In this article you will find all of the Islands of the Seychelles, for your island hopping in question. Whether Overnight or on a trip – all the Seychelles Islands at a glance!

The Islands of the Seychelles – a &Ndash;overview

Welk are the most beautiful Islands of the Seychelles? In total, the archipelago consists of 115 stunningly beautiful Islands, which are considered to be the greatest treasures of this world. Topographically to Africa, belonging to, distribute up to 1,600 km from the African contingent, situated on a stunning large sea area.

In this post I give an Overview of the most important and beautiful Islands of the Seychelles. Many of the Islands are so small or there are only a few rocks protruding from the sea. Many of you can not visit as a tourist, also not just like that. In addition to the three main Islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, a few more overnight, however, offer opportunities, and others you can visit in the framework of a beautiful and certainly unforgettable trip.

Table of contents

  • The three main Islands of the Seychelles
  • Other Islands in the Seychelles – accommodation
  • Examples for excursions to smaller Islands
  • The Outer Islands
  • Conclusion
  • Useful contributions to the planning of your island hopping
The division of the Islands

The total of 115 Islands of the Seychelles, parts of 41 granite Islands and 74 coral Islands. According to their location, we distinguish between two main groups:

  • the Inner Islands (and within the Islands)
  • the Outer Islands (including Outer Islands called)

The Inner Islands are the most important and most densely populated island group of the Seychelles. They are made up of 43 Islands, the all – up on the two coral Islands of Bird and Denis – granite. The Inner Islands include three main Islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, where almost the entire population lives. But otherwise, these three Islands are the focal point of the Seychelles, above all, the largest island of Mahé.

On these three Islands, the majority of accommodation is located – but especially the Affordable. A few more, some private Islands also offer accommodation – for that you have to grab deeper in the bag, such as, for example, Frégate, Denis, North, or Félicité.

The Outer Islands are spread over a huge sea area, whose dimensions are hard to imagine: 430,000 square kilometers. Of them, only a few night have options, such as, for example, Alphonse.

The three main Islands of the Seychelles

A classic Seychelles island hopping is distributed on the three main Islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. In what order and what length depends on the own ideas and, of course, of the flight times. I recommend the first trip to the Seychelles a uniform distribution. The Islands are just too different, than that you can define in advance, what you like best.

At a maximum distance of 50 km for the three Islands are a good and quickly reachable to each other. In the case of a island-hopping, you should reduce the trips between the Islands, however, to a Minimum, since the prices for the ferry with about 75 Euro each way (Mahe>Praslin>La Digue) are quite expensive.

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Mahé is with a size of 28 x 8 km, and 90% of the population of the largest island of the Seychelles. To her, there is not only the most attractions, activities, tours, hikes, beaches, Restaurants, cafes, shops, supermarkets and Bars, but also most of the accommodations. Of Resorts, guest houses to self catering on Mahé, everyone can find the right home on time.

The centre of the island is the smallest capital in the world Victoria. Anyone who strolls through the small streets will quickly get an Overview from the hustle and bustle of the city, and in spite of their small size. Not more than a half day for the exploration is necessary. The Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke market is not only for holiday makers is very worth seeing, also many Locals cover themselves with everything for your daily needs, a.

Further to the South of the Island, it is much more contemplative. Accommodations are further apart, and a small Indian Shop at the roadside or, occasionally, a Restaurant, but pure nature. The beaches are very wild with thunderous Surf – it's absolutely impressive.

The Beau Vallon in the North West of Mahé is the liveliest corner of the island. The beach is considered the longest and most popular of the Seychelles. Here much can be reached on foot. On the Beau Vallon opinions columns – I am, however, always happy, also because you can experience here is always a beautiful sunset.

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Accommodations on Mahé – my tips

In the Following I will show a few of the recommended information for the main island of Mahé, but there are of course many more beautiful accommodations there.

  • The H Resort | Beautiful, spacious grounds in a beachfront location on Beau Vallon
  • Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & Spa | Luxury Resort in the North of Mahé in Glacis
  • Kempinski Resort | Beautiful resort with lush Vegetation, in a great location on the Baie Lazare
  • Double Tree by Hilton – Allamanda Resort & Spa | Resort in 1A–location on the Anse Forbans in the South of Mahé
  • Anse Takamaka View Guesthouse | Beautiful self catering accommodation close to the Anse Takamaka, with a super nice swimming Pool
  • Clef des Iles | Beautifully-designed accommodation with lots of wood and an indescribably beautiful location directly on the beach (Beau Vallon)
  • Morels St Louis Apartments | Beautiful, simple Apartments located on the hillside in a very Central location in Victoria
  • Hanneman Holiday Residence | Highly recommended self-catering accommodation of a German at Beau Vallon
  • Hillside Retreat | Fantastic self catering villas in the countryside near to the Baie Lazare
  • Villa Kordia | Beautiful, intimate property on the Pointe Au Sel with very helpful hosts
  • Villas de Jardin | Fantastically complex with super views of Port Glaud


Praslin is a 12 x 5 km, and 10% of the population, the second largest main island in the Seychelles. A visit to Praslin is mainly because of the beautiful beaches on the island, there are two of the most beautiful beaches in the Seychelles and in the world, Anse Georgette and Anse Lazio. Well worth a visit but also because of the legendary “Coco de Mer” palm tree, which has the largest nut in the world and is in the Guinness book of world records is. The endemic palm grows only on Praslin (and Curieuse) in their natural environment. You can be in the Vallée de Mai – one of the two Unesco World heritage sites in the Seychelles (the other is Aldabra Atoll), or in the Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve to marvel at. Praslin is for me a classic island hopping.

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  • Vallée de Mai – the garden of Eden in the Seychelles

Accommodation on Praslin – my tips

In the Following I will show a few recommended accommodation in Praslin. If you have any tips on what other guesthouses or Hotels in Praslin especially nice, then leave me a like to a comment below.

  • Raffles Praslin | Beautiful and popular Resort of Anse Takamaka and Anse Boudin
  • Le Duc de Praslin | Popular and absolutely recommendable Hotel on the Cote d'or
  • Villas du Voyageur | Great location, beautiful garden and great hostess
  • Colibri guest house | guest house with a fantastic view on the Baie Sainte Anne
  • Beach Villas | Super nice guest house at the Grand Anse by an Austrian and a Local
  • Seashell Beach Villa | Beautiful, modern facility in the vicinity of the small domestic airport, with daily sunset views
  • Chalets Cote Mer | Small hotel in Baie Sainte Anne with a beautiful view and a kind of Infinity Pool
  • Mille Etoile | beautiful detached Villa on the Anse Gouvernement with a fantastic view for up to six people
Praslin is always worth a visit – among other things also because of the beautiful Anse Georgette

La Digue

La Digue is a 5 x 3 km is the smallest of the main Islands of the Seychelles. This small, beautiful island is not only my home, but also for around 3,000 Seychellois and again, around half to tourists, when the island is fully booked. On La Digue, the clock is still ticking a little slower, even though the island has developed in the last few years more. The fact is, on La Digue, you will encounter the most tourists because the island is so small and the habitable area is limited.

La Digue is a bike island, and that makes it for me. There are now a few cars, Pick-Ups, mini truck, and not just ten, as it still claim many of the guide – still, I think, La Digue, this special charm that draws many in the spell. On the island there are many beautiful beaches, especially the famous Anse Source d'argent, which is consistently voted one of the Top 3 in the world. You, as the whole island – are framed by million-year-old granite rocks that protrude everywhere from the ground up, which makes the island a fascinating spectacle. Even I can't see me after all these years still good.

Accommodations for La Digue – my tips

In the Following, I recommend a few accommodations for La Digue, I've seen all of you personally from the inside already. On the island there are many beautiful properties, which I can call here, not all of them.

  • Le Domaine de L'orangeraie | Beautiful and most luxurious accommodation on La Digue in a fantastic location by the sea
  • Le Repair Boutique Hotel Very cosy Hotel in direct beach location with a Italian Pizzeria in the house
  • Veronique Self-Catering |
  • Villa Verte | Very quietly located, and a local artist created accommodation for 6 persons with fantastic sea views
  • Coral Apartments | Nice apartment complex in a Central location close to the harbour (Breakfast possible)
  • La Digue Holiday Villa In Creole style, completely in wood built facility in a quiet and idyllic location with a small Pool
  • Pension Michel | Very popular Guesthouse with comfortable accommodation units and great food (half Board or Breakfast)
  • Bois d’Amour | Completely made of wood-built accommodation with a beautiful garden of Eden (Breakfast possible)
  • Le Surmer | Lovely complex close to the beach in a quiet location (Breakfast or half-Board)
  • Kaz Ladouceur | Beautiful accommodation in a former captain with a somewhat strenuous climb, but a fabulous view

Other Islands in the Seychelles – accommodation

In addition to the three main Islands, there are also a few other Seychelles Islands have Accommodation, however, in the high-price Segment.

By the way: Even if all the beaches in the Seychelles are open to the public, so you can visit the private Islands (such as Bird, Denis, Félicité, or North), only with an Overnight stay. The only ferry to Silhouette operates the Hilton Hotel – if you want to visit this island, you must contact the Hotel in advance. The same is true for Cerf during a visit to one of the Hotels and the Shuttle is contacted.

5 examples of other Islands with accommodation

  • Bird (1 Eco-Lodge: Bird Island Lodge | my stay on Bird)
  • Cerf (8 guest houses and Hotels: an Overview)
  • Denis (1 accommodation: Denis Private Island | my stay on Denis)
  • Félicité (1 accommodation: Six Senses Zil Pasyon | my stay on Félicité)
  • Silhouette (2 accommodations: Hilton Labriz and La Belle Tortue Lodge | my stay at Silhouette)
Worth every Euro – the island of Denis is a fantastic Alternative to the main Islands.

Examples for excursions to smaller Islands

In addition to the above-mentioned Islands, there are also some who have no place to stay, however, in the context of an excursion with the boat can be visited.

1 | Arid

The island of Aride is located off the coast of Praslin and is a protected nature reserve. On the island of life to five people, caring for all the animals, observe and document. If you are interested in the Flora and Fauna of the Seychelles, and something different to experience, should this trip not to be missed. He is, incidentally, the easiest way of Praslin, but also from La Digue possible. I myself was never on the island, but would necessarily soon.

2 | Coco, Félicité And The Sister Islands

These three pretty little Islands lying off the North East coast of La Digue and day trips are a popular destination for snorkeling. The best of the trip from La Digue is because the distance is smallest – but it is also of Praslin possible. In the case of a half-day tour, depending on weather conditions, to different snorkeling spots around the Islands. It is always snorkeled from the boat. The full-day excursion includes a Barbecue on Sister Island – a beautiful way to come into the enjoyment of a real Creole beach barbecues-

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3 | Cousin

The nature reserve island of Cousin in front of the coast of Praslin, is a Highlight for bird-watchers and nature lovers. A visit is in the framework of a half-day excursion with a local boat providers. The provider will only be used only for the Transfer, because already before the island is taken by the staff of Nature Seychelles and a small boat picked up. Only the boats of the island of administrations may go to Cousin on Land, too dangerous what you might tow is. An island tour is always with a Guide is possible and included in the price. During a visit to the Cousin of a conservation fee, which is paid directly to the boat provider.

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4 | Curieuse

The island of Curieuse is also located in front of Praslin island, more precisely in front of the North-East coast – a trip to the island is, of course, also from La Digue possible. Curieuse is, above all, the heart of animal lovers beat higher, because on the island there are many free-living giant turtles live. The curious animals can be met even on the beach. Who wants to see the giant tortoises in the wild, not coming over to Curieuse. The island's beautiful Hiking trails, beautiful beaches, and a place for Barbecues for the boat provider also.

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