The best time to visit the Seychelles, with lots of information about climate, monsoon, sun & rain. PLUS: My recommendation.

When is the best time to travel für the Seychelles?

You want to travel to the Seychelles and you don't know what time is?

Auf the Seychelles, it is the all year tropical-hot and due to the proximity to the Equator there is little seasonal temperature differences. The island state is a year-round destination, and the temperatures throughout the year fluctuate between 24 and 32 degrees. A warm jumper for the evenings so You can confidently leave them at home. To travel time to the Seychelles, depends, however, mainly by personal preferences. There are a few things that will affect the travel time probably.

Basically, you can say:

  • The Southeast monsoon = dry season (may to October)
  • The North-West monsoon = rains (December to April)

I am now for almost two years in the Seychelles, so know the weather and every month. In this article you will find all the tips and info about the Seychelles weather and climate.

Table of contents

  • The climate in the Seychelles
  • The Trade Winds
  • The Monsoon Exchange
  • The rainy season in the Seychelles
  • Sun
  • Seagrass
  • Climate Table Seychelles
  • Best Time To Visit Seychelles
  • The best time for certain activities

The climate in the Seychelles

In the Seychelles it is the all year tropical-hot, around 30 degrees. The warm Pullover for the evenings can stay at this destination is always home. Due to the proximity to the Equator, there are only small temperature differences. The climate is divided roughly into two areas: The southwest monsoon from may to October is relatively dry and windy, the North West monsoon from November to April, however, sometimes quite wet, with the highest precipitation in mm in January.

The Trade Winds

The weather is definitely on the Seychelles in the first line of the two trade winds. This will bring warmer and moister air flows from the Northwest from October to March with 8 to 12 knots.

From may to September is the South-East trade winds dominating. He is bringing cooler and dry weather with winds of 10 to 20 knots. The sea can be churned up at this time and the winds bring high waves to the wind-facing, Southeast-facing beaches. The Swimming and snorkeling can be in this time because the Surf is very dangerous. This is also especially beaches, are meant, not the reef, as, for example, Anse Cocos, Petite Anse, Grand Anse. During this time, the North should be so rather and West are visited - facing beaches. The beaches in the Seychelles have no lifeguards, and just at this time at these beaches with extreme caution. Only in 2014 is there drowned, and somebody else went in, this time simply on one of the beaches into the water. If you are unsure, ask the Locals. Of the many beaches is fronted by a reef, which are suitable to every Season of the year and ideal for Swimming.

The Monsoon Exchange

The time of the monsoon change (April/may and October/November) for relative wind still and very humid weather with a humidity of about 80%. At this time the Wind changes direction and the air temperature is to this period, with more than 30 degrees, the hottest of the whole year. In this period, the absolute wind is silence and a breeze on the beach, You wait in vain. The sea is now very warm and calm and the underwater visibility is rarely below 30 meters. This time is ideal for Snorkelling, Swimming & scuba diving. If You heat and high humidity don't mind, then on-the-fly at this time on the Seychelles, because for me it's the most wonderful time of the year.

I was already in April and in October/November in the Seychelles and can confirm it definitely. The high humidity makes to create a nevertheless. Although the body will get used to it, but to sleep without a fan or air conditioning is not thinking. During the day, any movement is a diaphoretic and a cooling in the evening You wait in vain. Who in this time traveling, the high humidity may amount to nothing.

The rainy season in the Seychelles

The rainy season is officially from November to April. Can make it rain the whole year and be done with it. Finally, the Seychelles are not without reason so green. The rain comes mostly in very short, tropical showers. To continuous rain it is actually rare, and wherein the end of December, can look to January different. In this period, the Seychelles can be quite wet, especially in January. The do not need to but also and you can have the weather with no luck.

On the flatter Islands (e.g. La Digue) is the probability of rain is also smaller than in the mountainous Mahé, where it rains a lot more often.


The Seychelles are located almost exactly on the Equator. It is, therefore, hardly be a stronger sun can give no radiation there. With a high sun protection is absolutely necessary.


The Wind not only affects the weather, but also the occasional Anspülen of seaweed on the beaches from November to March in the East, from April to October in the West. Visually, it can beaches the image of the dream, however, for me not to interfere.

Still no guide for the Seychelles? Here are my recommendations?

Climate Table Seychelles

The climate In this table the differences in the climate in the Seychelles are immediately apparent. A perhaps recognizable best time to travel may be, perhaps, at first glance, however, this also depends very much on the type of planned activities.


Best Time To Visit Seychelles

The Seychelles are a year-round destination, so that You can throughout the year, nothing wrong. The best time to visit the Seychelles depends on the aver of the personal interests. If heat and high humidity don't mind, I recommend March/April and October/November for a trip to the Seychelles. Here, You're definitely not the best conditions for a relaxing dream vacation with the gentle sea, and usually the weather is nice. May and June are very pleasant months. The months of July, August and September, call the Seychellois also like the island in winter. And indeed, the climate is much more pleasant, and in the evenings a little cooler, with a lot of Wind and less Humidity. The sea is at this time very restless and is not suitable at this time at many of the beaches due to the strong currents and high waves for swimming. The visibility under water is also not good. Nevertheless, you have to say, unfortunately, that you can't say the climate in the year overview in today's world exactly before and it's hard to make a statement about the best time to visit the Seychelles.

The best time for certain activities

The travel time is clearly dependent on the planned activities. In this Overview I give an Overview of in the months that are suitable for certain activities best.

The best time to go for a swim in the Seychelles