Travel is now for many years my great passion. But where it all started, what is still to come and what to do in Mallorca to? You can find here!

How it all began and what is to come

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On to new horizons. Travel is now for many years my great passion. I love to be out and about and to explore the Unknown. Travel means for me to embark on new tracks. Foreign people, cultures and to discover new places. Travelling also means to learn about myself. Today when I look back on the last few years, then I'm not myself. I have changed, positively modified.

But how did it all start?

I coil back to the country that has awakened my desire to travel. My passion for travel was still not there. Started 6 years ago with a trip to an island, I still think back often. An island that is often underestimated and that, although she has so much more to offer than binge drinking and mass tourism. The beautiful Balearic island of Mallorca has once awakened my desire to travel.

We were four friends, the bays for an impromptu trip. 18 days of sun, beach and sea. The anticipation was huge. In Mallorca, many people think of ball man. Anyone who knows me, knows that this is not at all mine. It was not the case. We wanted sun, nature, beaches & sea. We had a property close to Palma and a rental car, we explored the island on your own. We spent the day in a dream, white sand beaches and bathed in the crystal clear water. We enjoyed the panoramic views of the wild cliffs.

Even if it sounds weird, but I had the to be the most beautiful trip of my life. It was my first big trip – and while I'm here, just write, I need to smile. Great trip, that was it for me at the time. At that time, as I had no feeling for the size of this earth. Today I know, it was no great journey. It was the beginning of a long journey.

In the time on Mallorca, I discovered my love for travel. I had many moments on the island, I think back even today. To this day, I hold on to them.

I love(t)e to ride my beach cruiser along the beach.

The sun in the nape of the neck, to feel the wind in your face and the salt on the skin, for me is a feeling. It was at that time a sense of freedom, boundless freedom. Even today, I love to drive in my home with my beach cruiser by nature. The saddle is as big as a chair, but still much more comfortable and the Handlebars are so wide that I could embrace four friends.

I love(t)e it, in the evening sun, watch sunsets on the beach.

I couldn't get enough of it. When the sun goes down, the sky in a spectacular Red color and slowly disappears behind the horizon. I love it today and for me there is no magischeren moments, than to look on the beach to watch the sunset.

I love(t)e to be up in the morning and can hardly wait, by the sea.

My love of the sea has been there ever since. Near the ocean I feel happy. I love to be on the beach and feel the Sand under your feet. The opportunity at any time to the water, makes me happy.

I love(t)e it through warm summer nights to walk and to observe the stars in the sky.

This feeling should not just stop. The smell of warm, balmy nights where you can't sleep want to go.

My passion was awakened by this trip. My passion for travel began at that time. Very often, I think back to this time. Why don't they go back to the beginning and back where everything started to go? For example, with Alltours Mallorca and remember the good old days?

One of my favorite beaches on Mallorca: the wonderful hiding places of Cala S'almonia

And what is to come?

To start clouds far in June 2014, was one of the best decisions of my life. I can't think of a better way to combine my love for travel, photography & the Online world. The Blog is much more than just a Hobby. It is a very big part of me and I would have never thought that my little heart project is growing so quickly. Slowly possibilities and ideas that feel very good and put me in the confirm, what do I do result. I love it.

Home is where your heart is

But where is my heart? Somehow, it is everywhere in the world, because I feel very comfortable, no matter in which country. At the moment my heart is in the Seychelles and since it feels very good. So really in a way, I'm not yet. The last years in Münster were nice, but I can't imagine to stay permanently in this city. “When I grow up, I want to live by the sea”, was always my intent. Now I'm grown up (somewhat at least) and my plan is to eventually have the sea near me is still there. I just let everything come to me, do to me, little thoughts, and listen to my gut feeling – that has so far worked very well.

Where is the next trip?

In may it goes for me ten days to Curaçao and then to my beloved Seychelles. My anticipation is huge. In July, I'm moving for a new Job in the travel industry to Berlin and I am looking forward to very much. I have the summer in Berlin is supposed to be amazing?

I look forward to the future with you!


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