One of the last paradises in the earth: Denis Island, Seychelles. Originally, sustainable & gorgeous – the island is what they call Barefoot luxury.

Denis Island – where the phone no longer rings

“Why go to a resort...when you can escape to an ISLAND?”
– Denis Private Island, Seychelles

In this question seem to be why don't we all agree to be. Our world is always fast-paced and hectic, and since almost everyone craves but rest and relaxation, far away from the habit. A long way from home. Maybe even on an almost deserted island. And that's exactly what we were now experiencing.

Somewhere in the Indian ocean – without cell phone reception and cable television – we discovered an forget kind of luxury: real food, real contact with people and the pristine nature on one of the most remote Islands in the world. And, even if I am with my life in the Seychelles is relatively far away from the hustle and bustle, I put a load on it. We were allowed to, according to Denis Island, not only for a night and a day, but a total of three. And after we were already on the private Islands of Bird and Félicité was now another dream come true!


3°48 South / 55°40' East, precisely because these small, family-owned island located in the Indian ocean ringed by sparkling white Sand. It is to Bird Island, the second most northerly island of the Seychelles. Just 2 x 1 km is large, and due to its coral origin, it rises to its highest elevation of only about two meters above the sea level.

Denis Island is located 87 km from Mahé and is the (Northern) coral Islands, which – along with the granite Islands, the second island group. The island was named after the French Explorer, Denis de Trobiant, who was here in 1773 on Land. Also, the pirates searched for the island in the 17th century. and 18. Century, several times, to hide.

The island changed owners several times. In 1998, she was bought by the Mason family, who lives on the island and when you Collect your accommodation with a special focus on the theme of sustainability and nature conservation places.

It's Saturday morning. 11.20 PM

In our case, a label with “Denis Island dangles” and I hold in my Hand a Cup of coffee and a warmed-over vegetarian pizza piece. I can't believe it still. We are at the switch of the new domestic airport on Mahé and just at the time of Check-In. A total of 15 kg not allowed. A friendly Smile, and a short time later we sit in the front of the small propeller machine, which has space for 15 people. Today, we are eight. With us on Board Mr. Walter is sitting, on the I'll tell you more later.

Alone the departure, it is an experience and the view of the Sainte Anne Marine Park with the six small Islands just gorgeous. I can see me never tired of and it always feels like the first Time. We are excited like small children, take photos and Videos alternately, keep camera, video camera, Smartphone in the hands. Not a Moment we don't want to miss – and some people might think we were for the first Time in the Seychelles. It feels but also.

It takes 30 minutes, until we see a small, flat island in front of the window: DENIS ISLAND. Finally. It follows a sightseeing flight over the island before we invest in for a landing on the Grass runway. The small airport is the International airport that was opened in 1972, by the way, the oldest of the Seychelles.

We are expected, and a joy of many employees welcomed. With an electronic Club Cars we drive to the main building. There is also a library with many books and a TV is located next to the Restaurant, the Lounge and the dive and activity center. That there is in this room as well as an emergency Wifi, we learn only later.

We sit in the large open hall. The North-West wind rushes at us from all sides around the ears. In the Hand we hold a welcome drink, but this is us just don't care, because what is happening there before our eyes just almost too good to be true.

We sprint out. We know from experience that the weather can change in the Seychelles quickly, therefore you must take advantage of these moments.

Denis Island – our private Villa on the beach

No 26 – a Beach Cottage – our home for the next few days. A small cottage on the beach, which starts directly in front of our porch. Inside, everything is decorated in natural materials and soft colours. The furniture and the furniture made of wood are all produced in our own carpentry shop on the island with a private island of wood and sustainably, of course. Takamaka and Indian Allmond (Bodanmyen) are in the Seychelles are particularly popular. They are considered to be robust and are long durable. The takamaka tree, however, is a nature reserve and a cases, is for example not allowed on the main Islands, just like that. On the beach, anyway, never, because they are considered as erosion protection.

The large bathroom is open on one side, has a private beach access, two showers, one Indoor and one Outdoor, as well as a bath. In addition, two bicycles are waiting outside for us.

The key there is not on the island, by the way, but we already know from Bird. And even if we are on the main Islands very uncomfortable with this idea would be, we need to make to Denis, no Worries. No one here is, after all, except us, a few guests and the Team. Here you have to trust.

Beach, jungle and island farm

Denis is small, but there is quite a lot. Not only water, but also to the country. Different ways you can explore, for example, the island with the bike. Only the jungle in the interior of the island is best discovered on foot, to a lot of you would otherwise miss and just pass by.

The property is on the left, the Western tip, and it's where everything else happens. Otherwise, there is still the Farm in the North, the island village for the employees (by the way, the employees live in the small houses of the former property), to the runway, and otherwise the jungle and nature.


We sit now on the bike and explore the island. Robert feels all the time 25 years back, when he was a child. Because, just like Denis, La Digue, was formerly, without accommodation and with only a few houses. All the beaches were at that time freely accessible, no housing, and there is hardly a house blocking the view or even the way. Today, it is hard to imagine, and sometimes sad.

The interior of the island is wild jungle, everything is left to nature and is overgrown in front of him. Only two paths to enable him vertically and horizontally to pass through it. Otherwise, you can circumnavigate the island in about 5 km (red line) – perfect for bike riding, Running, Jogging, or simply to Discover.

We are now arrived at the Farm and have your own island farm. It's amazing what running around on Denis on animals. The 50 cows graze on pastures, chickens, ducks, pigs and goats in a Stall with outside run. If I didn't know better, I'd think I was in Germany on a farm, so, professionally everything is run. Only the palm trees give me something else.

The island grows her own fruit and vegetables, and even makes her own cheese and yogurt. Of course, with fresh milk from the happy island of cows, which by the way is only used for milk production. Herbs and spices grow around us. The meat comes also from the animals of the island and the fish directly from the sea. Almost independently, can supply power to the island, some even in Abundance, that you can export to Mahé. Everything ends up in the Restaurant on the table – is from the island. 100 % Organic 100% Island Style.

Further, we are in the carpentry business. Around six employees working on a new chest of drawers for which you would pay in a furniture store several thousand euros. It's hard to imagine how much work it took. The complete setup of the resort is produced on the island, chairs, tables, wardrobes, and everything else that's required. All with a sustainable focus. Because the issue of sustainability is written on Denis large. Overall, the property is already 75% sustainable and the next step is: solar facilities for the villas.

Another day in paradise & Mr. Walter