Silhouette is the third largest island of the Seychelles and a Paradise for nature lovers. Why visit more than, you can find here.

So schön is Silhouette Island

Die question, which island in the Seychelles with me next to it, is slowly becoming more and more difficult to answer. Not because I've seen it all (that would be at 115 Islands is also very difficult), but because the others are always harder to reach, because they are, for example, in privately owned or only a single luxury resort accommodate.

An island has it was me but no longer did, and since then, I at Beau Vallon on Mahé island at sunset, in the distance, every Time of your Silhouette dreams. Then it was clear to me, this island I need to see you very soon. In November it finally happened. In this island the Name is program, because:

Silhouette Island


At sunset you can see from Beau Vallon on Mahé, only the black Silhouette in the distance.

The mountainous island is 20 km off the North-West coast of mahé and up to 751 m high. With a size of 5.7 x 4.3 km is the third largest island of the Seychelles and is thus larger than La Digue. It's hard to imagine that there are on Silhouette only two accommodations. It is particularly popular with nature lovers and Hiking fans can enjoy the 93% of protected areas on many trails. Silhouette is one of the few Islands that is as good as unaffected. This is mainly due to its steep rock walls and to reach the hard-to-coast, what is it that makes a settlement almost impossible. Only the Hiking trails through the island's interior. Just 50 inhabitants today, it is – apart from the staff, the accommodations, of course. Once a coconut has been on the island very successfully and Vanilla plantation operated, which was, however, set a few years ago out of operation. The palm trees continue to grow well anyway, and the island of give your wild side.

Anse La Passe

The longest beach on Silhouette, the Passe Anse La is, for me, is also the longest beach in the Seychelles felt. 1.5 km from the port to the end of the Hilton Resorts. It is a dream beach as he is in the book: Crisp white sand beach, turquoise sea and hardly a soul far and wide. The beach is protected by a reef and is suitable throughout the year for swimming for both large & small.

Anyone who runs for about 30 minutes until the end of the beach, find rocks, typical for the Seychelles to beautiful granite. Here, however, is not yet the end, because there were a few other smaller beaches that you should visit also necessarily follow.

The beautiful Anse La Passe runs along the East coast of Silhouette.

The Anse Mondon Trail

On Silhouette there are several Hiking trails, some only with a Guide. The Anse Mondon Trail it creates, however, very well alone. The hike starts in the Baie Cipailles. The Yoke is a beach behind the Anse La. The path starts directly at the beach and uphill leads to a good 3 miles through the dense jungle, steep and berggab. A certain level of Fitness, enough drinking water (minimum 3 liters) and closed-toe shoes are required. After about 1.5 to 2 hours you reach the small Bay of Anse Mondon. The trail leads along the same route and for the walk you will need a total of about 4 hours (stay in the Bay, not included).

For the 3 km to the Anse Mondon, it takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.

The wild North – Anse Cimetière, Anse Lascars and Anse Patates

Those who follow the port road to the left continue in the direction of the South, which happens at some point, the La Belle Tortue Lodge. The road makes a right bend and leads to three wild beaches of Anse Cimetière, Anse Lascars and Anse Patates. They are relatively easily accessible and requires almost no effort. Well worth a visit, especially to Anse Cimetière, since one of there top of the rock from a great view on Mahé.

Anse Lascars
Anse Patates

The history of the Dauban family

Who's to Silhouette travels, one of the Dauban family. For 100 years the France family was in possession of this island (1860 to 1960), on which they operated very successfully one of the largest coconut and Vanilla plantation in the Seychelles. Today, only the lush family reminds vault at this time and the Mount Dauban, which was named after her.

In your old house right on the Harbor Restaurant at the Hilton hotel Grand est is located today. There Creole cuisine is served, the optimisation is in our opinion very worthy of what is perhaps our spoiled Creole palate. Upstairs on the second floor you will find the Museum of the house informed about the history of the family and many of the original pieces of furniture shows how an old bed made of takamaka wood or chests of drawers. Allegedly the spirit of the family goings-on in this house on the loose. Again and again we hear of the doors that open themselves and close. The stories can be found there as well.

The tomb of the family Dauban on Silhouette

Staying on Silhouette Island

On Silhouette there are two accommodations. The Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa and the La Belle Tortue Lodge. We were both testing for a few days.

La Belle Tortue

This small, cozy Lodge is located directly on the sea and directly at the port. The two new, young and very nice managers are from France and have taken over the Lodge a few months ago. The apartments are lovingly furnished in a Seychelles-style with lots of wood. The accommodation is much smaller and more relaxed than the Hilton Hotel. The food was really very good. There was no Creole cuisine, but the best of the international dishes were served that I have ever eaten in the Seychelles. What is perhaps also due to the fact that the Manager is also the owner of a very successful star Restaurants in Paris. The food takes place very cozy in a small circle in the living room – with views of the sea, of course. Here you can feel simply only probably.

  • More info about La Belle Tortue
  • starting from 253 euros per night (for 2 persons)

This is the view we had from our balcony with views of the North Island.

Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa

The Hilton is the second property on the Silhouette. The 111 Bungalows, this luxury accommodation is located along the beautiful white Anse La Passe, some with sea views or to the mountain slope directed.

We did not miss anything here. What might be our lucky day was because on arrival the Manager came to us and said: “I have a Surprise for you. You're in the Presidential Villa!”. We could not believe it at all. This Villa is used only once, and is in every Hotel the most expensive thing you can afford there. We had not only two complete houses for us alone, but also a huge private pool with beach access, a bathroom with a Spa tub, and a private party room. As an experience, it is probably only once in your life. This Upgrade has given us to walk, but then finally, this is followed by further wall detained routes on the Silhouette, as we are liable to just this property and our dream Pool wanted to enjoy.

  • More info about Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa
  • from 244 euros per night (for 2 persons)