The Seychelles as a luxury destination for a honeymoon? Why I is not true the cliché to be found here.

Seychelles = luxury travel für honeymoon? Why I don't like the stereotype

Als I for the first Time to the Seychelles traveled, was the comment of my friends: “do you Want to marry?” or “Is not a luxury destination for the honeymoon?”. Honestly, I had it at the time, no response, finally I was never there. Today , a pair of Seychelles-travel later, I know that There are stereotypes, and the Islands have so much more to offer than the role of a wedding.

Tropical temperatures, Paradise & powder white beaches, which are among the most beautiful in the world, stunning nature and diversity of species, a unique underwater world and, not least, the lovely Seychellois – the 115 Islands in the Indian ocean have many reasons that make a trip an unforgettable experience. The Seychelles are a dream come true.

Not surprising that you are traveling to a popular destination for wedding, the honeymoon, the I should be the icing on the cake, or a lot more, THE next thing to a memorable event. The honeymoon destination is selected with Care. You want it to be something very Special and Unique. A goal that, for many, at first glance, unereichbar to seem.

Indeed, the Seychelles have many of the most expensive properties in the world, so you can stay on North Island for a four-figure sum per night in a Paradise or on one of the private Islands in complete solitude to enjoy. Also on the three main Islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, there are expensive Resorts and Hotels that are shielded and hidden so that they are barely recognizable from the outside.

It is THE Paradise on earth. Many are put off by the cliché of the Seychelles as a honeymoon destination and a travel stop. Many do not know that the expensive Resorts and Hotels can be avoided and the Seychelles are quite affordable. Just as many do not know that not everywhere brides in wedding dresses lurking. You don't sit wedding gap in the plane – at least, I've seen you since never.

Why the Seychelles are so much more than a honeymoon destination:

#1 | real life does not take place in the Seychelles in the Hotel and on hotel beach.

Live in a private or affordable housing has much more to do with life on the Seychelles, as a life of luxury in an expensive Hotel. So why is so much money in the property to invest, when the real life happens out on the street? So why on the hotel's own beach chairs, if there are countless beaches to Discover? Why shielded by the Locals, enjoy the Islands, if you can live with them?


#2 | Away from the expensive Resorts, it is affordable.

The Seychelles should not be used for luxury travel, but for one of the most beautiful and most fantastic destinations in the world. There are for every type of budget. Typical guesthouses starting at 60 euros per double room per night. In Airbnb can stay in the rooms, even from as low as 20 Euro. Of course, the sky is the limit, but why all the money in an expensive accommodation, if it is not necessary? Should not be supported, private accommodations and Hotels of the Locals? Properties in which the owner of a lot of heart to invest the blood, to cook early in the morning itself started and even the best tips can give.


#3 | The Seychelles as being “just” a supporting role in the wedding?

Who is to say that the Seychelles are a destination for honeymoon? For me, it is a cliché, and the Islands in the main are due to the role a unique and unforgettable journey and not just the ancillary role of a wedding. You should not be anchored in the minds of as an unattainable luxury destination for the honeymoon, but as a dream destination for every budget.


#4 | The beauty of the Islands without distractions to enjoy.

One thing is certain: anyone Who was once in the Seychelles, you will fall in love. The species-rich nature and the animal world, the world's most beautiful beaches, the Creole cuisine, the beauty of these Islands is hardly to put into words. Many parts are under nature protection, so you can admire rare species of animals and plants. On each trip I'm going to pinch me in the Arm and ask me “Am I in reality or is this a dream?” – there is so much of what makes the Seychelles. Those who travel to the Seychelles should be aware that he is on target to one of the dreamiest travel the world and enjoy it in full trains without time distractions.


#5 | wedding couples Yes, but not obvious.

Yes, there are wedding couples in the Seychelles, although I have seen in three trips, once a Few in a shoot on the beach. They hide mostly in the expensive Resorts. You walking around also not in a wedding dress or suit on the Islands, so that they would not be recognized at all. I don't like the stereotype absolutely and everyone should convince themselves of the opposite.



The Seychelles are not at all as a luxury destination and not only as a honeymoon destination. You have so much more to offer, especially for any average earner. The real luxury is, rather, what can't buy: the unspoilt nature, the world nature heritage, or the many deserted dream beaches where you can be part of complete solitude to enjoy. There is no classic hotel buildings that protrude more storeys in the sky, which has at each point a clear view on the nature. Let's not tax the appearing travel destinations scare you, but take a closer look and researched yourself (e.g. with the search term “travel blog of the Seychelles” on Blogs or in forums). The Islands are a Paradise on earth and tourism Association says not without reason "it is Not only a garden of Eden. Hundreds of them“. If you want to the Seychelles, then do not be put off by the clichés and makes you your own image.

There are, after all, only stereotypes.

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