This beautiful 4-the hike to the summit is waiting on the Hochgrat in Oberstaufen – with stunning panoramic views to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Autumn adventure in Oberstaufen – a 4-hike to the summit of the high ridge

Ma home visit in Germany, I associate mostly with a small trip. This time with a very good friend, who wanted to be baptized in a bio-hotel in Bavaria in the upper allgäu region of Germany, more precisely in the upper. And there I was all open to (almost) and we were both in the mood for a Hiking adventure, the decision quickly. Even if at the end of October is the optimum time for Hiking, we do not hold. In the Transition between autumn and Winter, it can be already times quite uncomfortable. Nevertheless, we were pleased in the last days of perfect weather and had the mountain tops even the first snow.

On the high ridge hike – a 4-summit tour in Oberstaufen to the Falconer's hut

We stay at the Biohotel Schratt in Steigis (I'll tell you more later). Our goal today: a hike across four peaks on the high ridge, with 1.834 m, the highest elevation in the Western allgäu region. After a hearty Breakfast we make our way – equipped with Hiking sticks, which we have borrowed from us in the accommodation, warm clothes, rain jacket and Hiking shoes. First, we run from our Hotel to the ridge path. For the track we need an hour. The beautiful forest path leads past many educational boards in and around the native birds, fungi, tree and plant species. A lot of time to read-not, however, finally, we have a 19 km long route in front of us.

At the hochgrat Bahn arrived, I feel a couple of decades back. It has built in 1972 and at that time was the ultimate. Today, the yellow gondolas are a rarity and are probably more in the category of classic cars. They are very lightweight and the can swings in the Wind quite a bit. The valley station is located at the foot of the Hochgrats, a mountain in the Nagelfluhkette. Almost 1000 meters of altitude to overcome the cable car and after arrival, we are at the mountain station at 1.706 m.

Once at the top we make a short coffee stop in the mountain restaurant on the high ridge, which is located directly at the gondola exit, and enjoy the already breathtaking views. Directly in front of the head, we look to Austria and the Alps, on the right, Switzerland, and behind us Germany is us in front of the feet. Here, it is worth the trip alone to the top of the ridge path, even if you don't want to Hiking. It is open daily from 8.30 am to 16.30 PM (weather dependent). Unfortunately, we were not in the enjoyment of the full moon and sunset cruises – these I got.

For the first time to the summit cross: high ridge 1.834 m

Who is at the top of the cable car, and about Fitness and sure-footedness has, should make their way to the summit cross. The rise of only 126 m, however you need to be definitely afraid of heights. On the way to us have met a few people who are turned around at the halfway point. The climb is quite rocky, leads the whole time on a rock along the slope and is partially secured by steel ropes. We need 25 minutes, and learn to appreciate the first Time our Hiking sticks. The way is not only very beautiful krackselig, but some of them already covered with snow that melts in the sun, to power the whole but a somewhat muddy affair – especially during the descent.

The weather is again with us and rewarded us with a stunning panoramic view. After a few cross on the summit photos, the may not be missing – we are on the way to the mountain restaurant, from where we begin our actual hike.

Our goals for today, the summit high ridge (1.834 m), soul head (1.663 m), high fluhalp head (1,636 m), Eineguntkopf (1.638 m), and then the Falconer's hut for a well-deserved break with coffee & cake and then the Hörmoos hut, where we treat ourselves to the Bus to the valley.

The height differences seem at first glance to be minimal. This is deceptive however, because it refers only to the summit. In between a is always followed by re - ascent and descent. We start our high ridge, hike on the mountain restaurant right on the cable car, Hochgrat. Several signposts show the different possibilities and show us the way over the ridge. Up to the mountain Gasthof Falken hut is less than 3 hours.

The first summit of the soul, the head (1.663 m), and with a wooden gate and colorful prayer flags equal to a first fantastically beautiful photo stop.

The path starts rocky and he stays most of the time. In the meantime take it over rooted forest floor, narrow paths or steps made of steel, which were partially set into the rocks. Some areas are secured with steel ropes. Up here on the ridge, only a single path leads over the summit, so there is only a front-to-back, no shortcut and no huts. But pure nature. And, above all, peace and quiet, because we seem here to be at the top of the ridge the only.

The Hiking sticks I know to appreciate that and do not want to miss after a while. Even though I have Hiking poles, it found what was, in retrospect, this is bullshit.

Again and again we enjoy the fantastic view, better said, the panoramic view that offers us the way to the right between the rocks to the South of Germany and left on the snowy mountain peaks of Austria and Switzerland. We see even the lake of Constance and Würzburg. Officially we are in Germany, but very close to the Austrian border along.

Without breaks, we pass one summit after the other. The effort, I barely notice it, even if we occasionally break a sweat. My head is free. This is also the thing I most love Hiking. Because no other activity, I get the so.

Occasionally, we see small signs of the nagelfluh wall of the trees sticking. For us a soothing feeling and a sign that we are correct. Although you can't get lost here actually. The trail can hardly be missed and there's just this one way.

Finally, we see the first signpost: two hours. We notice the effort hardly. It is a good, changing mixture, and when it is tiring, comes a redemptive descent. And the view compensated for everything anyway. I have to enjoy now and again, deliberately, because otherwise my views on the path that is sometimes not so easy targets.

After another hour the next and then finally, the last signpost follows. For 45 minutes, then we are the cottage on the Falk. Once there, we reward ourselves with an ice-cold root beer, delicious coffee and Apple cake. Well deserved. Tired and exhausted, we rest for a while, before we run ourselves to the last piece of the Höörmos hut. There is the bus stop. For the route on the asphalt road, we need again to 30 minutes. Once at the bottom, we are again lucky, because the Bus only every hour, in 10 minutes.

Exhausted and tired, but happy, we then sit in the Bus that takes us down into the valley to the property.

Burr – info and tips for Hiking on the high

The high ridge is baptized, the highest mountain in upper. If I'm honest, I had not expected such a versatile and beautiful hike for Germany. I had actually always felt I was in another country – totally weird. The hike on the high ridge, I would like to put each of the wall fans to the heart. The environment is really fantastic and the view from the summits, Germany is truly unique.

I rank this hike as moderate in severity. A head for heights, you should definitely be. Hiking poles are recommended – they have made it easier for us the Tour. From the top of the high ridge, there are several possibilities for Hiking, among others you can also run into the valley or in the other direction, i.e., on the high ridge to summit of the nagelfluh chain. We would have loved to have stayed in a cabin at the top. Unfortunately, most of them were already closed. Especially the Staufner cottage was recommended to us.

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