In March I spent three weeks in South Africa, four nights in Cape town and a visit to a famous wine region should not be missing, of course. We had opted for Stellenbosch,...

Stellenbosch – the heart of all the wine farms in S–South Africa

In March, I was three weeks in South Africa, four nights in Cape town and there will be a visit to a famous wine region, of course, are not missing. We had us for Stellenbosch as it is to a close our last stop is Cape town, but also because it is where the supposedly best wines in the world gave to.

Never before have I in a Wine Tasting and participated in Stellenbosch gave it to us, three of which – not any, but in the case of the world's best Wine plantations: Spier, Peter Falke Wines and L’avenir. But otherwise there is in this small city a lot.

By the way, Stellenbosch is not only for the wines, but also for the University, because it is considered to be one of the largest in South Africa and per Semester, more than 15,000 students are studying. But even otherwise, the pretty village has a lot to offer and is located only 30 Min from Cape town is located, so that Stellenbosch is also suitable for a day trip.

My little Stellenbosch-Guide

Oh you beautiful Stellenbosch!

Stellenbosch Wine Farms – where the wine tastes best

Wine Farm SPIERS

The Spiers Wine Farm is one of the most famous and largest wine estates in Stellenbosch, situated about 50 km from Cape town. I opted for a Chocolate-Wine Tasting. For the wines of absolute madness is served always the right chocolate that you can both before and after the SIP of wine in the mouth–!

In the case of Spiers, one can eat by the way also a wonderful lunch. The Eight Restaurant offers a small selection of very tasty food.

  • Prices: the Standard Spier Wine Tasting costs 40 R (about 2.50 Euro), the chocolate Tasting 70 R (about 5 Euro).
  • More information about the Wine Tasting at Spiers
Wine & chocolate – a delicious Duo

L’AVENIR Pinotage and Biltong Wine Tasting

In 1992, founded the winery, the Team takes care of high-quality wines with the absolute top level. So good that it has gained with the selection of Pinotage wines multiple Awards, and within a few years, in the top of the South African wines is penetrated.

  • More about L'avenir Wines to know

PETER FALKE Wine Tasting

From the garter to the top of the wine, so you can describe Peter Falke Wines the best. Because of the former German stocking manufacturer Peter Falke has been fulfilled with this winery a dream and went after his big went to his great passion for wine. His two Wine Ranges are of absolute top class and received numerous awards.

  • More about Peter Falke Wines know.

Stellenbosch tips – what you can otherwise make

Through the pretty City stroll

Stellenbosch is the second oldest town in South Africa, has about 80,000 inhabitants and a visit is worth it – not only because of the wines. The historic downtown could be largely retained. In Dorp Street, for example, there are beautifully-preserved rows of houses of the time. The best way to explore the city centre at a leisurely stroll. Here, you can browse in the many small shops, and a coffee drink, or just relaxing by the oak-lined avenues to stroll.

Who doesn't want to do it on your own, you can join a guided Tour:

  • Stellenbosch On Foot (Price: 90 R)
Look closer and you will find many beautiful historical buildings like this.

Stellenbosch Kalamandi Township visit

In Stellenbosch there are – as everywhere in South Africa – many of the poor quarter, the so-called Townships. There, people live in shacks in corrugated iron and are very poor. But even there there are differences. There are “relatively” wealthy areas, but also those where the poverty is omnipresent. Areas that you should not enter alone.

We had accompanied the happiness of the Locals, Thembi, who grew up in this Kalamandi Township and still lives there. Everyone knows you and welcomed you, when we were with you on the go. So we got a very special glimpse into life in the Townships. We visited her friends, sat with them in the living room, walked through the many small streets and listened to their many stories, and had stories to tell. We also visited one of her Friends, which is sold in their little tin hut self-made jewelry. “A lot of people don't sit here and just have the rum, but are looking for work,” she tells us proudly. So as this young girl, who deserves to be with the jewelry, in the meantime, their livelihood.

We were there on a Sunday and is a Holy day in the Township. Everyone dresses up and then it goes in the Church. Many of the inhabitants now travel a car, do not want to leave your home – the Townhips – but, although the state is now building new homes for you, so that you no longer have to endure the cold Winter in the thin sheet-metal huts.

Thembi Koli posing with a little girl at the Kiosk in the Geared Township in Stellenbosch.

Stellenbosch Accommodation

The Wedge View Country House & Spa

The two nights in Stellenbosch, we stayed in the wedge view Country House & Spa. The beautiful 5-star guest house is set amidst vineyards in a very quiet location. The rooms are beautiful and very modern furnishings. The Breakfast was varied and to recommend.

Note: For this accommodation a rental car is necessary, as it is a bit remote.

Stellenbosch Restaurants – because it tastes particularly good

I had the feeling that you can do in Stellenbosch with any Restaurant is something wrong because it just tasted anywhere wonderful. My Favorites:

  • Eight Restaurant on the Spiers Wine Farm located here is a small selection of delicious food in a beautiful location overlooking a small lake (address: Baden Powell Dr, Stellenbosch)
  • Neethlingshof Estate – already alone the journey over the beautiful, about a Kilometer long pine Avenue is a Highlight, but the Restaurant has a lot to offer. In addition to self-manufactured wines, you can beat the "Lord Neethling" the belly with all sorts of foods.
  • Delheim Restaurant – anyone looking for a place for a delicious lunch in a beautiful location, which should be here in the Delheim Restaurant over look. (Address: R44, Knorhoek Road, Stellenbosch)

More about Stellenbosch know

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Disclaimer: We were invited by Stellenbosch Tourism to this stay – thank you for the great organization. My opinion remains unaffected by this.