What I'm really doing all day on a small island? Here I'll tell you about my Island life and of a life on the Seychelles.

Island of daily life

Was I actually throughout the day (on an island)? People have asked me this question in Germany, a maximum of my family and friends on the weekend, I hear it almost daily from tourists, who are mostly readers. I'm here on a small island that said no more than ten square kilometers, more precisely, five kilometers long and three kilometers wide. The life is however on a much smaller area. The question as to what I do all the time, is quite secure in the fact that it is an island. An island is not particularly large. Probably the question should be actually: "don't you boring?".

The Seychelles & I

Anyone who has followed my story in the past, know that I have been to the Seychelles a special connection. Started with a first trip on the more than ten more followed, then turned, with time, not only professionally, but sometime also a large part of my life to the Seychelles. For me, it was clear even then that I would someday live on the Islands – whether for a couple of months or years, is then – but I wanted to know how life feels there. I wanted to take a look behind the Scenes, the people and the country. And not only in the case of a multi-week trip, when you scratch only the surface. Most of the things you get as a tourist in fact. That was me with the time on the Islands only really aware of it.

What has changed in my life?

In Germany everything was in order. I had a happy Childhood. My parents have made, in my eyes, everything is right and I have a lot of incredibly beautiful memories of this time. Especially in the memory of the many family vacations that we experienced together will remain with me. We were gone almost every holiday, mostly in Austria, with our well-Known, for Hiking or skiing, whether spring, summer, autumn or Winter.

I'm like everyone went to school, studied, then, in some positions, where I'm always full up. With my job in Online Marketing I have always been happy. This career choice allows me to have my life today. Eventually, I discovered that traveling for me. And with every trip, not only my horizon, but also a thought flared in me, whether this can be all been. I want to spend my life? In Germany? In a city? With largely the same people? And in a Job in which I firmly am? I suddenly felt a prisoner of my own life. But I wanted to be free.

At the time, I was not only faced with the decision whether I should take the plunge into self-employment – after all, I had built up inside of me with clouds far and my freelance work a second leg to stand on, but also prior to the decision, whether I should not go to the Seychelles. Where I had the inner strength and the inner drive to do both at the same time, I don't know, but I just pulled through. Without thinking about it. And when I look back now, in the past, then I'm a bit proud of me. Since this Creator was all of a sudden power in me to create that energy and that courage is simply something New. To dare a new beginning. Today I know: It is possible, you can create everything what you want. You have to just start.

In comparison to Germany have changed since then, to my everyday life of two basic things

1. I'm self-employed. Even and constantly.
2. My everyday life is taking place on an island.

I was in Germany in a 9-to-5 Job trapped, I am now my own boss. I made it as far as possible, to create is my Hobby and my passion a profession and earn money with it. And if I'm honest, it feels since the don't really work. I have the feeling that I must go at 8 am to the office and up to 17 hours of full throttle, but do everything out of pure joy, a positive energy. I'm doing it for me, and have neither pressure nor Stress. Also, I no longer get angry about ill-tempered work colleague who I meet on Mondays in the morning, grouchy at the coffee machine, or have to ask for a salary increase. If I want to earn more, I need to work on yourself more. So easy it is now. In the meantime, I'm doing all day, what work I do. If I want to do anything, then I'm doing nothing right now. And that is a good thing. At least as long as I can afford financially and I can do so far.

(M)an island everyday

Now back to my island everyday. In fact, it has changed my everyday life once nothing, except that it takes place on an island. I get up every Morning, even on weekends. However, I have no alarm clock. This has contributed to the fact that I've developed a rhythm of its own, this episode, and every Morning between 7 and 8 alone Wake up. In the Seychelles, I was able to sleep but never for long. I don't know if it is because of my age (I am not getting any younger), or the heat. Also, I have from 8 o'clock a bad Conscience, because Seychellois are absolute early bird. Most of them are between 5 and 6 PM – every day – and are then equal to 100%. For this you go to sleep, but also to 22 o'clock.

After getting my morning routine, which looks always the same: follows go outside for a moment, in the often bright blue sky, the cat a beautiful good Morning to you, tell him to cuddle, the Stall cleaning, porch sweeping, and then take a shower. Then I make me a Cup of coffee that I celebrate very much. I didn't get for free from my mom an electric milk Frother. Together with the Espresso, I'm cooking with a stove top espresso maker on the gas stove, this can take some time. For this, I am all the more then, with my specially created XXL Cappuccino on my Laptop to go.

I am a morning person.

Therefore, I'm trying the tasks with the highest priority or that require my full concentration to do always the same in the Morning. This includes the Writing of texts or the elaboration of ideas and concepts, for example. E-Mails I answer are always times in between, mostly in the morning, in the afternoon, and then again in the evening. In the early afternoon I do a break or stop completely. Most of the time we go shopping together. In the afternoon, I relax at home. I read books, listen to audio books, write diary, sit on the porch and listen to the chirping of the birds, play with the kids next door, meet me for a coffee, something to take, go swimming in the sea or on the phone with Girlfriends. I often work in my Blog, simply because it makes me fun.

I have to say that there is not a weekend. Every day feels the same. Every day is the same. Sometimes I have to even look at the calendar to know what day of the week it is. We don't let Friday the pin fall and are looking forward to two days of leisure. My friend is as a Guide and as you can imagine, to know pleasure in the holiday, not a weekend. I'm also self-employed, try to me but at least to teach on Sundays, the feeling that it's the weekend. Sunday can be for me, but also simply times a week. Sunday can also be a time for a week.

Where the sun, as the shadow

That sounds like everything beautiful. It is, I'm really very grateful for my life. Nevertheless, I have always a doubt. Who lives on a small island, has many possibilities of distraction, but quite a lot of time to Think. I have a lot of Worries and Fears. I can imagine that permanently? That's enough for me? What if I want to return? Where am I going? And I'm going to ever be happy? I can imagine a life without the Seychelles at all?

Sometimes it is also scary, because with each new day in the Seychelles, I can imagine a normal life at the moment in Germany is less and less. The feeling know any world travelers, flying back home again. However, I can of course come back at any time. I have some saved money and I can build at any time a completely new life. These safety relaxes me as much as possible.