Culture, nature & sustainability – the campaign Pristine Seychelles was launched to raise the awareness of tourists and the local population. {Pristine Seychelles}

Pristine Seychelles – be a part of the campaign for the protection of the nature and culture of the Seychelles

In the last 10 years, tourists have doubled in numbers in the Seychelles for more than. In 2018 361.844 holidaymakers were on the Islands. For a small island state that has just under 100,000 inhabitants, this is a huge amount. And yet, the Seychelles depend to over 80% of these tourists and the prosperity is exactly justified thereby.

I notice it especially on La Digue. On the island, most have to do in any way with the development of tourism, whether with a accommodation, a Restaurant, a Bar, as a Guide, a boat vendor, or in any Form.

The above Figures illustrate, what is the impact holidaymakers have on the Seychelles and how fragile the Islands are. Each vacationer should be this responsibility that he has during his journey, aware.

Since there is no organization or campaigns in the Seychelles, the focus there was Pristine Seychelles launched.

Pristine Seychelles, nachhaltige Seychellen, Kultur, Naturschutz

Pristine Seychelles – a New campaign to raise awareness of travelers and Locals

Who was lately in the Seychelles, or more, with the Islands has, may have heard of the campaign, "Pristine Seychelles", and it revolves around the topics of culture, sustainability and environmental protection.

The campaign was launched in 2018, on the occasion of "World Tourism Day" by the Sustainable Tourism Foundation (SSTF) and the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) to raise the awareness of tourists and the local population and to promote the awareness of the Islands.

Since the beginning of may I will accompany the campaign as Ambassador and am very pleased. Anyone who knows me, knows that I lie to me these topics anyway, especially on the heart.

With my Blog I try not to only support the Locals, but also tourists and to raise awareness. I am aware of the responsibility I have with my Blog and reach more than aware of.

The contributions you as a holiday, the Seychelles can {10 tips} or 22 Dos and Don'ts in the Seychelles to protect – a guide for vacationers have already encouraged thousands to Think and Act.

To give you a better Overview of the Pristine Seychelles, I have Diana, one of the two founders made the inside of SSTF, a few questions.

  1. Pristine Seychelles – a New campaign to raise awareness of travelers and Locals
  2. Interview with Diana of the Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation (SSTF)
  3. What is Pristine Seychelles?
  4. What exactly are the 3 pillars of sustainability?
  5. How did you come up with the idea for the campaign? What are the objectives of Pristine Seychelles followed?
  6. What are the next steps?
  7. Calling all Local Talent: Local talent wanted
  8. 6 tips – how you as a tourist local talents and the culture can support
  9. It starts with us, with you – can you assist

Interview with Diana of the Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation (SSTF)

What is Pristine Seychelles?

The campaign was initiated by the Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation (SSTF), in partnership with the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) and the Ministry of tourism to raise awareness among the target tourists and the local population to sustainable tourism and to encourage the commitment in the area of environmental protection, local value creation and the interest for the cultural heritage of the Seychelles.

The campaign is based on the three pillars of sustainability (engl. People, Planet, Profit).

Pristine Seychelles – be a part of the campaign for the protection of the nature and culture of the Seychelles
© University of Wisdom (Sustainable Management)

What exactly are the 3 pillars of sustainability?

In relation to tourism, especially for an island destination such as the Seychelles, the three pillars, inter alia, on the following aspects:

Ecological Commitment

To this end, the education on the topic of waste and the specific ways you can reduce as leisure and Domestic Waste, or, for example, a private Beach can start the Cleanup.

Another issue is the awareness on the topic of CO2 emissions is, how to, for example, can be reduced by the reduced use of air conditioning and the enjoyment of local products and therefore prevent imported products and its ecological footprint.

It also comes as the indigenous population, but also tourists can actively contribute to nature conservation by visiting trees, plants, national parks and protect the local Flora and Fauna to properly treat.

Economic Sustainability

Here is the prompt, and the provision of information to local consumption and local production. Unfortunately, the Seychelles are bound as a small island state to the imports and many of the expenses prior to place focus on the large international hotel chains, according to a study from 2010, the 48 %.

The idea of the Pristine Seychelles campaign is, therefore, the local production as well as various stakeholders of the Tourism sector (e.g. tour guides, artists) to introduce and tourists and Seychellois to put a larger focus on locally produced food and Souvenirs.

! ! ! The imported products are not only much more expensive, but also, unfortunately, much of the packaging waste to the Seychelles.

Socio-cultural heritage (People)

We also want to show that the Seychelles are more than just beautiful beaches. Therefore, we put the campaign focus on the Creole culture, the history and cultural Highlights, discover, and support, as well as the many encounters and the associated inter-cultural exchange with the local population.

How did you come up with the idea for the campaign? What are the objectives of Pristine Seychelles followed?

Every year it is celebrated in September, "World Tourism Day" (WTD). 2018 was launched in the framework of the celebrations in the Seychelles, the Pristine Seychelles campaign.

The SSTF was sitting with actors in the tourism industry at the table and we asked ourselves, how could we, the tourists at their arrival with a message around the topic of sustainability is Welcome.

We opted for locally-produced Pristine Seychelles-Pins (in the Form of a Coco-de-Mer), which we distributed at the World Tourism Day at the airport, at the same time three movies at the airport, the bus terminal to Victoria and the hotel partners have been broadcast.

For 2019, we wanted the Pristine Seychelles, then larger, and in particular via Social Media, drawing up and the local population more closely integrate. We have received financial support from the National Grant Committee and are currently working on other short films, Workshops and Trainings.

Also in this year, we were on this day at the airport and have included the holidaymakers active. We distributed back to the Pristine Seychelles-Pins, and a bookmark with tips, to be locally sustainable.

Our main goal is that more and more tourists and Locals are involved in the field of sustainability, and we start a movement, the local (especially young) actors promoting new eco-tourism and cultural offers, inspired and with a positive example is preceded by.

For a fragile island state like the Seychelles, with rapidly rising tourists, is dependent on sustainable tourism to protect the natural and cultural heritage in the long term.

What are the next steps?

A few days ago we had another Event in the framework of the World Tourism Day in 2019. In addition, we work next to Simone with three local Ambassadors that can be found on Instagram at the Links below:

  • @Clouds far
  • @felicita.filippin
  • @dillyseychelles_wanderer
  • @its.megane

On our Instagram channel (@pristine Seychelles), you can follow our activities and get involved. We will give tips and suggestions and, of course, want to know from the travelers as they experience the Creole culture, what moves you in terms of sustainability and what they do, to a own share to contribute.

In brief, we provide information on our planned Workshops. In addition, we will turn a trip of short films and through our channels show.

Calling all Local Talent: Local talent wanted

In the current campaign, Pristine Seychelles is looking for local talent. Seychellois, which, for example, particularly good cooking skills have finished, Souvenirs in genuine hand work, bags made of coconut fibres, socialize, special trips, and offering or other artistic skills to promote it.

Often, the relevant people are not even aware of what Talent you have, actually. Or you have the financial means to hire a business or to conduct Marketing lack. These individuals will be supported in the campaign.

6 tips – how you as a tourist local talents and the culture can support

Book a Tour with a Local

I always call to book tours and excursions with a Local (seychelloise). Only Guides who are born on the Islands, can give you the best, most interesting and most authentic information. Only you can give you first-Hand information, and only in this way you support the local economy.

Therefore, support to have a local Guide with booking a hike, a boat excursion or other Tour.

The contact is usually quite simple and straightforward. I'm also a big Fan of booking directly with the Guides or tour providers. Intermediaries often struck a Commission on top of it and with this you can support prefer to have a Takeaway with the purchase of a fish curry and a local business. The providers are all easily reached via WhatsApp. Your accommodation is making the call for sure for you.

Souvenirs that are "Made to buy in the Seychelles"

When buying Souvenirs, you should make sure that they are manufactured in the Seychelles. Many suppliers import products from Thailand, in order to make as much Profit as possible. That is definitely not in your best interest.

Much nicer it is to take a keepsake to Germany, what was really produced in the Seychelles. How about a Wallet made of Pandanus (Vakwa)? A picture of a local artist? A carved turtle made of wood?

Alternatively, some foods and drinks are produced, including Takamaka Rum, SeyTea, cinnamon, SeyBrew, bread fruit chips and much more.

In my Seychelles travel guide I'll show you where you can buy local Souvenirs and products.

Visits to natural parks and cultural places

Many are not aware that you support with a visit to a nature Park, a Museum, a nature conservation island, a gallery or other historical places, these active and active to maintain contribute. Because it is only with the entrance fees and conservation fees these places can be operated and maintained.

Therefore, you should during your holiday necessarily one or more of these culturally valuable places to visit, such as:

  • Vallée de Mai (Praslin)
  • Fond Ferdinand Park (Praslin)
  • L’Union Estate (La Digue)
  • Botanical Garden (Mahé)
  • Seychelles National Museum of History (Mahé)
  • Cousin Island
  • etc.