little "Bigger" can see. In addition to sharks and bumphead turtles, parrot fish. These up to 50-pound animals with the strange name of my favorite fish. I have forever to wait, to meet at last one of them. Around the Perhentians I could see you, even many times. In the Tour to the neighboring island of Rawa Island, I had a group of up to eight bumphead parrotfish minutes long to me. A beautiful, unforgettable experience.

The underwater world in the area is also very varied. There are in addition to enchanting reefs with coral other places where you encounter huge swarms. And, of course, there you'll meet also on Nemo, as well as many other colorful fish. What I also like a lot: In some Places you can snorkel directly from the beach.

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Snorkeling in Costa Rica, Dominical

with Clemens, Anekdotique

In April of this year I was in Costa Rica on-the-go, a wonderfully diverse country between the Caribbean and the Pacific. One has here as a quasi-spoilt for choice what is the waters. Was snorkeling I eventually go to Dominical on the tropical Pacific coast.

We took a fishing boat some 30 minutes to climb up to the open sea to observe first the dolphins, which I had after a while the feeling that more of you are watching us and not the other way around. Then we went to snorkel in a quiet Bay and an offshore island – a nature reserve and is inhabited only by birds. This looked to us then also interested in how we are toasty in the water want. And although the sea on this day was a little stormy for a clear view, was the snorkeling in the warm Pacific ocean, something very special. Probably because you realized that you sometimes just visiting in nature. More about his Costa Rica adventures here.

About Anekdotique is a German - and English-language travel blog with tips and stories from around the world that you, the reader, to dip into strange worlds, near and distant places, and tell you how you smell and how you taste – jokes, look into the soul of a city, a Region or a country and you far to get there take.

Snorkeling in the Galapagos

with Madlen, Puriy

Galapagos with its particular location, the huge marine iguanas and turtles, light crab cliffs and Flamingos and large colonies of sea lion is already a dream, but it was only in the water, I understand really where I am: in the middle of the Pacific ocean, in the middle at the Equator, right in the middle of Darwin's Zoo. Below me the colorful fish pass in shoals through the pure Sand and the stone floor. No glowing coral to distract from the Essential. It doesn't take long, as an oversized rays gently through the water slides. As soon as he is gone, umtanzen me three sea lions. Lightning-fast penguins zipping past me. And always there is the tension of whether and when a hammerhead shark shows up. But this snorkel happiness does not want to offer us. For this, we find among us a sleep tip reef shark white in the sandy soil. Sleeper sharks are to me anyway the best. The snorkeling in the cold water against the flow of demands somewhat energy, but is still a huge fun. It's just a pity that we could not dive, because you have to be on a special dive boat and very experienced.

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Snorkeling in the Galapagos

with Gregor, Sabbaticalism

I have a Problem. Since I was snorkeling in the Galapagos Islands is snorkeling the Same. I have noticed recently in Mexico vacation. In the second largest coral reef in the world, I was snorkeling. There were colorful fish and even a few sea turtles. But it was not just like on the Galapagos Islands.

Underwater Galapagos is a continuation of the story, which begins already in the country. A story in which the visitor is again part of nature. Exactly when the sea lion that has just dozing so lazily on the beach, shoots quickly past him. If the giant water turtle with him view is looking for a contact before you appear leisurely get to the air. Or when the threatening body of a (here dangerous) shark glides under him. It is these moments that allow him to ponder why anyone ever something as absurd as Zoos could invent.

Rich a week on the Islands enough to be a world revamp image. Whether by cruise (about 2,000 €) or as an individual island-Hopping Trip (about 1,000 €), Galapagos is like the red pill in the Matrix. When you're ready, the fascination for "nice" snorkel destinations, and all Zoos of the world to give up, you should fly then. To hedge, I recommend pre-reading this story.

On the Sabbaticalism

In the Sabbatical in South America, the brave E-Mail clerk Gregory T in the adventurous travel writers Gregório Jones and reported on Sabbaticalism turns. His Mission: Catching Smiles around the Globe.


Snorkeling in Mexico Chacahua

with Caro, Shave the whales

One of my favorite snorkeling places Chacahua in Mexico, because you meet so many turtles. It is recommended that a piece of the boat out of the location, directly on the beach the waves are too high. Further out you can see many dolphins. In addition, there is here the most beautiful sunrises on the Pacific coast, and a lagoon full of luminescent plankton that glows blue at night.Apart from snorkeling, Surfing, walk on the beach and boating you can do in Chacahua by the way, nothing. There is no supermarket, no Internet, only a road made of Sand and a few beach huts. There may be better conditions for a relaxing holiday?

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Caroline writes on of travel, which makes them again and again, although it is rather unsuitable for this. She forgets every Hotel has clothes, can sleep neither in the Bus nor in the plane and has no sense of direction. Nevertheless, there is something that draws you out into the world.

Snorkeling in Australia's Great Barrier Reef (Port Douglas)

with Martin & Caro, WE TRAVEL THE WORLD