The Six Senses Zil Pasyon on Félicité is one of the most beautiful Resorts in the Seychelles. 30 villas perfectly integrated in a maze of granite rocks...

The Six Senses Zil Pasyon on Félicité

In my diary is a small paper. To him in manuscript, a few Islands in the Seychelles, I would like to see written. Félicité is at the very top. And even if I had to skip for the first time, it was now finally over.

Viele know Félicité off the coast of La Digue even. It is a popular destination for boat group for snorkeling, together with your neighbors, Coco Island and the Sister Islands. Discovering the underwater world here is allowed from the boat, even if the island is in private ownership, because all beaches in the Seychelles are open to the public and the sea anyway.

Now we were allowed to the island unsafe and in the wonderful Six Senses Zil Pasyon will be staying.


Félicité Island

The beautiful island of Félicité is at a length of 1.5 km and a width of 800 m, the fifth-largest island in the Seychelles. It is located 4 km or a 20 minutes boat ride from La Digue, and is privately owned. For me, it is one of the most beautiful Islands of the Seychelles. The you was before, as I knew you only from a distance, but now.

Until the 70s there were on the island, a coconut plantation, and around 50 inhabitants, both today nothing is left except the coconut palms. For this, Félicité, is now home to one of the most beautiful Resorts in the Seychelles, as well as 200 employees.

The unique atmosphere will add to the island, especially the massive granite rocks that protrude everywhere from the ground up. But it is just that, but also the location, the nature, the sunsets on the horizon and the views of the offshore Islands such as La Digue, Praslin and Coco Island, which give it that certain Something is.

Oh Yes, and there are four beautiful beaches: Anse Peniche, Grand Anse, Anse La Cour and a small section at the port would be. Wonderful for snorkeling the Anse La Cour is ideal because the reef lies only a few meters from the shore. Unfortunately, bleaching the Coral as many of the reefs in the Indian ocean slammed. Nevertheless, you can see many colorful fishes, turtles, barracudas, reef sharks, rays and much more.

// The HOTEL

Six Senses Zil Pasyon

On Félicité there is a single Resort, the Six Senses Zil Pasyon. 30 luxury villas spread over about a third of the island. The concept of the Six Senses to include the specificity of the location, is managed completely. The villas, the Restaurants and the Spa were integrated in the maze of granite rocks, perfect. In addition to these villas of Zil Pasyon Residences", outrageously expensive luxury accommodations that anyone can buy, anyone who has the money currently ". The target group: millionaires and billionaires – 4.9 million Euro and up, you have to pay.

"Out of the ordinary" I read on the back of our skipper to pick us up from La Digue and Félicité brings. That is, as much as unusual. Now I know why, because this property is anything but ordinary. She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen on the Seychelles. The Six Senses creates not alone, of course, especially the island, which gives this uniqueness.

30 beautiful villas

The accommodation consists of 30 villas. Each stands with views of the ocean directed. When you Enter the front door, it takes our breath away and the Only thing we can think of "Amazing" and that's what we say at the same time, as we are guided through the Villa. Our GEM, formerly of Butler, today, Guest Experience Manager, for us girls for everything, to us during our stay for all matters, has to laugh. We also. We have released, by the way secretly and you will not be bothered with issues that large would have been our guilty Conscience.

A fantastic form beautifully designed bedroom with a large double bed with views of the sea, a dressing room and a bathroom with a glass front, panoramic views and wooden swing indoor. Outside there is a private Infinity swimming Pool awaits you with an open and cozy outdoor area. From the bathroom a second door a staircase leads to the outside in the outdoor area of the Villa. From here you can walk over the rocks to the cliffs and has an incredible view on the horizon.

As a welcome drink two large glass flat waiting in the fridge (in plastic is everywhere omitted) with fresh coconut water – the perfect Start.

The Kitchen & Moments Of Happiness

In the small Village, the area is called at the bottom of the Pool, there are Restaurants, Bars, a shared Infinity Pool, a library, hanging chairs, hammocks above the ocean and so much more, which makes it very easy to stay there.

Breakfast and dinner are served at the Island cafe. For drinks and Cocktails, the Koko Bar all day and the waterfront ", The Ocean Kitchen" to be served Creole food, everything except meat, but fresh fish, as it belongs to the Seychelles. The Name "Ocean Kitchen" is used here, because the open kitchen is located directly on the sea and you can watch the cook the whole time on the fingers. Not that it would be necessary, but maybe you learn a Trick or two of Creole cuisine. All of the Restaurants and Bars are close to each other and give a nice feeling of coziness.

On Félicité feasting on a huge range of food, much of it even comes from our own island garden, including vegetables, fruit and herbs. The kitchen conjures up dishes of international, pan-Asian, Creole – there's something for everyone.

The Spa – pampered for once, please!

On the Spa, the Resort is particularly proud of. He is not only one of the largest in the Seychelles, but also the most beautiful of all the Six Senses group. In addition to different rooms for Massage, Sauna & co. there is an open Open-Air Yoga room with a sea view. My Highlight is the Infinity Pool with views of Coco Island is so beautiful, I have not seen it yet. The special feature of the Spa, not the applications, but the scenery here is quite safe with the massive granite rocks to built the Spa, just around it. The paths lead through the rocks, sometimes even including other areas are, in turn, connected with a wooden bridge. Just incredibly beautiful.


My Highlight of the accommodation is the Open-Air cinema. Several times a week, are here shown movies on a screen next to the sea. We have made it to us in a 2×2 meters large hammock directly above the sea comfortably. There was hot Popcorn. Then, suddenly, two people arrived with a birthday cake, I had tears in my eyes. So I was very pleased about it. Not about the cake, so, too, but especially about this Moment: in Front of us the sea with views of the horizon, La Digue, and on a screen of the documentary film “Home”, about us, millions of stars, the milky way, between us, a bag of Popcorn, two glasses of wine, we bundled up in Blankets. I didn't want it to stop.

In addition to the Open-Air cinema, there are also many different activities you can do, for example, the landscape team has its own tree planting, Yoga, Kayak, or Stand-Up Paddle Board to try out, to guided Snorkelling or Hiking tours, or with a marine biologist talk and ask him questions. In addition, there is the all day ice cream free of charge, from sunrise to sunset. Unfortunately, we have experienced the first after the departure.