Limited promotion: Up to 15.11.2019 island hopping at our holiday book and Seychelles travel guide as a gift!! *

Island hopping in our holiday book & amp; my book as a gift*

There is news and I'm glad to tell you about this new limited action.

Who follows me beautiful, longer, or my Seychelles guide to read, know that I used to work for Was in Berlin in the area of Online Marketing & PR. Me connects with this travel organizer is much more than just a professional connection, because I appreciate the staff (they are all great Seychelles-Fans), and me the experience that I was allowed to do there, brings today in many topics.

Also on the Blog I've been working for many years with this specialized tour operators. Over the last few weeks we have thought about, like me Was also in my book can help and as we came to this beautiful idea.

Island hopping in our holiday book & my book as a gift!

Yeah, you heard right. If you book a complete island-hopping, so accommodations on at least two Islands, international flights and Transfers, you get my book from SeyVillas as a thank you gift.

The promotion is valid for all bookings from Germany, from 15.08. to 15.11.2019 received. When you book your island hopping in this period, then you will receive my Seychelles guide within two weeks by Post. You then have still enough time to prepare you perfectly for the trip.

The period of travel does not matter. It is, therefore, no matter whether you travel in October of this year, in March 2020 or any other time on the Seychelles.

For Island Hopping-Configurator

Seychellen Reiseführer Wolkenweit

Why is a specialized tour operator to book?

In my book I reported on this topic in more detail and the advantages and disadvantages are compared.

Many connect with a specialist tour operator is often the organiser of package travel, which is absolutely wrong. A booking with a specialist tour operator has many advantages. But above all, will benefit you have all the Knowledge to you from one source individually.

Another important point that was sent to me by my readers again and again, is a possible double-booking of accommodation. If that happens, priority will be given to bookings of a tour operator always and direct bookings could be cancelled at short notice.

This is mainly due to that in front of many of the smaller accommodations in organisational terms is not necessarily well-placed. Some of our employees from different locations work calendars at the time of Booking, if there is any. So double bookings, where booking through a tour operator always has priority. Only the other day a reader, who had to five days prior to the trip, according to a new accommodation, because it was canceled without comment wrote to me. I would like to mention at this point, just again, because I consider it as an important Argument.

Further Advantages

  • The flights are with a tour operator often works out cheaper.
  • You will benefit from the long experience of specialists.
  • Do you have a direct contact person who can help you during the trip in case of problems.
  • The guarantee issued by the organizer secures deposits and balance payments.

Basically you can organize the island hopping but of course, self and book. There is nothing to be said for a long time. Especially holidaymakers, who were already several times in the Seychelles or, for example, always in the same accommodations go, make love to.

Thank You For Making
We are the largest and most specialized tour operator for the Seychelles. Currently they offer 265 accommodations on all the Islands, flights, Transfers and excursions. On the website there is a island hopping Configurator, with which you can travel very easy to put together.

*Terms and conditions: This limited offer is only valid in Germany and only for bookings received up to the 15.11.2019. The period of travel does not matter. No exchange and no cash payment possible. A book a island hopping (consisting of a minimum of accommodation, on 2 Islands, flights and Transfers).

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Disclaimer: This action is carried out in cooperation with the tour operator We were impressed, buys the books for me and the customer when a booking is given away. Thank you for the cooperation!