Other countries, other customs. In this post, you will learn all about the animal welfare in the Seychelles, stray dogs, the law and much more.

Animal welfare Seychelles – you should know

Anyone who knows me, knows that I animal welfare in the Seychelles at heart. I grew up with dogs, cats, horses, and chickens. Two of my first cats were poisoned in the Seychelles, after that, my hangover Zanmalak is me and my dog Lion I rescued from a cage in the neighborhood in which he spent the first six months of his life. He is now 15 months old.

Other countries, other customs, says it is so beautiful. Dealing with dogs and cats is actually one of the issues with which I come here at least clear. Over the last few years I have experienced a lot and you often have to just look the other way. You cannot help everywhere, even if it does often hurt.

In this post I would like to enlighten you on this topic and a few details on how you can help.

  1. Animal welfare in the Seychelles
  2. Stray dogs on the Seychelles
  3. My own experience
  4. The Law
  5. How you can help
  6. My personal tips
  7. A dog from the Seychelles to take

Animal welfare in the Seychelles

Dogs and cats do not apply to the Seychelles as Pets. They usually live outside the house. An animal in the house for most of the Seychellois is an absolute No-Go. Many of them keep dogs in small cages, wooden boxes or chained to a short leash.

Who is the neighbor's dogs are disturbing, the poison you with a poison Mace, thrown in the garden or on the roadside is designed. This can also be an act of revenge, or envy, and resentment. The same applies to stray dogs living on the beaches or in towns. You will also be removed from time to time by poisoning actions.

Cats have an even lower value than dogs. However, you are free, can self-feed and will not be tolerated in the rule. Often, they don't look particularly healthy, because you will not receive any vaccinations, worming or Flea control. Sometimes they are tolerated, mostly, however, they are not welcome guests, because they multiply pretty fast and for many and then be troublesome, especially for the owners of accommodation.

Stray dogs on the Seychelles

On the main Islands, there are a lot of stray dogs. On La Digue, it keeps very limited. Most actually have an owner, run around all day free. A few strays there are, still, such as at Anse Source d'argent. You will be spoiled by the tourists with food, therefore, you will not like to spend time there, what's in it for the dogs advantage. If you would like to do something Good, you should make the water ready. Dry food makes you even thirstier and you ought to avoid (more wet food).

On Mahé and Praslin there are a lot more stray dogs and they look partially correct neglected. Some of these dogs have owners and rum just run free, the majority, however, has no home. Basically, you should always be able to watch something, because they transmit diseases and can be aggressive. Many of you have made with the Locals a bad experience and have little trust in the people.

My own experience

The Keeping of dogs and cats in the Seychelles is not at all easy. The without a leash to run, for example, triggers in me a queasy feeling. Each Barking in the garden I try to bind to, so the neighbors will not be disturbed – you never know.

On La Digue, there are now in the SAVING good dogs and dry cat food (wet and dry). On Mahé, there are three stores for pet supplies that are very well equipped. For my dog, I cook every two days and to my hangover, I'll bring the dry food from Germany, or leave it to me of love readers to bring their own. The same is true for Flea and worm treatments.

A veterinary care is on Mahé now available. On La Digue and Praslin, there are no vets that can help in an emergency. The official veterinarian on Mahé is the Seychelles Agricultural Agency, by car about 5 minutes North of Victoria. The vet was earlier publicly, belonged to the government. Since may of 2019, he is in private hands and is well positioned since far more professional.

Animal welfare Seychelles – you should know

Animal welfare Seychelles – you should know

So what it looks like when I'm driving with my dog and cat to Mahé to the vet. In the morning, a 1.5 hour ferry ride back, including one change and then in the evening, the Same again – this is the trip each Time of a day. At 30 degrees and 90% humidity for the animals in an ordeal.

The Law

So far, there were no laws, the Pets in the Seychelles to protect. Who poisoned dogs or cats, or in a cage didn't breach again against a law.

In may 2019, a new and important law for the protection of dogs and to reduce the strays was launched. According to the law, must be registered, starting in January 2020, each dog and a microchip have. Per Person only a maximum of 5 dogs are allowed. Owner can be punished from then on, if your dogs in public areas to run around freely, the chains held, or simply be exposed to. Each dog registration also, an appointment should be agreed in which the dog can attitude be examined.

Thus, the protection of dogs for the first Time is enshrined in law, including the way they are kept and whether they are well maintained. That's a big step in the right direction. Unfortunately, the law does not apply to cats.

Here you can read the article in a local newspaper:

  • New law in Seychelles protects dogs, seeks to prevent strays beginning in September

How you can help

There are some ways that you can animal welfare in the Seychelles support. The best way to donate money, but partly also in the Form of in-kind donations such as dog food, medications, etc. do you Have any special ways, so it is worth also times directly with the organizations to ask.

Pet Haven Society Seychelles (PHSS), Mahé

Myriam is the Person behind the Pet Haven Society Seychelles and a giant has a big heart for animals. She takes care of neglected, stray animals, takes you and teaches you. As an NGO, it is dependent completely on donations. Recently, she has from the government a plot of land to get, and is currently collecting funds for the construction of your shelter. Currently it has all of the animals in the privacy of your home.

  • Pet Haven Society Seychelles on Facebook (she has a private Facebook group)
  • Tel: +248 2791119
  • Donations: monetary donations you can directly to the account of the Organisation's remit (see Facebook title image).