The WDR was with his travel magazine "Beautifully" in the Seychelles, and of course for us on La Digue. All participants & tips of the shipment are to be found here.

With the WDR and the broadcast “Beautifulön!” in the Seychelles

Eome of you have it already in the last year noticed, as the WDR, with its travel magazine “Gorgeous!”, and Tamina Kallert in the Seychelles was, of course, also here with us on La Digue. The presenter was with Robert in the L'union Estate, where she has a lot to learn about the plants and history of the Seychelles. Also, she has visited us in our Sunset Beach BBQ, helped us prepare everything and me after my life on the small island of interviewed.

Beautiful! in the WDR
Dream destination Seychelles – with Tamina on-the-go


Behind the Scenes: How to put on a coconut palm tree climbs

With the WDR, and “Beautiful” in our Sunset BBQ

Tamina was not only on the beautiful island of La Digue, but has also discovered many other unique places and things in the dream Islands, such as the legendary “Coco de Mer”palm on Praslin, whose seed is the largest in the world, and even in the Guinness book of world records is. She was on Mahé in the bustling capital city of Victoria and in the wild South of the Island, has observed exotic animals and plants on Cousin Island, and went with a giant tortoise for a walk. But also in the Seychelles is not all sunshine. The traurge page she has met, as she discovered while Snorkelling the many coral debris. By El Niño in 1999, 90% of the corals in the Indian ocean have died, especially around the Seychelles. That was reason enough to learn more about it, and in the case of the coral rescuers to drop by. They breed off the coast of Cousins, the robust corals, and try the reefs to re-establish and even already successful. She has taken the wedding photographer Torsten Dickmann, the pairs of sets a spectacular scene. Tamina has also tried the Creole cuisine and the Locals met.

I think the result of the broadcast, you can look and gives a very good panoramic view about these dream Islands in the Indian ocean. The Seychelles are much more than just beaches – although these are among the most beautiful in the world, there is still so much more to see.

Many of you have written to me already, and following the tips, and accommodation in the broadcast asked.

Here are all the participants of the show are so again, “Beautiful! Dream Destination Seychelles”

  • Mahe | Anse Takamaka View Guesthouse (the beautiful guest house on Mahé)
  • Mahé | Chez Batista Restaurant (the great Creole Buffet)
  • Mahé | Jules Takeaway (the eco-friendly with recyclable packaging)
  • Mahé | Le Jardin Du Roi (Spice Garden)
  • Mahé | Mission Lodge Lookout | Heritage Site (where the Queen sat with tea)
  • Mahé | Takamaka Rum Distillery (the best Rum in the world)
  • Praslin | Black Pearl Farm
  • Praslin | Fond Ferdinand Park & Vallée de Mai (the home of the Coco de Mer palm)
  • La Digue | Pension Fidele (the Guesthouse in the Tamina slept)
  • La Digue | L’Union Estate (in the Park, which is always a lot of complaining that you have to pay 100 Rupees admission, but it is really cool)
  • La Digue | Open Air Shop for jewelry & handmade by Egbert at the Anse Severe (the one with the Reggae Vibe)
  • La Digue | Tourist Guide “Sunny Trail Guide”
  • La Digue | clouds far (The one that only your Laptop needs to Work)
  • La Digue | Andreas Fanchette (was as a cook on Fregate and makes on-request BBQs, etc.)
  • Cousin Island Nature Reserve Island
  • Fregate | the luxury island for the super rich
  • The wedding photographer Torsten Dickmann (has the best Job in the world and Takamaka Rum loves)
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Many thanks to Sabine Fricke, Tamina & the entire Team for the beautiful time on La Digue – and we were allowed to be there.