The Raffles Praslin is one of the best addresses in the Seychelles. Everything about Raffles Praslin hotel test, personal experiences, sights and tips for the island.

Home away from home – our stay at the Raffles on Praslin

NOh-so-many years, I know now a lot of accommodations on the Seychelles – regardless of whether it is Resorts, Hotels, private Islands, or Guest houses. And although I know you not only by name, but I stayed there, I have Breakfast and dinner, I chatted with the staff, impressions collected, researched, and observed.

This time I was able to play tourist in one of the most beautiful Resorts on Praslin.


If I'm honest, I can abgewinnen now, every type of accommodation on the Seychelles something. In the case of the guest houses it is in the middle of the local life. But I also like the other side – something anonymous and secluded in a Resort. This, then, is for me always a holiday. In the middle of the living I'm always. Today, I can definitely understand the holiday makers who prefer just that, peace and quiet, seclusion & luxury.

That is, Yes, but also beautiful, because if there are so many Islands, the accommodation can also combine well with each other. Quite often I meet vacationers, the place is a Highlight at the end of the trip, mostly in the Form of a resort, such as, for example, one of the Hilton Hotels on Mahé or Silhouette, or the Raffles on Praslin.

For three days Robert could, and I stay in the Raffles. We have been very happy, because we would otherwise tend to Mahé and I know Praslin of the three main Islands at least. We had a private Pool Villa surrounded by Greenery and with views of the sea. And if now one or the other crying out with “What you need because in the Seychelles with a swimming Pool?”, I always find it beautiful again. When you have a private Pool? During the day, we are, as a rule, most of the time on the road, but in the morning directly after getting Up, in the evening, in the dark or at night again before going to bed in your own private Pool hopping, without a Bikini, for me, are nice arguments.


The Resort is situated between Anse Takamaka and Anse Boudin directly on the sea. In total, there are 86 beautifully appointed villas, all with private Pool. The villas are the largest of the Seychelles (with at least 125 m2) and were built on a slight slope. A fabulous view, therefore, there is from anywhere. The paths can be in a Resort right length. Robert is on vacation for a lazy, after all, he is so much else in his daily walks, and then calls always liked the Buggy Service. I'm more of a movement of fanatics, seats, but also otherwise the whole day on the Computer.

The Entering the front Desk was impressive...

Our Villa with Pool

Our Villa was in the last row at the top of the slope. The decor is tasteful and simple. There was a large bedroom with a view, a dressing room and an open work area with small Desk for us this was perfect, because we sit in between, on the Laptop. The huge bathroom has a panoramic window and an outdoor shower. In the Minibar there was coffee and tea on the house, as well as non-carbonated bottled drinking water – the Rest is calculated.

The Restaurants

The Raffles has two different Restaurants in different locations. One near the Desk and the other directly to the main pool. We had half Board. In the morning there was Breakfast buffet and in the evening we were able to choose between the two main restaurants and a variety of topics.

In the Losean Restaurant will be buffet Breakfast and themed evenings in the buffet-style serving. We were lucky and were able to participate in the Creole evening. The dishes were very good and, although we look as always very accurate. Finally, we cook daily in the Creole at home and have the best Creole cook in the family. In Resorts, we have often experienced, that no Seychellois cooking in the kitchen and it shows in Creole evenings, of course, immediately – especially Robert as a Local. The Buffet was so huge that it was impossible to taste everything from grilled fish, various curries (eg, octopus or fish), salads, appetizers, bread, fruit, Chutneys, and up to a again at least as a large dessert area with all of the sweet desserts that you can wish for in the Creole kitchen.

The Breakfast buffet was at least as extensive. For me, heaven on earth, because there were Pancakes, waffles and Crepes, which can be freshly prepared. A choice of ten different sauces such as peanut butter, Nutella, cinnamon, vanilla sauce and much more were. In addition, there were about 10 different fresh juices and I have peppers for the first Time the juice of the tamarind tree (which is from the pods, colloquially often "", and made) to drink. Some getting used to, but tasty and above all healthy. In addition, it got around 30 different types of bread, rolls and pasta, is a separate cheese and sausage buffet, Smoked fish, salmon, vegetables, fruits, warm dishes, such as lentils, potatoes, various Eigerichte and much more.

The Curieuse Seafood Restaurant is located directly on the main swimming pool and offers, in addition to lunch also various themed evenings. On the first evening we had the pleasure of the Arabian night. Although I was never there, the dishes were all to my taste. In the adjacent Bar also has delicious Cocktails for 10 euros, the price is normal for the Seychelles, even outside of a resort.

The Main Pool

The Raffles has nearly 50 meters, the largest Pool in the Seychelles. And, even if the sea is in front of the feet, I think it is also nice now and again in the Pool to cool off, swim a few lengths and to make it there in one of the beds cozy. The mixture makes it!

Raffles Praslin – the Spa

A Massage I have not myself, however, I was able to enjoy a private yoga lesson. That was not so wanted, but this Morning there was no one else. I won't say no. Yoga in paradise – not bad, is it?

The Spa is beautiful was designed, even if I've seen in the Seychelles is already better, for example, on Félicité – what is believed to be the lack of a sea view. But this is of course a matter of taste. Especially as the Raffles Spa has already won several awards.

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Activities on Praslin

A trip to Curieuse

The Curieuse island is a very popular destination in the Seychelles. It is located directly off the coast of Praslin and Raffles. The Resort offers its own excursions, however, you have – in comparison to many others in the Seychelles – no Taxis and no private boats. They work exclusively with local suppliers. For me, this is a decisive Argument, because I always liked the Locals support, which often come sometimes too short (especially when international hotel chains offer everything for you the customer, so to speak, to take away).

The Resort organized a trip for us to Curieuse. In the early morning, it started with a small boat. We were lucky and were the only ones on the boat and had to coordinate with anyone. Even if we both know the island already from several Visits, I'm always happy. On the island you have the opportunity to meet many of the free-living giant tortoises, the life, unfortunately, mostly in captivity.

Anse Georgette & Anse Lazio

Who is on the island of Praslin, can't miss the two beaches Anse Georgette and Anse Lazio, of course. They are considered to be two of the most beautiful beaches in the Seychelles, and for me they are clearly in the Top 5.

The Anse Georgette is located in the North of the island and is only on the grounds of the Lémuria resort. If you are planning a visit, you must promptly call the Hotel (+248 – 4281281) – at least three days in advance. We are on a day without logging in and got lucky. The Watchdog has not left us spontaneously purely, after we had talked for 20 minutes with him, but that is usual.