What could be Better than Finland in the Winter? Here, you get 6 tips for Vuokatti, the heart of Finland – skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding and much more.

Finland in the Winter – 6 tips für Vuokatti

When I to a Winter Wonderland, think, and then I think of Finland. The country has done it to me on our last trip in Levi & Ylläs in Finnish Lapland completely. Snow-covered forests, wonderful slopes with powdery and soft (real) snow and all the winter activities that offer away from the Ski & Snowboard welcome change for a perfect adventure. This time it was for us, first of all, three days into the heart of Finland, more precisely to Vuokatti.

The Winter starts in Vuokatti always on 10.10 at 10 PM, because then the first groomed slopes for cross-country skiers to be released. And, of course, not with snow, but with snow last year, which is mounted on a large covered hills throughout the summer. It takes not long until the first snow falls and Vuokatti in a snowy winter Wonderland transformed.

Vuokatti located in the heart of Finland

The popular resort of Vuokatti is located at the Transition to Lapland pretty much in the middle of Finland. In addition to families, snowboarders and numbers of ski touring enthusiasts, nature fans come particularly full-time, since both in Winter and in summer, many wonderful activities are waiting for you. Also professionals will appreciate the location due to the excellent training facilities, because in addition to a 2.4-km-long and year-round ski tunnel, there is also a Indoor and a Outdoor half pipe for snowboarders. In cross-country skiing, ski jumping, Biathlon and Snowboarding Vuokatti, Finland's dominant training center and even to the Olympia base.

#1 | snowboarding & skiing in Vuokatti

The total of 13 runs in the Vuokatti sports Resort lead from the 326-metre-high summit to the valley. We use the day for a variety of ski Slopes. On the first day, an icy Wind blows in our faces. -18 degrees also allow me to my limits to come. Without goggles, Buff (cloth) and lip balm is to think of the journey in the 4-seater can hardly, at the time of departure, however, the cold is felt less. We warm ourselves in the meantime with a hot chocolate.

The snow is a dream and what you wish for as a winter athlete: Powdery soft and, above all, real, because artificial snow is for Finland a foreign word. The slopes have different levels of difficulty, and all of them are fairly simple and to not compare the length of course with big ski resorts – perfect, however, for Practice or just for fun. The snow-covered winter landscape and the magnificent views of the snowy lakes around the runway are anyway hard to beat.

➥ For more info: Vuokatti sports Resort (3-hour Ticket 34 Euro, 3-day-Ticket 100 Euro), a ski rental is available directly at the bottom of the slope (Set to 3 days 80 Euro for 3 hours, 28 Euro). The prices can change at any time.

#2 | cross-country skiing, learn from a Pro

Vuokatti is considered to be the best cross-country skiing area in Finland. Outside of the Skitunnels an approximately 150 km long network of trails for beginners and professionals waiting. I know these sports only by my parents from Childhood and thought it was getting boring. I liked it a lot better, to jet down the slopes. Wanted to try I but still ever – and if not in Finland then where? Directly on the first day it comes for us to two hours of training in the ski tunnel. This not only athletes, but also many car manufacturers use the same idea to the Test under extreme conditions, because the Tunnel can be cooled to an arbitrary number of degrees down.

We must learn from the professional. Tino Tiilikainen is not only a super funny guy, but also a national Champion in cross-country skiing. He taught us three hours and explained to us how this sport really is. In practice, this looks different, because it is not that easy to get the swing, so that you glide on the skis really. A lot of fun, it has made but from all!

➥ For more info: 2.4 km ski tunnel (all year round), 170 km of cross-country trails in the Winter, a year from 10.10. (Ski rental approx 28 euros for 3 hours, 3 days 80 Euro)

Only in the 2.4-km-long ski tunnel...

... and then outside.

#3 | dog sledding

Dog sledding is definitely one of my best experiences in Finland. It is so nozzles nicely with the huskies through the snowy landscapes. The dogs are born to run in Arctic conditions and can't wait until it finally starts. We visited the last Time a husky farm, we were allowed to drive this time the sled even yourself. Vuokatti Safaris offers the opportunity. On different long routes, there is a 35-km-long Winter Wonderland Trail, you can experience as a participant in the magic of the dog sled, live.

Upon arrival, we will receive a briefing. Braking and Steering, the more it needs, the Rest of the cuddly dogs will take over all by itself. To the front there is a lead dog, which not only keeps the leash tight, but also determines what is made. He runs all the need to run. He needs to do a little business, all have to wait. The others, however, have no right to do this, you will have to pee even while driving. After a while it goes off. The dogs are already waiting excited and barking to no end. You know exactly what's coming – and once it starts, you can hear of them is not Crawling any more. We always sit together in the sleigh, one sits in front and applies the brakes and steers the back of the Stand. For me, a dog sled ride is definitely one of Finland's most beautiful winter adventures!

➥ For more info: Vuokatti Safaris (dog sledding, starting at 69 Euro per Person and depending on the length of the trail); The provider has also many other activities in summer and Winter in the program.

With Jana of sun & clouds in the dog photo: Jana)slide (

#4 | ice swimming in a frozen river

We were tips for the last Time in Levi after the Sauna in a Bikini, can we tighten this Time, a floating suit and drift away. With the suits, normally used for training purposes, we keep it around 15 minutes in the freezing water. The body we wear a waterproof suit, we wear our normal clothes, and on the head, hands and feet protection made from neoprene, which protects us from water, but from the cold.

The hole in the ice freezes over again and you can learn at your own body, how it feels, into the ice to break in or to surf on an ice floe. It was a lot of fun and who is looking for an exceptional winter adventure, I can put this very close to my heart.

➥ For more info: tips for with Vuokatti Safari in the floating suit (99 Euro per Person)

#5 | snow tubing in the Snowboard Tunnel

In Vuokatti is an 80 m long, 20 m wide and 10 m high Snowboard Tunnel with a half-pipe. Through the generous space also complicated Tricks and high jumps are possible, what is particularly pleasing to the younger Generation and professional athletes. The hall is not the only snowboard heart beat faster, because with snow tubing-experience the tire any of the speed rush. This is fun for the whole family!

➥ For more info: The snowboarding Tunnel is open daily from 12 to 18 PM, snow-tubing is always from 18 to 19 PM (1 hour, 10 Euro)

Our accommodation in Vuokatti

We stayed in Vuokatti two nights in beautiful accommodation Vuokatinmaa. The modern apartments are divided into different houses with different size. There are even holiday villas for up to 10 people. All have a fully equipped kitchen, a fireplace and a Sauna. The ski area is only three minutes, but otherwise is a reach in the small town of Vuokatti with the car, Bus or on foot everything is in just a few minutes. The small wooden houses are really super cozy! The smallest of the apartments where we were housed, are designed for 2 to 5 persons (double bed and three single beds).