My trip to Curaçao is unforgettable. Here you can find all Curacao tips about your holiday: entry, best time to travel, accommodations, beaches....

Caribbean Feeling: Curaçao from A to Z

Dhe liqueur “Blue Curacao” has the island in the Caribbean made famous. However, the island of Curaçao has so much more to offer than the color Blue: namely, tropical, exotic, Caribbean Flair, picture-book beaches, turquoise blue sea, wonderful places for snorkeling and diving, XXL-cactus, the capital city of Willemstad, with Dutch charm, friendly locals and so much more.

11 days I've spent with my best friend on the Caribbean island of Curaçao, in Willemstad and eight in St Michiel on the Western coast. In this post you will learn now, useful facts & tips for Curacao.

24 great tips for Curacao


The Caribbean island of Curacao has an international airport. There are daily direct flights from Amsterdam, for example, with KLM for about 500-600 euros, but also many other airlines. The prices depend on various factors, but who are informed in time and the Bay, you can have happiness and a cheap flight back up. We flew from Düsseldorf, had a short stopover in Amsterdam, and were then, after nearly 11 hours on Curaçao. For entry a passport is required that is at least valid for six months. Before landing, everyone gets a card the visa, which must be completed at passport control handed in. The exact entry requirements should be read prior to each trip at the foreign office.

Blue Curaçao

Many know the island through the production of liqueur “Blue Curacao” which is made from local bitter oranges. The liqueur is available in a clear version or in the colors of Red, Orange, Green, and Blue.


Curaçao is one of the three so-called ABC-Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao) and has a size of 444 square kilometers. This corresponds to a length 61 and a width of 5-15 km. The Caribbean island belongs geographically to South America and only about 60 miles from Venezuela, lies the mainland. In the South-East of Curaçao, the uninhabited island of Klein Curaçao is located.


It is probably the most spoken word on the island. “Dushi” means something like “sweetheart”, “sweet”, “tasty”, “beautiful” or “nice” and can be used for pretty much everything, because everything on Curaçao is easy to DUSHI.


If you want to try the local cuisine, you should go in the capital city of Willemstad, in the market hall “Plaza Bieu”. There are many dishes made with fresh fish or meat and Willemstad returns to the Lunch, whether police officers, fishermen, construction workers, inhabitants or tourists. If you want to try the well-known cactus soup “Kadushi” should order a small Portion, because of the slimy consistency is not something for everyone. The taste is not really writable, but worth the experience.

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On Curaçao, there are free-living Flamingos that frolic in the salt flats and after the crabs are looking for. Who makes the animals in the vicinity of the road, can be described as lucky, because otherwise you are in a group usually further away in the middle of the “salt pans” to.


The currency is the Guilder of the Antille, will be abbreviated as NAF (Netherlands Antilles Florin). In addition, the US Dollar is in free circulation and can be paid, so also with this. Who will pick up money at an ATM, may decide in advance whether the NAF or the US-desired dollars. I paid for the entire trip, either with the Guilder, as this is often cheaper – or directly paid for by credit card. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere on the island.


Willemstad is the capital of Curaçao and, with 150,000 inhabitants, a UNESCO world heritage site. The city features many colorful Gibelhäuser, the Dutch charm and very close to Amsterdam, remember. My Curaçao tip: a Plant for the capital in each case 2 to 3 nights and asked them extensively. You then have a property on the West coast, because that's where the real Curaçao with dream awaits beaches, and a certain Flair. Who is in the capital, should visit the floating market and through the streets of the city parts, Otrobanda and Punda stroll. For lunch, I recommend the market hall “Plaza Bieu”.

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The Internet, there are in most of the cafes, Restaurants and accommodation. In Willemstad there are in the Central district of Punda, even free Wifi for all.

Klein Curaçao

Another tip for Curacao: make sure to visit the island of Klein Curaçao. In turquoise blue water with turtles, snorkeling on the white sandy beach to relax, the color turquoise, almost too bright for the eyes, and utter loneliness – that sounds good, or? This is Klein Curacao, a deserted island, the only with a boat trip (usually catamarans), to achieve. Klein Curaçao is a dream come island dream and a Highlight of any Curaçao visit. The small 2 km2 large island is now uninhabited and is only occupied rarely by a few fishermen. There are various providers, such as, for example, “Bounty Adventures”, with which we Tour made.


Crime there is in the whole world and so, of course, also on Curaçao. During my trip to Curaçao, I haven't felt that once a threatening and a positive experience. Nevertheless, each one should be exactly in the manner he does it in Germany. Valuables can never open in the car.


No matter where you are staying on Curacao, a Chance to meet an Iguana (called iguana), is huge. They are often in the vicinity of rocks, but also in car parks or even on beaches, where they sometimes try to steal food. The friendly animals are there in all sizes and are very like to be photographed.

Tap water

The tap water on Curaçao is a very good quality and is easily drinkable. It originates from the Caribbean sea and is prepared with the help of a sea water desalination plant. Anyone who buys even a bottle, it can fill up so easily at the faucet and saves money in the travel Fund.


There are in Willemstad, a floating market (floating market), the really is very recommendable. From the boat dealer to sell a day of fruits and vegetables, which they bring every week with their wooden boats from Venezuela to Curaçao. In addition, there are numerous fishermen who sell their catch of fresh fish.

Car rental

A car rental I recommend for Curaçao, just so it is totally flexible and can explore the island on your own. The capital of Willemstad is very good with the small buses to explore, if it is too far to walk. Who would, however, also to the West coast and to beaches and places that are not so good with the Bus to (and there are some), should be on a rental car (should cost about 35-40 Euro per day). For the booking of the rental car, I recommend Rentals Cars, which I'm always a very good experience and are also really cheap.

Tip: We had the smallest rental car-category, and that was quite enough.

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